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(edit) @33750   22 months holgermappt Removed isNewGpsData workaround.
(edit) @33745   22 months holgermappt Update for JOSM deprecated API.
(edit) @33303   2 years donvip update to JOSM 11713
(edit) @32863   3 years holgermappt Move layer change listeners back to map mode constructor and …
(edit) @32756   3 years donvip fix #josm13261 - IllegalArgumentException? in photo adjust plugin
(edit) @32713   3 years donvip fix error-prone warning
(edit) @32712   3 years donvip fix #josm13209 - photoadjust plugin error: "Attempted to remove …
(edit) @32451   3 years donvip remove calls to deprecated methods
(edit) @32329   3 years donvip fix #josm12953 - Replace most uses of MapView?.getActiveLayer and …
(edit) @32015   4 years holgermappt Disable center view only if it is active.
(edit) @31962   4 years holgermappt Added mouseReleased() to PhotoAdjustMapMode?. Make disableCenterView() …
(edit) @31961   4 years holgermappt Enabled photo property editor. Added thumbnail request.
(edit) @31922   4 years holgermappt Disable center view while a photo is moved, see #josm11908. Updates …
(edit) @31921   4 years holgermappt Added first version of photo property editor to kick off translation.
(edit) @31413   4 years holgermappt Do not try to calculate direction if image has no position. See …
(edit) @30962   5 years bastik see ​​#josm11090 - plugins ready for load at runtime: …
(edit) @30936   5 years holgermappt Removed the toggle thumbnail menu entry as it is JOSM core …
(edit) @30886   5 years holgermappt Use right variable names to fix build error.
(edit) @30883   5 years holgermappt Added functionality to change the image direction with control+click.
(edit) @30774   5 years Dirk Stoecker fix for server shortcut parser
(edit) @30773   5 years Dirk Stoecker fix shortcut handling
(edit) @30737   5 years donvip [josm_plugins] fix Java 7 / unused code warnings
(edit) @30428   5 years donvip [josm_photoadjust] fix #josm9964 - wrong image + code cleanup + …
(edit) @30197   6 years donvip revert destructive commit r30196
(add) @30130   6 years holgermappt Initial checkin of JOSM PhotoAdjust? plugin.
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