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(edit) @26990   8 years Dirk Stoecker josm plugins i18n update
(edit) @26605   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix build version due to core change
(edit) @26174   8 years Dirk Stoecker i18n update, split plugin and core translation
(edit) @25199   9 years Dirk Stoecker update all plugins
(edit) @24889   9 years bastik 'applied #j5760 (patch by robome) - Order of housenumbers not correct'
(edit) @24713   9 years bastik 'applied #j5729 (patch by robome) - make terracing with existing …
(edit) @24697   9 years bastik 'select a single node to fix the direction of numbering (Merkaartor style)'
(edit) @22169   9 years bastik 'adapt to latest josm'
(edit) @22167   9 years bastik 'Terracer currently does not work for JOSM 3338 - 3347. (The main …
(edit) @22018   9 years jttt Adapt to latest josm
(edit) @21706   9 years bastik add icon links
(edit) @21376   9 years lambertus 'Fix crash when adding a single address to an odd shaped building. See …
(edit) @21169   9 years lambertus 'Fix the message text (and remove the now redundant message popup)'
(edit) @21166   9 years lambertus Remember the interpolation between restarts
(edit) @21028   9 years bastik 'Update to JOSM core'
(edit) @20084   10 years bastik 'josm terracer plugin: minor bug (Broken test, whether two sements are …
(edit) @19678   10 years bastik 'josm terracer plugin: fixed reverse terrace, minor updates'
(edit) @19483   10 years guggis 'Changed the constructor signature of the plugin main class'
(edit) @19129   10 years guggis 'Compatibility issues with Java 1.5. We didn't switch to 1.6 yet.'
(edit) @18924   10 years guggis 'Updated to new referrer support in OsmPrimitive?'
(edit) @17874   10 years guggis Updating to JOSM 2219
(edit) @17707   10 years Dirk Stoecker some fixes for josm 2166
(edit) @17546   10 years guggis Updating to JOSM r2082
(edit) @17388   10 years guggis Cleanup of deprecated data API
(edit) @16626   10 years jttt Make it work without Main.ds
(edit) @16162   10 years jttt Use getter for Node.coor and Node.eastNorth
(edit) @15858   10 years Dirk Stoecker close #2719
(edit) @15127   10 years Dirk Stoecker adapt to interface changes
(edit) @14015   11 years Dirk Stoecker some validator fixes, reenabled debug
(edit) @14003   11 years Dirk Stoecker cleanup build scripts and manifests
(edit) @13587   11 years Dirk Stoecker minor cleanup
(edit) @13554   11 years zere Fixed versioning in build.xml
(add) @13553   11 years zere Initial commit of the Terracer JOSM plugin.
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