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(edit) @5436   12 years ulf disable duplicateway plugin, still uses API 0.4 things (Segments)
(edit) @5155   12 years joerg josm/plugins/build.xml: dist directory may not be deleted, because …
(edit) @5153   12 years joerg josm/plugins/*build.xml: now we use the unique target dist for …
(edit) @5147   12 years joerg josm/plugins: reindent build Files, sort plugin build order
(edit) @5018   12 years joerg josm/plugins/build.xml: remove surveyor plugin, because it's not compiling
(edit) @5017   12 years joerg josm/plugins: add clean target to some plugins, reactivate compiling …
(edit) @5016   12 years joerg josm/plugin/build.xml: Add comments to surveyor plugin, since it …
(edit) @4957   12 years joerg josm/plugins/build.xml: uncomment non compiling plugins. This enables …
(edit) @4439   12 years ulf "lang" build.xml doesn't have a clean target, comment it out so …
(edit) @4427   12 years ulf last commit was bad idea, this way the install target doesn't work - …
(edit) @4422   12 years ulf building the lang plugin doesn't work on windows, as it depends on …
(edit) @3996   12 years imi fixed build.xml and several svn:ignore's for JOSM plugins
(edit) @3800   12 years ulf rename build target in tways from jar to build
(edit) @3792   12 years ulf replace the two remaining install targets
(edit) @3791   12 years ulf add a clean target for the tagging-preset-tester plugin
(edit) @3790   12 years ulf surveyor: fix path to livegps.jar
(edit) @3789   12 years ulf add a build.xml for the nearclick plugin
(edit) @3788   12 years ulf add remaining plugins to the global build
(edit) @3787   12 years ulf add pastic_laf and pluginmanager to global build
(edit) @3786   12 years ulf add osmarender to global build
(edit) @3785   12 years ulf add colorscheme, lang and grid, lang and grid doesn't compile :-(
(edit) @3784   12 years ulf add livegps to global build
(edit) @3782   12 years ulf add namefinder to global build
(edit) @3781   12 years ulf add mappaint plugin
(add) @3779   12 years ulf start a "global" ant script
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