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(edit) @25908   9 years benshu fixed validator wrt via ways
(edit) @25905   9 years upliner buildings_tools: use all address nodes, not just building=*
(edit) @25903   9 years kachkaev JOSM ImproveWayAccuracy? plugin: One more NullPointerException? bug fix …
(edit) @25901   9 years kachkaev JOSM ImproveWayAccuracy? plugin: NullPointerException? bug fix in …
(edit) @25900   9 years kachkaev Rebuilt JOSM ImproveWayAccuracy? plugin as it didn’t contain proper …
(edit) @25899   9 years kachkaev Initial JOSM ImproveWayAccuracy? plugin commit
(edit) @25898   9 years akks AddNodesAt? intersections now selects added nodes. Two new actions - …
(edit) @25896   9 years guardian code cleanup+comments
(edit) @25894   9 years guardian playback/sync multiple videos
(edit) @25893   9 years upliner Add ability to use address nodes (requested by Polyglot)
(edit) @25892   9 years guggis Removed scripting plugin
(edit) @25891   9 years guggis Scripting plugin has moved to …
(edit) @25889   9 years pieren Fixed wrong amount of grabs when sized bbox is not standard (not 100m)
(edit) @25887   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix i18n issue
(edit) @25883   9 years mzdila configuration dialog constants
(edit) @25881   9 years mzdila configuration dialog
(edit) @25880   9 years zverik toso: split multipolygon
(edit) @25879   9 years Dirk Stoecker remove obsolete file
(edit) @25876   9 years zverik dumbutils. Also, moved selection actions to a separate folder, but …
(edit) @25875   9 years zverik warning about utilsplugin2
(edit) @25873   9 years zverik align nodes in a way
(edit) @25870   9 years zverik dumbutils: paste relations; add source tag
(edit) @25869   9 years zverik more dumbutils todo
(edit) @25868   9 years zverik dumbutils toso
(edit) @25867   9 years zverik todo: copy relations
(edit) @25865   9 years guardian added IPO
(edit) @25864   9 years guardian linked both
(edit) @25862   9 years zverik replace grometry now preserves node history as well
(edit) @25861   9 years guardian adding sync
(edit) @25859   9 years zverik nasty bug fixed
(edit) @25857   9 years zverik delete obsolete nodes, move tags
(edit) @25855   9 years zverik icons
(edit) @25854   9 years zverik finished
(edit) @25852   9 years zverik first version of dumbutils
(edit) @25845   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix josm bug 6206
(edit) @25843   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix i18n, dialog design adapted to better fit josm standards
(edit) @25841   9 years hind Bugfix in CommandLine? plugin.
(edit) @25839   9 years beata.jancso fix for an error occured when MapDust? is used with Bing maps.
(edit) @25836   9 years akks Added unselect nodes functionality (proposal by Martin Ždila)
(edit) @25833   9 years glebius Declare string constants as 'static final'.
(edit) @25832   9 years glebius Restore methods for registering foreign listeners, nuked in r25790. …
(edit) @25829   9 years hind Quickfix
(edit) @25828   9 years beata.jancso included 'MapDust? bug relevance' filter functionality into 'MapDust?
(edit) @25826   9 years hind CommandLine?: Small bugfix in GPS-tracks transfering.
(edit) @25817   9 years akks Utilsplugin2: Fixed some small issues in recent additions (shortcut …
(edit) @25814   9 years akks Added Selection menu with "extend selection" functions.
(edit) @25810   9 years glebius Oh, I so focused on centering, that forgot that it's an optional feature.
(edit) @25809   9 years glebius New autocentering technique, based on position of cursor on the map. …
(edit) @25808   9 years glebius Make a compromise between smoothness of updating and CPU consumption. …
(edit) @25805   9 years glebius Garbage collect some commented code. Leave the alternate label …
(edit) @25797   9 years glebius Simplify suppressing. We do not really need a separate thread, an …
(edit) @25796   9 years guardian ipo added
(edit) @25794   9 years zverik public_transport updates, multipoly parameters translation
(edit) @25791   9 years glebius Clean up connection/disconnection state machine. Now plugin …
(edit) @25790   9 years glebius Clean up LiveGPSPlugin instances creation and demolitition. Not sure …
(edit) @25788   9 years glebius The default refreshtime of 5 seconds doesn't look like sane one, if we …
(edit) @25785   9 years retsam latest working trustosm plugin
(edit) @25783   9 years benshu enabled editing of turn relations with one or more ways in the via …
(edit) @25765   9 years guardian video part now fuly functional
(edit) @25754   9 years beata.jancso Fix for: Ticket #6158 .
(edit) @25751   9 years zverik execute sort&fix on add/remove; also static refactoring (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25748   9 years zverik double click in relations list, remove 4th configuration line …
(edit) @25747   9 years zverik todo update
(edit) @25742   9 years guardian last stable before refactoring
(edit) @25730   9 years zverik remove unnecessary exception (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25727   9 years zverik replaced some shortcuts, added ones for create relation and …
(edit) @25721   9 years zverik select multipolygon relation after creating (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25719   9 years zverik dix default for multipolygon tags (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25717   9 years zverik keyboard shortcuts for add, find, role (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25715   9 years zverik make hiding of top line optional (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25713   9 years zverik fix layout (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25711   9 years zverik context menu for relations, selected relations in relation list …
(edit) @25709   9 years zverik role panel is now integrated into the top line (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25705   9 years zverik fix asking for boundary tags on multipolygoon (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25704   9 years zverik refactor role combobox (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25702   9 years zverik fix move tags for boundary relations (reltoolbox plugin)
(edit) @25701   9 years roland Fixed a bug in the GTFS module: Now, additional quotes in the headline …
(edit) @25698   9 years zverik quick fixes (changerolecommand does not work!)
(edit) @25696   9 years zverik Final preparations to releasing beta version of RelToolbox? plugin
(edit) @25695   9 years zverik fix all strings for translation, update relation types (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25693   9 years zverik moving tags to multipolygon (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25692   9 years zverik new icon, major update for multipolygons, preferences, tuning …
(edit) @25691   9 years rjachow
(edit) @25688   9 years zverik final stretch for beta
(edit) @25686   9 years zverik fix no comment on close
(edit) @25685   9 years zverik button images (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25682   9 years zverik nice design (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25680   9 years zverik two unneccesary, but fun actions from PropertiesDialog? (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25679   9 years zverik role list -> table; download parents action; more type and role …
(edit) @25678   9 years zverik Add another role button, small refactoring (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25677   9 years zverik Find relation button (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25673   9 years zverik some fixes related to downloading incomplete members (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25672   9 years zverik dialogs and autocompletes (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25671   9 years zverik sort and fix relation, some listener updates (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25670   9 years zverik popup menu for chosen relation (relcontext plugin)
(edit) @25669   9 years zverik relcontext is in workable state (although far from feature complete :)
(edit) @25667   9 years zverik current
(edit) @25664   9 years zverik fix datetime format
(edit) @25657   9 years beata.jancso modification at enableBasicComponents() method
(edit) @25656   9 years beata.jancso fix for: Ticket 6116 and 6115
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