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(edit) @25889   9 years pieren Fixed wrong amount of grabs when sized bbox is not standard (not 100m)
(edit) @25136   9 years pieren improve address utility to add add:street when it's missing on the …
(edit) @25046   9 years pieren update comments
(edit) @25045   9 years pieren Move the grabber single instance from CadastrePlugin? singleton to each …
(edit) @25033   9 years pieren change the way we grab the small squares with a spiral algorithm to …
(edit) @24955   9 years clementm IMPROVEMENT: Display the current downloading box (orange) even if …
(edit) @24954   9 years clementm BUGFIX: CadastreInterface? was not properly reloaded when we change of …
(edit) @24934   9 years pieren moved grab action to a thread
(edit) @24913   9 years pieren simplified some procedures
(edit) @24907   9 years pieren Removed the building shapes recognition
(edit) @24899   9 years pieren improve error handling
(edit) @23190   10 years Dirk Stoecker remove tabs
(edit) @22850   10 years Dirk Stoecker cleanup build
(edit) @22547   10 years jttt Adapt to latest josm
(edit) @22504   10 years pieren Fix minor issues about the new ctrl modifier in addr helping tool.
(edit) @22387   10 years pieren add ctrl modifier in address mode; add "tableau d'assemblage" in list …
(edit) @22230   10 years pieren fix minor issues before release
(edit) @22188   10 years pieren fix minor issues
(edit) @22186   10 years pieren First working version for help tool addr.
(edit) @22153   10 years pieren continuation of addr helper
(edit) @22101   10 years pieren going forward with implementation
(edit) @22042   10 years pieren improve new feature addr
(edit) @22041   10 years pieren add addr feature
(edit) @21877   10 years pieren minor update after WMS changes appearing after the last maintenance
(edit) @21516   10 years pieren Fixed bug when switching to another municipality
(edit) @21493   10 years pieren Improve renaming after municipality selection
(edit) @21202   10 years pieren Added last departement saved in preference file; now possibility to …
(edit) @21191   10 years pieren fixed a bug in cachedir size control; add departement selection as …
(edit) @20931   10 years pieren add multi-cache management for buildings
(edit) @20825   10 years pieren update history
(edit) @20824   10 years pieren Add the modified projection for the french DOM "La Réunion".
(edit) @20765   10 years pieren minor fixes
(edit) @20659   10 years pieren added a scroll bar in preferences
(edit) @20585   10 years pieren Improve dialogs and buildings
(edit) @20548   10 years pieren nodes consolidation added
(edit) @20484   10 years pieren minor fixes
(edit) @20481   10 years pieren Fixed the path separator
(edit) @20425   10 years pieren the missing file
(edit) @20412   10 years pieren improve download cancellation
(edit) @20390   10 years pieren Many small fixes and improvements
(edit) @20281   10 years pieren Improve exitMode if enterMode fails
(edit) @20262   10 years clementm BUGFIX in LieuDit? Style.
(edit) @20247   10 years pieren layer selection configurable for vectorized images
(edit) @20240   10 years pieren Grabbed images resolution configurable + fixed minor issues
(edit) @20214   10 years pieren Add non-modal dialog in action grab planImage + more history in main …
(edit) @20211   10 years pieren Fixed image rotation and a null pointer exception in adjust mode …
(edit) @19949   10 years clementm WMSLayer image drawing filtering options: * Nearest Neighbor = …
(edit) @19948   10 years clementm VectorImageModifier? modifications: * Remove apparently useless code as …
(edit) @19928   10 years pieren from Clément Ménier, new WMLayer always on bottom
(edit) @19894   10 years pieren from Clément Ménier, new option allowing an auto-selection of the …
(edit) @19702   10 years pieren Fix a null pointer exception
(edit) @19424   10 years guggis 'Changed constructor for Plugin'
(edit) @19387   10 years pieren More about raster image rotation
(edit) @19371   10 years pieren Various minor improvements. More bboxes data in the cache. New cache …
(edit) @19288   10 years guggis 'Update to JOSM r2748'
(edit) @19267   10 years pieren Several minor improvements.
(edit) @19149   10 years pieren Add a 25m crosspiece ref and the possibility to change the source in …
(edit) @19078   10 years pieren modified URL's for request and images size due to WMS changes and new …
(edit) @18962   10 years jttt Encalupse OsmPrimitive?.incomplete
(edit) @18920   10 years guggis 'Updated to new referrer support in OsmPrimitive?'
(edit) @18838   11 years pieren Fix minor issues if Grab is called without layer (possible since …
(edit) @18773   11 years Dirk Stoecker i18n update
(edit) @18743   11 years pieren Some clean-up.
(edit) @18722   11 years pieren Improve autosourcing. Add history.
(edit) @18721   11 years pieren Add subprojection handling
(edit) @18720   11 years pieren Add subprojection handling
(edit) @18595   11 years jttt Updated to new MapViewPaintable?.paint arguments
(edit) @18547   11 years pieren Update source content.
(edit) @18546   11 years pieren Add year auto-upgrade in source tag.
(edit) @18544   11 years pieren Add licence in headers for GPL compliance.
(edit) @18413   11 years jttt Replace Dataset.nodes with getNodes(), etc
(edit) @18408   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed i18n error I made in last checkin
(edit) @18404   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated some stuff to current JOSM
(edit) @18320   11 years pieren Fixed bug in saving cache.
(edit) @18314   11 years pieren Fixed deprecated method.
(edit) @18312   11 years pieren Modify serialization procedures to get core dependencies out of the …
(edit) @18289   11 years guggis Updated to JOSM r2327
(edit) @18278   11 years pieren fix some warnings and easier selection of WMSlayer in WMSAdjustAction
(edit) @18271   11 years pieren Added autodetection and use of raster images already georeferenced
(edit) @18256   11 years pieren Re-implement the layer adjustment mode for the raster images fine …
(edit) @18207   11 years pieren Use the new cadastre projection LambertCC9Zones
(edit) @18109   11 years pieren add a file filter in selector
(edit) @17719   11 years pieren Fix delays on raster cache saving; small issue fixed in file selection …
(edit) @17710   11 years guggis UploadHook? moved in JOSM r2168
(edit) @17707   11 years Dirk Stoecker some fixes for josm 2166
(edit) @17702   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typos
(edit) @17528   11 years guggis Updating to JOSM r2082
(edit) @17365   11 years guggis Cleanup of deprecated data API
(edit) @17215   11 years pieren improve georeferencing action cancellation; fixed bug of raster image …
(edit) @17181   11 years pieren better handling of dialogs cancellations
(edit) @17089   11 years pieren raster image feature implementation
(edit) @17087   11 years pieren raster image feature implementation
(edit) @17085   11 years pieren classes renamed for raster image feature implementation
(edit) @16929   11 years pieren support new projections for French overseas departements and move …
(edit) @16791   11 years guggis Updated to JOSM release 1893
(edit) @16619   11 years jttt Make it work without Main.ds
(edit) @16581   11 years jttt Made work with JOSM new ProgressMonitor?
(edit) @16160   11 years jttt Use getter for Node.coor and Node.eastNort
(edit) @16023   11 years pieren only required for my environment
(edit) @16007   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typos
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