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(edit) @12579   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @12443   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @11974   12 years frederik changes in some JOSM plugins due to a renamed class in JOSM.
(edit) @11348   12 years mfloryan Enhanced translations of UtilsPlugin? to cater for plurals better.
(edit) @10829   12 years stotz Check for unset bounds added
(edit) @10823   12 years stotz Check for ways that are (partially) outside of the downloaded data …
(edit) @10656   12 years frederik - modified SimplifyWay? action to ask "are you sure" when simplifying …
(edit) @9370   12 years frederik changed default max-error for SimplifyWay? to 3 metres (was 50)
(edit) @9100   12 years gabriel utilsplugin: josm stores coordinates in degrees, so we need to convert …
(edit) @8952   12 years gabriel utilsplugin: simplify way: support simpl of multiple ways in a selection
(edit) @6157   13 years gabriel utilsplugin: SimplifyWayAction?: Clarify comment.
(edit) @5452   13 years ulf move "join node to way" function from UtilsPlugin? to core also remove …
(edit) @5449   13 years ulf rename mergenodeway to joinnodeway, to reflect it's menu name
(edit) @5434   13 years ulf add keyboard shortcuts
(edit) @5417   13 years ulf move the two remaining UtilsPlugin? functions from the toolbar to the …
(edit) @5226   13 years gabriel UtilsPlugin?: Simplify math in SimplifyWayAction?.
(edit) @5142   13 years gabriel utilsplugin: Simplify ways: don't remove tagged nodes.
(edit) @5084   13 years gabriel utilsplugin: Simplify ways without junctions.
(edit) @5080   13 years gabriel utilsplugin: fix merge-nodes action
(add) @5076   13 years gabriel utilsplugin: Port to API 0.5.
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