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(edit) @32680   4 years donvip see #josm11390 - switch to Java 8
(edit) @32395   4 years donvip checkstyle, update to JOSM 10279
(edit) @31923   4 years donvip [josm_plugins] use https links to OSM wiki
(edit) @31056   5 years zverik Make my plugins activate at runtime
(edit) @30587   5 years donvip [josm_reltoolbox] update to JOSM 7392
(edit) @30416   6 years donvip [josm_plugins] switch plugins to Java 7
(edit) @30209   6 years simon04 see #josm9492 - JOSM/reltoolbox: remap CreateMultipolygon? shortcut due …
(edit) @30197   6 years donvip revert destructive commit r30196
(edit) @29854   6 years donvip [josm_plugins] fix #8987 - bump min JOSM version of nearly all plugins …
(edit) @29435   7 years Dirk Stoecker i18n update
(edit) @29164   7 years larry0ua add .txt to build process
(edit) @29044   7 years donvip [josm_reltoolbox] simplify build.xml + bump JOSM main version as this …
(edit) @28857   7 years larry0ua 'RelToolbox?: make natural sort for relation and find relation lists'
(edit) @28720   7 years larry0ua 'RelToolbox?: update validations for boundary fixer - label role'
(edit) @28710   7 years larry0ua 'RelToolbox?: update validations for associatedStreet'
(edit) @28708   7 years larry0ua 'RelToolbox?: fix possible NPE in associatedStreet fixer'
(edit) @28703   7 years larry0ua 'RelToolbox?: added warning messages to the warning icon hint'
(edit) @28693   7 years larry0ua 'RelToolbox?: refactored relation fixing code, added associatedStreet …
(edit) @27927   8 years akks reltoolbox, turnlanes: fix shortcut and toolbar warnings
(edit) @27852   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix shortcut deprecation
(edit) @27813   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix some shortcut conflicts
(edit) @26990   8 years Dirk Stoecker josm plugins i18n update
(edit) @26605   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix build version due to core change
(edit) @26299   9 years Dirk Stoecker i18n update, update to josm core cleanup
(copy) @26174   9 years Dirk Stoecker i18n update, split plugin and core translation
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(edit) @25696   9 years zverik Final preparations to releasing beta version of RelToolbox? plugin
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