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(edit) @18004   11 years Dirk Stoecker build fixes
(edit) @17700   11 years ulf As there were some discussion about the windows installer: Instead of …
(edit) @14201   11 years ulf add further plugins
(edit) @14200   11 years ulf add AgPifoJ Plugin
(edit) @14198   11 years ulf JOSM has reasonable default preferences, no need to write our own
(edit) @14196   11 years ulf put plugins only into personal folders, otherwise we get in conflict …
(edit) @14194   11 years ulf fix webkit folders remove webkit stuff on uninstall remove a lot of …
(edit) @14189   11 years ulf further unify files, add download/unzip of webkit stuff
(edit) @14073   11 years ulf the seperator in the plugins setting is ; and not , as before
(edit) @14052   11 years ulf remove namefinder plugin stuff
(edit) @11594   12 years joerg remove lang-de from nsis
(edit) @8498   12 years ulf finally remove mappaint anywhere
(edit) @6101   13 years joerg josm: move plugins/dist directory one level up
(edit) @6075   13 years ulf remove mappaint plugin from install …
(edit) @6054   13 years ulf add multi language support to the installer
(edit) @5861   13 years ulf switch back to former Epsg4326 projection default after some …
(edit) @5824   13 years ulf change the default projection to Mercator
(edit) @5798   13 years ulf add a branding image
(edit) @5790   13 years ulf set preferences according to current JOSM default changes
(edit) @5411   13 years ulf remove some more preferences tweaking, that are already defaults in JOSM
(edit) @5410   13 years ulf as of JOSM 459 (fixed as trac bug 426), the download dialog will now …
(edit) @5214   13 years ulf remove the need for a downloads dir, as we download nothing and get …
(edit) @5122   13 years ulf don't install a "de-streets.xml", in the meantime JOSM provides "in …
(edit) @5120   13 years ulf comment out osmarender: - needs Firefox which is not available on all …
(edit) @4945   13 years ulf fix removal of "global plugins"
(edit) @4944   13 years ulf validator URL was outdated
(edit) @4943   13 years ulf updates to API 0.5 changes: - tways plugin is no longer useful - …
(edit) @4471   13 years ulf make installation of icons and file extensions optional
(edit) @4470   13 years ulf install plugins into "program files" and not into personal folder
(edit) @3802   13 years ulf annotation.sources -> taggingpreset.sources
(edit) @3775   13 years ulf remove remains of the validator plugin while uninstalling
(edit) @3772   13 years ulf add tways plugin
(copy) @3771   13 years ulf update files according to the recent dir move
copied from applications/editors/josm/nsis/openstreetmap.nsi:
(copy) @3770   13 years ulf move nsis files to the josm folder, as this will be JOSM only for …
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