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(edit) @30737   5 years donvip [josm_plugins] fix Java 7 / unused code warnings
(edit) @30550   5 years donvip [josm_plugins] support for unit tests
(edit) @30532   5 years donvip [josm_plugins] fix compilation warnings
(edit) @30497   5 years donvip [josm_graphview] fix #josm10152 - Missing word in string
(edit) @30482   5 years Dirk Stoecker fix #josm10084
(edit) @30197   6 years donvip revert destructive commit r30196
(edit) @30145   6 years donvip [josm-plugins] global replacement of
(edit) @29854   6 years donvip [josm_plugins] fix #8987 - bump min JOSM version of nearly all plugins …
(edit) @29525   6 years donvip [josm_plugins] see #josm8582 - Use Main.removeLayer() everywhere
(edit) @27863   8 years bastik update because of core api change: 2nd part (preferences - rev. 4968)
(edit) @27760   8 years Dirk Stoecker remove calls to deprecated Preferences.hasKey()
(edit) @27359   8 years Dirk Stoecker use createLayout() for toggle dialog
(edit) @26481   8 years tordanik add more options for GraphView? arrow rendering
(edit) @26466   8 years tordanik fix #josm6672 (Typo error in GraphView?)
(edit) @26465   8 years tordanik fix "can't parse argument number" crash
(edit) @26345   8 years Dirk Stoecker see #josm6227 - fix wrong quote escaping in strings
(edit) @26221   8 years Dirk Stoecker typo
(edit) @26174   8 years Dirk Stoecker i18n update, split plugin and core translation
(edit) @23434   9 years tordanik option to change graph colors; closes ticket 5523 in JOSM Trac
(edit) @23189   9 years Dirk Stoecker remove tabs
(edit) @22547   9 years jttt Adapt to latest josm
(edit) @21610   9 years tordanik prevent stack overflows; closes bug 4695 in JOSM Trac
(edit) @20243   10 years tordanik add, use and test measure and weight parsing methods
(edit) @19441   10 years guggis 'Changed the constructor signature of the plugin main class'
(edit) @19439   10 years guggis 'Changed the constructor signature of the plugin main class'
(edit) @19292   10 years guggis 'Updated to JOSM r2748'
(edit) @19216   10 years tordanik added type parameter for relation members to GraphView?'s DataSource?
(edit) @19054   10 years guggis 'Updated to JOSM 2621; updated build.xml'
(edit) @18962   10 years jttt Encalupse OsmPrimitive?.incomplete
(edit) @18593   10 years jttt Updated to new MapViewPaintable?.paint arguments
(edit) @18415   10 years jttt Replace Dataset.nodes with getNodes(), etc
(edit) @18130   10 years tordanik introduce GraphEdge? properties as a more general solution to store …
(edit) @17538   10 years guggis Updating to JOSM r2082
(edit) @17371   10 years guggis Cleanup of deprecated data API
(edit) @17210   10 years tordanik apply patch by plaicy; closes #3307
(edit) @16836   10 years guggis Updated to JOSM 1893
(edit) @16630   10 years jttt Make it work without Main.ds
(add) @16520   10 years tordanik graphview: first svn version
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