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(edit) @7283   12 years gabriel utilsplugin: Let the people know who is to be blamed for the missing …
(edit) @7279   12 years frederik added license info
(edit) @6899   12 years ulf svn-ignore josm plugin build dirs
(edit) @6157   12 years gabriel utilsplugin: SimplifyWayAction?: Clarify comment.
(edit) @6100   12 years joerg josm: move plugins/dist directory one level up
(edit) @5452   12 years ulf move "join node to way" function from UtilsPlugin? to core also remove …
(edit) @5449   12 years ulf rename mergenodeway to joinnodeway, to reflect it's menu name
(edit) @5434   12 years ulf add keyboard shortcuts
(edit) @5417   12 years ulf move the two remaining UtilsPlugin? functions from the toolbar to the …
(edit) @5416   12 years ulf change the install target, so it uses the right home dir even on windows
(edit) @5226   12 years gabriel UtilsPlugin?: Simplify math in SimplifyWayAction?.
(edit) @5197   12 years gabriel Build all JOSM plugins for 1.5 by default.
(edit) @5154   12 years joerg josm/plugin/*/*.jar: remove old scattered *.jar Files
(edit) @5153   12 years joerg josm/plugins/*build.xml: now we use the unique target dist for …
(edit) @5147   12 years joerg josm/plugins: reindent build Files, sort plugin build order
(edit) @5142   12 years gabriel utilsplugin: Simplify ways: don't remove tagged nodes.
(edit) @5084   12 years gabriel utilsplugin: Simplify ways without junctions.
(edit) @5080   12 years gabriel utilsplugin: fix merge-nodes action
(edit) @5077   12 years gabriel Add the utilsplugin build.
(edit) @5076   12 years gabriel utilsplugin: Port to API 0.5.
(add) @5075   12 years gabriel Import the latest upstream version of utilsplugin.
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