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(edit) @34419   5 months renerr18 Last minute changes prior to transfer of plugin to Microsoft repository.
(edit) @34418   5 months renerr18 Changed image map from HashMap? to ConcurrentHashmap? in CubemapBuilder?.
(edit) @34417   5 months renerr18 Added leading zeros to Browse image url.
(edit) @34416   5 months renerr18 Post official release refactoring and bug fixes (ImageInfoPanel?)
(edit) @34414   5 months renerr18 javadoc readded to SVN ignore.
(edit) @34413   5 months renerr18 Readded javadoc directory.
(edit) @34412   5 months renerr18 Fixed bugs - Export images and Browse image.
(edit) @34405   5 months donvip i18n update
(edit) @34400   5 months donvip fix imports, broke the build again: …
(edit) @34399   6 months renerr18 Removed poSrc files and most "dead code"/commented out obsolete Mapillary …
(edit) @34395   6 months donvip update svn:ignore
(edit) @34394   6 months renerr18 Merged ImageInfoPanel? - removed unintentionally checked-in 'placeholders'
(edit) @34393   6 months renerr18 Removed I18n method calls for untranlated log/gui messages. Began …
(edit) @34390   6 months donvip don't translate internal debug messages, this causes useless workload for …
(edit) @34389   6 months donvip i18n update
(edit) @34386   6 months renerr18 Minor modifications and improvments after conflicht resolution.
(edit) @34385   6 months renerr18 Fixed bug with privacy link URL and reinstated a portion of the unit …
(edit) @34372   6 months donvip cleanup directory, all generated files and folders must not be stored in …
(edit) @34365   6 months renerr18 Fixed error with European Streetside imagery 8-digit bubble ids. Removed …
(edit) @34361   6 months renerr18 Ignored subdirectories bin and .git recursive modifications.
(edit) @34360   6 months renerr18 Removed build/bin and javadoc files from version control.
(edit) @34358   6 months renerr18 Drastic 360 degree viewer enhancements with default "no image selected" …
(edit) @34354   6 months renerr18 Removed erroneously checked in bin subdirs after ignore error.
(edit) @34353   6 months renerr18 Fixed compiler error because of StreetsideChangesetDialog? missing file.
(edit) @34352   6 months renerr18 Adding compilable version to SVN because of build error.
(edit) @34350   6 months renerr18 further improvments in image display
(edit) @34349   6 months renerr18 Repaired image display after JOSM changes once more
(edit) @34348   6 months renerr18 Missing StreetsideChangesetDialog? committed.
(edit) @34334   6 months donvip update package-info javadoc
(edit) @34333   6 months renerr18 Vector bubbles restored and GUI updated.
(edit) @34330   6 months renerr18 Optimizations.
(edit) @34329   6 months renerr18 StreetsideLayer? and StreetsideData? changes in correspondence with current …
(edit) @34328   6 months donvip s/areaselector/MicrosoftStreetside
(edit) @34325   6 months donvip fix warnings
(edit) @34324   6 months donvip fix various build issues
(edit) @34322   6 months renerr18 Updates and refactoring accoring to changes in JOSM and Mapillary
(edit) @34321   6 months renerr18 Cleanup and removal of superfluous files.
(edit) @34320   6 months renerr18 JOSM main version set back to 13860 (current)
(edit) @34319   6 months renerr18 JOSM main version set back to 13860 (current)
(edit) @34318   6 months renerr18 Initial checkin of MicrosoftStreetside? source
(add) @34317   6 months renerr18 Initial checkin of MicrosoftStreetside? source
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