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(edit) @13961   11 years lvarga Added draw debug preference, not vizualized yet. If enabled, it will …
(edit) @13922   11 years lvarga Just an update of README…
(edit) @13921   11 years lvarga Added "fade background" feature.
(edit) @13712   11 years lvarga Added preferences tab Added possibility to activate/deactivate …
(edit) @13665   12 years frederik forgot this.
(edit) @13625   12 years frederik added zoom and autozoom. patch by lubomir.varga@…
(edit) @13497   12 years skela applications/editors/josm: Set svn:eol-style native on all *.java …
(edit) @13409   12 years skela editors/josm/plugins: Adjust svn:ignore.
(edit) @12780   12 years Dirk Stoecker removed tab stop usage
(edit) @12778   12 years Dirk Stoecker removed tab stop usage
(edit) @12588   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated a lot
(edit) @12104   12 years Dirk Stoecker fix JOSM bug 1483
(edit) @10775   12 years Dirk Stoecker support background layers
(edit) @10120   12 years frederik fix update request URL for slippy map plugin
(edit) @10111   12 years Dirk Stoecker I18N, remove deprecated interface
(edit) @7821   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed plugin versioning a bit, removed autogenerated file from svn, …
(edit) @7287   12 years joerg josm/plugins/*/build.xml: add echo to identify which compile failes
(edit) @6100   13 years joerg josm: move plugins/dist directory one level up
(edit) @5691   13 years hakan Drop-down preferences dialog for tile sources
(edit) @5690   13 years hakan pref.put() automatically saves, no need to do that again
(edit) @5689   13 years hakan Ask a Preferences holder for tile URLs
(edit) @5685   13 years hakan Constant interface
(edit) @5681   13 years hakan Refactoring into clean package structure
(edit) @5680   13 years hakan Listen to our own preferences
(edit) @5679   13 years hakan Extract clearTileStorage() for later use
(edit) @5676   13 years hakan Ignore the serialVersionUID warning
(edit) @5675   13 years hakan Reformatted a little bit
(edit) @5674   13 years hakan Refactoring into clean package structure
(edit) @5673   13 years hakan Refactoring into clean package structure
(edit) @5667   13 years hakan Fetch map tiles from the official server
(edit) @5666   13 years hakan Fix project name for eclipse
(edit) @5423   13 years ulf resize icon to 16*16 pixel, so it fits better into the layer dialog
(edit) @5422   13 years ulf change the install target, so it uses the right home dir even on windows
(edit) @5269   13 years frederik removed unused references to RawGpsLayer?
(edit) @5197   13 years gabriel Build all JOSM plugins for 1.5 by default.
(edit) @5154   13 years joerg josm/plugin/*/*.jar: remove old scattered *.jar Files
(edit) @5153   13 years joerg josm/plugins/*build.xml: now we use the unique target dist for …
(edit) @5147   13 years joerg josm/plugins: reindent build Files, sort plugin build order
(edit) @5018   13 years joerg josm/plugins/build.xml: remove surveyor plugin, because it's not compiling
(edit) @5017   13 years joerg josm/plugins: add clean target to some plugins, reactivate compiling …
(edit) @4740   13 years frederik new features for slippymap plugin: show tile details, request update, …
(edit) @4081   13 years frederik added PD license
(edit) @4080   13 years imi fixed bug in slippymap that referenced the wrong LayerChangeListener?
(edit) @3996   13 years imi fixed build.xml and several svn:ignore's for JOSM plugins
(edit) @3788   13 years ulf add remaining plugins to the global build
(copy) @2549   13 years frederik resort
copied from utils/josm/plugins/slippymap:
(add) @2130   13 years frederik initial check-in. very "alpha" code, just about works but lots of …
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