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(edit) @10454   12 years Dirk Stoecker allow multi-revision based plugin revision
(edit) @10310   12 years stotz Bugfix: Zoom level was wrong when displaying an external specified …
(edit) @9939   12 years Dirk Stoecker need to change something to rebuilt, so I fixed indentation :-)
(edit) @9851   12 years stotz Updated because of changes in JMapViewer
(edit) @9819   12 years stotz Switching between Mapnik and Osmarenderer works
(edit) @9623   12 years tim ADDED: Quick and dirty implementation to switch between Mapnik and …
(edit) @9585   12 years stotz mouseDragged() mouse button detection from original slippy map chooser
(edit) @9570   12 years tim FIXED: Map moving triggered also region selection on OSX
(edit) @9567   12 years stotz Bugfix: map moving triggered also region selection
(edit) @9562   12 years tim FIXED: Issues with MouseMotionListener?, OSMMapControl needs to …
(edit) @9540   12 years stotz Added "srv_jmv" as source folder in eclipse project
(edit) @9539   12 years stotz Added "srv_jmv" as source folder in eclipse project
(edit) @9537   12 years stotz Slippy-Map-Chooser now uses an extended version of JMapViewer instead …
(edit) @9535   12 years stotz Added "link" to JMapViewer
(edit) @9534   12 years stotz
(edit) @9532   12 years stotz
(edit) @9531   12 years stotz
(edit) @9159   12 years Dirk Stoecker minor i18n fix
(edit) @8698   12 years Dirk Stoecker Copy and paste is sometimes not the best idea
(edit) @8696   12 years Dirk Stoecker switched to SVN revsion, makes hand-updating obsolete
(edit) @8687   12 years Dirk Stoecker better help text
(edit) @7343   12 years tim CHANGED slippy_map_chooser: - Tried to fix ticket #629 and #599
(edit) @7287   12 years joerg josm/plugins/*/build.xml: add echo to identify which compile failes
(edit) @7199   12 years tim Initial import of slippy_map_chooser source version 1.1
(add) @7198   12 years tim ADDED folder for josm plugin slippy_map_chooser
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