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(edit) @28222   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: all inside multipolygon selection - fixed'
(edit) @28028   8 years joshdoe utilsplugin2: restructure package/files
(edit) @27998   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: search speed-up, added adjacent and connected keywords …
(edit) @27859   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: fixing shortcut conflicts, one better key'
(edit) @27852   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix shortcut deprecation
(edit) @27761   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: fixing shortcut deprecation'
(edit) @27751   8 years joshdoe conflation: make plugin somewhat usable, but only using one layer
(edit) @27616   8 years akks Utilsplugin2: shift-p -> ctrl-P (after core changes)
(edit) @27564   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: help shortcut parser'
(edit) @27543   8 years akks Utilsplugin2: removed debugging output and make shortcuts easier to find
(edit) @27421   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: OpenCustomURL moved to Shift-H (for some keyboard layouts)'
(edit) @27419   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: OpenCustomURL refactoring'
(edit) @27417   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: shortcut confilct removed, fix NPE in OpenCustomURL …
(edit) @27410   8 years akks Utilsplugin2: shortcut problem
(edit) @27352   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix some plugin icons and plugin links
(edit) @27318   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: open url patches'
(edit) @26990   8 years Dirk Stoecker josm plugins i18n update
(edit) @26694   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: opening URL works without selected object'
(edit) @26673   8 years akks utilsplugin2: set JOSM version to 4399
(edit) @26662   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: select all inside multipolygon added'
(edit) @26644   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: select all inside (testing)'
(edit) @26639   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: configuring custom URLs'
(edit) @26624   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: added setting tab'
(edit) @26621   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix version
(edit) @26603   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: Open custom URL in browser by Shift-\'
(edit) @26395   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: Symmetry tool Alt-Shift-S'
(edit) @26393   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: Symmetry tool'
(edit) @26320   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: ExtractNode? - fix image'
(edit) @26318   8 years akks 'Utilsplugin2: added ExtractNode? tool Alt-J'
(edit) @26174   8 years Dirk Stoecker i18n update, split plugin and core translation
(edit) @25913   8 years akks Added Undo Selection action Ctrl-Shift-Z, it selects next set from the …
(edit) @25817   9 years akks Utilsplugin2: Fixed some small issues in recent additions (shortcut …
(edit) @25814   9 years akks Added Selection menu with "extend selection" functions.
(edit) @25190   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix build due to JOSM change
(edit) @24792   9 years bastik 'fix'
(edit) @24791   9 years bastik 'change shortcut'
(edit) @24789   9 years bastik 'forgot icon (see #j5745)'
(edit) @24787   9 years bastik 'Add selectWayNodes action by vetinari (see #j5745)'
(add) @24236   9 years bastik new UtilsPlugin2 (see …
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