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(edit) @18503   10 years jttt Rebuild necessary after changes in selection handling in Dataset
(edit) @18417   10 years jttt Replace Dataset.nodes with getNodes(), etc
(edit) @18302   10 years guggis Make sure the ProgressDialog? is closed after download
(edit) @18295   10 years guggis Updated to JOSM r2327
(edit) @18144   10 years Dirk Stoecker we need updated josm
(edit) @17858   10 years vsandre - update loadUrl() to be compatible with josm 2215 - minor changes to …
(edit) @17590   10 years frederik added "addNode" command to RemoteControl? plugin, patch by …
(edit) @17457   10 years guggis small cleanup of @deprecated field access
(edit) @16965   10 years Dirk Stoecker minor cleanup
(edit) @16964   10 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @16961   10 years Dirk Stoecker fixed josm 3191 - patch by dmuecke - NPE
(edit) @16624   10 years jttt Make it work without Main.ds
(edit) @16589   10 years jttt Made plug-in work with JOSM new ProgressMonitor? API
(edit) @16290   10 years Dirk Stoecker adapted plugins to JOSm 1722, UtilsPlugin? still has a problem
(edit) @14991   11 years guggis JOSM ticket #2555
(edit) @14893   11 years frederik bugfix in remote control plugin to stop reading garbage after 1024 bytes
(edit) @14015   11 years Dirk Stoecker some validator fixes, reenabled debug
(edit) @14003   11 years Dirk Stoecker cleanup build scripts and manifests
(edit) @13497   11 years skela applications/editors/josm: Set svn:eol-style native on all *.java …
(edit) @13409   11 years skela editors/josm/plugins: Adjust svn:ignore.
(edit) @13313   11 years Dirk Stoecker removed wrong version stuff
(edit) @12780   11 years Dirk Stoecker removed tab stop usage
(edit) @12778   11 years Dirk Stoecker removed tab stop usage
(edit) @12588   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated a lot
(edit) @12431   11 years frederik - new import command for JOSM remote control plugin
(edit) @9465   11 years frederik - remote control plugin for JOSM is now usable.
(edit) @9417   11 years frederik very early first version of RemoteControl? plugin for JOSM, allowing …
(add) @9415   11 years frederik dir for new remotecontrol plugin
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