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(edit) @30197   6 years donvip revert destructive commit r30196
(edit) @30067   6 years simon04 JOSM/plugins: harmonize strings for "(house number) increment"
(edit) @30057   6 years donvip [josm_building_tools] arbitrary housenumber increment (patch by kre3d)
(edit) @30045   6 years donvip [josm_building_tools] - see #josm7328 - bring code quality closer to …
(edit) @30010   6 years donvip [josm_building_tools] update to JOSM 6309
(edit) @29771   7 years akks [josm_plugins]: move more plugin items to new menus, set minimum JOSM …
(edit) @29595   7 years donvip [josm_plugins] fix #josm8710 - Inconsistent MapMode? focus behaviour
(edit) @28891   7 years bastik update to latest josm (2)
(edit) @28888   7 years bastik update to latest josm (projection)
(edit) @28529   7 years upliner 'BuildingTools?: move "use address nodes" option to building size …
(edit) @27852   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix shortcut deprecation
(edit) @27793   8 years Dirk Stoecker and another try
(edit) @27792   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix typo
(edit) @27791   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix shortcut conflict
(edit) @27587   8 years simon04 buildings_tools: remap shortcuts ([B], [Ctrl]+[B]) due to …
(edit) @27562   8 years akks 'BuildingTools?: help shortcut parser'
(edit) @25905   9 years upliner buildings_tools: use all address nodes, not just building=*
(edit) @25893   9 years upliner Add ability to use address nodes (requested by Polyglot)
(edit) @25469   9 years upliner Fix Mercator scale factor in buildings_tools and importvec
(edit) @24243   9 years upliner Add features requested by kryskow: make OK button in dialogs default …
(edit) @23630   9 years upliner add cursor for "draw building" mapmode
(edit) @23330   9 years upliner 'remember buildings tags'
(edit) @23190   9 years Dirk Stoecker remove tabs
(edit) @23124   9 years upliner 'update to josm latest'
(edit) @22904   9 years upliner buildings_tools: implemented tag editor
(edit) @22529   9 years bastik 'update to josm latest'
(edit) @21876   10 years upliner fix buildings to be always clockwise
(edit) @21875   10 years upliner add auto-selection of buildings
(edit) @21869   10 years upliner buildings_tools: update cursor and fix NPE
(edit) @21846   10 years upliner Allow th snap an angle to ways and to rotate the crosshair (features …
(edit) @21806   10 years upliner buildings_tools bugfixes
(edit) @21804   10 years upliner weld all nodes in buildings_tools
(edit) @21803   10 years upliner i18n fix
(edit) @21802   10 years upliner reformat the source code
(edit) @21801   10 years upliner buildings_tools: implement wishlist by Komяpa
(edit) @21704   10 years upliner buildings_tools: grammatic fix
(edit) @21702   10 years upliner buildings_tools: make Shift key to ignore all constraints
(edit) @21236   10 years upliner buildings_tools reformatting and checks
(edit) @20269   10 years upliner 'fix address dialog'
(edit) @20250   10 years Dirk Stoecker fixed i18n
(add) @20245   10 years upliner Move buildings_tools plugin to SVN See …
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