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(edit) @17713   11 years guggis UploadHook? moved in JOSM r2168
(edit) @17703   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typos
(edit) @17534   11 years guggis Updating to JOSM r2082
(edit) @17520   11 years Dirk Stoecker close josm 3407 - patch by xeen
(edit) @17410   11 years hampelratte organized imports
(edit) @17404   11 years guggis applied #3365: patch by xeen: Wrap OpenStreetBug? Tooltips
(edit) @17354   11 years guggis Updated to JOSM 2010
(edit) @17035   11 years hampelratte removed use of deprecated code
(edit) @17034   11 years hampelratte enabled html rendering
(edit) @16797   11 years guggis Updated to JOSM release 1893
(edit) @16731   11 years Dirk Stoecker remove old style prefs
(edit) @16622   11 years jttt Make it work without Main.ds
(edit) @16564   11 years hampelratte improved size calculation of the bug description
(edit) @16561   11 years hampelratte set foreground color for selected cells
(edit) @16559   11 years hampelratte removed SuggestingJHistoryCombobox code, because it's included in the core
(edit) @16294   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixes for JOSM 1725 - utilsplugin JumpToAction? still missing
(edit) @16290   11 years Dirk Stoecker adapted plugins to JOSm 1722, UtilsPlugin? still has a problem
(edit) @16163   11 years jttt Use getter for Node.coor and Node.eastNorth
(edit) @16135   11 years hampelratte added switch from appspot to schokokeks
(edit) @16134   11 years hampelratte modified api communication, to be compatible with and …
(edit) @15960   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typos
(edit) @14826   11 years hampelratte improved layout, so that the icon is always visible and combobox and …
(edit) @14817   11 years hampelratte fixed NPE and improved gui update behaviour: if the osm layer has been …
(edit) @14816   11 years hampelratte introduced string constants for the preferences
(edit) @14755   11 years hampelratte improved layout behaviour
(edit) @14753   11 years hampelratte i18n for ok and cancel button
(edit) @14750   11 years hampelratte attach username and date to the comment of the close action
(edit) @14748   11 years hampelratte - replaced joptionpanes with a custom dialog - added a history to the …
(edit) @14471   11 years hampelratte added possibility to add a comment before the issue gets closed
(edit) @13497   11 years skela applications/editors/josm: Set svn:eol-style native on all *.java …
(edit) @13477   11 years hampelratte moved adding of nickname and date to super class
(edit) @13476   11 years hampelratte enabled inclusion of date information per default
(edit) @13475   11 years hampelratte
(edit) @13212   11 years hampelratte store current cursor and restore that cursor after the action finished
(edit) @13192   11 years Dirk Stoecker lang fix
(edit) @13135   11 years hampelratte made the display of button texts configurable
(edit) @12991   11 years Dirk Stoecker language updates
(edit) @12778   11 years Dirk Stoecker removed tab stop usage
(edit) @12670   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed two wrong strings
(edit) @12640   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typos
(edit) @12588   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated a lot
(edit) @12476   11 years hampelratte avoid ConcurrentModificationException? by copying data.nodes to an …
(edit) @12398   11 years hampelratte assigned a name to the download thread
(edit) @12397   11 years hampelratte precise -> precisely
(edit) @11974   12 years frederik changes in some JOSM plugins due to a renamed class in JOSM.
(edit) @11587   12 years hampelratte read the id from the response and use it for the new node
(edit) @11584   12 years hampelratte plugin displayed error notice though the issue has been created, …
(edit) @11579   12 years hampelratte fixed bug with negatives coordinates
(edit) @11569   12 years stotz Added install targets for windows and linux plus automatic os detection
(edit) @11568   12 years stotz Eclipse project environment added
(edit) @11265   12 years hampelratte fixed html rendering bug
(edit) @11260   12 years hampelratte workaround for NPE on auto updates
(edit) @11231   12 years hampelratte aligned dialog buttons
(edit) @11227   12 years hampelratte fixed i18n problem
(edit) @11223   12 years hampelratte fxed bug with locale
(edit) @11222   12 years hampelratte added nickname to comment line
(edit) @11221   12 years hampelratte fxed bug with locale
(edit) @11161   12 years stotz Corrected @Override bugs; removed Java6 dependency: String isEmpty()
(add) @11157   12 years hampelratte Initial import
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