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(edit) @15974   10 years joerg remove make commands(no Makefile ;-) , make cleanup more robust
(edit) @15969   10 years joerg Do not automatically cleanup before building a debian package
(edit) @14793   10 years joerg Update debian Changelog
(edit) @13391   11 years joerg use #!/usr/bin/bash ; since we also use bash commands
(edit) @13318   11 years joerg remove linebreak which broke dependency handling
(edit) @12639   11 years joerg remove old debian/files on clean target
(edit) @12638   11 years joerg change dependency to java 1.6; add more description
(edit) @12610   11 years joerg Also compile and add webkit-image
(edit) @12545   11 years joerg get svnrevision the new way
(edit) @12474   11 years joerg Compile each plugin and only insert the ones compiling, use new target …
(edit) @11709   11 years joerg josm/debian/changelog: chance coding of mail addresses in changelog
(edit) @11708   11 years joerg josm/debian: before starting the package, remove all jar Files in …
(edit) @11707   11 years joerg remove josm-NG from the debian packages, since it no longer is compilable
(edit) @11490   11 years joerg josm/debian/changelog: Add new fake addresses; update with new changed …
(edit) @11488   11 years joerg correct dependencies
(edit) @9176   11 years joerg josm/debian/control: This Package conflicts with the standard debia …
(edit) @9169   11 years joerg josm:Update debian changelog
(edit) @7808   11 years joerg josm/debian: update changelog
(edit) @7739   11 years joerg josm/debian: add josm-ng to package, change icon-path, remove auto …
(edit) @7738   11 years joerg fix date strings in changelog
(edit) @7575   11 years joerg josm/debian/changelog: replace name of project to openstreetmap-josm
(edit) @7574   11 years joerg josm/debian/changelog: Replace changelog with automatically created one
(edit) @6101   12 years joerg josm: move plugins/dist directory one level up
(edit) @6010   12 years joerg josm/debian: also allow jdk5
(edit) @5508   12 years joerg remove old EOF error in shell script
(edit) @5478   12 years joerg josm/debian:Add menue to dependencies
(edit) @5213   12 years joerg josm/debian: Add java 1.5 dependency, remove some old testing stuff, …
(edit) @5156   12 years joerg josm compile(nsis/debian): reduce verbosity while compiling
(edit) @5126   12 years joerg Add make clean to really be sure we have new .jar Files
(edit) @5125   12 years joerg josm/debian: move recommends to suggest
(edit) @5019   12 years joerg remove java 1.5 from recommends since it does not work with this Version
(edit) @5001   12 years joerg josm/debian: Add Java dependencies for Ubuntu, adapt description
(edit) @4958   12 years joerg josm/debian/ remove unnedded Files from …
(add) @4308   12 years joerg first version of debian package for josm
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