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(edit) @11924   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated lakewalker integration to current JOSM
(edit) @11920   12 years frederik bugfix lakewalker NPE by Stephan <osm@…>
(edit) @10920   12 years Dirk Stoecker now use JOSM internal Double and Integer preferences
(edit) @9876   12 years Dirk Stoecker close locale bug
(edit) @9273   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed partial changes from february
(edit) @6953   12 years jrreid Update lakewalker's dialog messages, and fix a localization error that …
(edit) @6949   12 years jrreid Update lakewalker to use new preference value, switch shortcut to fire …
(edit) @6923   12 years jrreid Updated lakewalker to remove some debugging calls, add a duplicate …
(edit) @6914   12 years jrreid Update status text while running, and add a memory based cache to the …
(edit) @6913   12 years jrreid Correct rounding inaccuracy in lakewalker 0.2 and other minor fixes
(edit) @6910   12 years jrreid Updates to lakewalker to add native java port of the python script …
(edit) @6874   12 years jrreid Update lakewalker plugin to automatically break ways up into sections …
(edit) @6789   12 years jrreid Update lakewalker to have a preference for the WMS layer to use
(edit) @6127   12 years jrreid Add preference to select the default tag applied to the ways, and …
(edit) @5979   12 years brent Add start search direction preference
(edit) @4209   13 years brent More Lakewalker preferences
(edit) @4189   13 years brent Tidied up
(edit) @4095   13 years brent v0.3
(edit) @4071   13 years brent Version 0.2 Lakewalker - support for multi data layers
(add) @4061   13 years brent Version 0.1 - Very rough basic working version
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