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(edit) @31527   4 years niplecrumple Fixed bug with NullPointer? from donvip
(edit) @31525   4 years nokutu Increased version number
(edit) @31524   4 years nokutu Fix #11799
(edit) @31520   4 years simon04 JOSM/mirrored_download: Overpass download is part of core - see #josm11428
(edit) @31518   4 years nokutu Change build.gradle to use latest JOSM version and fixed code issues …
(edit) @31516   4 years nokutu Version update.
(edit) @31515   4 years nokutu Code improved, typos corrected and small enhances
(edit) @31514   4 years nokutu Code improvements and fixed a bug caused by trying to upload a picture …
(edit) @31513   4 years nokutu Minor code enhances.
(edit) @31512   4 years nokutu Extracted import methods and added a few more links when right …
(edit) @31511   4 years nokutu Improved texts and used tr() method on some Strings.
(edit) @31509   4 years niplecrumple Patch from simon04: problem with path fixed
(edit) @31508   4 years simon04 JOSM/pluins: revert build-common.xml modification from r31470 - this …
(edit) @31506   4 years niplecrumple Fixed problem with sliders of integer type
(edit) @31505   4 years niplecrumple Fixed bug with NullPointerException? after removing all filters
(edit) @31504   4 years niplecrumple Added some javadocs. Fixed bug with closing JOSM.
(edit) @31502   4 years nokutu Fixed bug with walk mode
(edit) @31501   4 years nokutu Improved javadoc and code style.
(edit) @31500   4 years nokutu More tests for history record system.
(edit) @31499   4 years donvip [josm_rasterfilters] fix i18n message
(edit) @31498   4 years donvip [josm_rasterfilters] fix i18n message
(edit) @31496   4 years nokutu Fixed upload with images taken with the Mapillary app.
(edit) @31495   4 years nokutu When zooming to show a set of images, the zoom level has a maximum …
(edit) @31493   4 years nokutu Increase version number
(edit) @31492   4 years nokutu Fixed tests
(edit) @31491   4 years nokutu Fixed EDT errors and added option to delete the images after upload.
(edit) @31490   4 years nokutu Added several new commands to improve history record system.
(edit) @31489   4 years nokutu Created join and unjoin commands.
(edit) @31488   4 years nokutu Fix tests
(edit) @31487   4 years nokutu Added command used to delete images, so it can be undone.
(edit) @31486   4 years nokutu Added unit test for OAuthPortListener class and del key know deletes …
(edit) @31485   4 years donvip [josm_rasterfilters] fix i18n message
(edit) @31484   4 years nokutu Fixed test error
(edit) @31482   4 years nokutu Fixed bug related to progress numbers during upload and added unit …
(edit) @31480   4 years nokutu Update version number
(edit) @31479   4 years nokutu Fixed bug in the history dialog when moving first an image, and then a …
(edit) @31477   4 years nokutu Updated version number
(edit) @31476   4 years nokutu New test form MapillaryRecord? class. Tests every type of command.
(edit) @31475   4 years nokutu When uploading, 8 threads are creating instead of only 1. This should …
(edit) @31474   4 years nokutu Fix #11772.
(edit) @31473   4 years nokutu Fixed bug with upload. ThreadPoolExecutor? was rejecting more than 5 …
(edit) @31472   4 years nokutu Fixed concurrency bug when deleting the layer during a download. It …
(edit) @31470   4 years niplecrumple Publishing RasterFilters? plugin ver 1.0.1
(edit) @31468   4 years wiktorn Pass custom headers to OsmTileLoader?
(edit) @31465   4 years donvip [josm_mapillary] fix i18n message + restore Eclipse project. PLEASE DO …
(edit) @31463   4 years donvip [josm_utilsplugin2] fix #josm11760 - NPE
(edit) @31461   4 years nkaragiannakis support textual analysis for most used languages
(edit) @31460   4 years nokutu Created several new tests and improved comments.
(edit) @31459   4 years nokutu Moved bounds ArrayList? from MapillaryLayer? to MapillaryData?.
(edit) @31458   4 years nokutu Fix test
(edit) @31457   4 years nokutu Added logout button and improved javadoc
(edit) @31456   4 years nokutu Created several utils classes
(edit) @31455   4 years nokutu Fixed test errors
(edit) @31454   4 years nokutu * Right click on "View in website" label allows the user to copy the …
(edit) @31453   4 years nokutu Fixed test.
(edit) @31452   4 years nokutu Fix #11748
(edit) @31451   4 years nokutu Forced method access instead of parameter to get MapillaryData? from …
(edit) @31450   4 years nokutu Remove getInstance method in MapillaryData? class.
(edit) @31449   4 years nokutu Improved status bar behaviour.
(edit) @31448   4 years nokutu Added needed libraries
(edit) @31447   4 years nokutu Fixed JavaDoc? errors.
(edit) @31446   4 years nokutu Updted build.gradle, .gitignore and uploads are now processed in a …
(edit) @31445   4 years nokutu Several changes: * Fixed #17730 and #11742 * Created upload system. …
(edit) @31443   4 years donvip [josm_cadastre_fr] fix #josm11744 - old path to PNG image replaced to …
(edit) @31441   4 years nkaragiannakis allow custom SVM models
(edit) @31440   4 years nkaragiannakis add log4j
(edit) @31426   4 years floscher Remove scribe-dependency and add new AWS-dependency instead
(edit) @31425   4 years nokutu Fixed problem with ImageProvider? and tests
(edit) @31424   4 years nokutu Fixed ImageProvider? errors when in Windows because of the routes separator.
(edit) @31423   4 years nokutu Remove unused library: Scribe
(edit) @31422   4 years nokutu Fixed EDT when the "Area is too big" dialog appears.
(edit) @31421   4 years nokutu Fixed tests errors
(edit) @31420   4 years nokutu Fix build.gradle
(edit) @31419   4 years nokutu Fixed test error
(edit) @31418   4 years nokutu Improved tests and code quality. Login is already working. Tests now …
(edit) @31417   4 years nokutu Created a few more tests. In order to run them, a JOSM window is opened.
(edit) @31416   4 years nokutu Added the possibility to do a reverse walk.
(edit) @31415   4 years nokutu Fixed several findbugs problems
(edit) @31413   4 years holgermappt Do not try to calculate direction if image has no position. See …
(edit) @31412   4 years floscher Fix some FindBugs? warnings and one JavaDoc? error
(edit) @31411   4 years floscher Add test for MapillaryAbstractImage?.getDate()
(edit) @31410   4 years floscher Don't throw an exception in MapillaryImportedImage?.getImage() when …
(edit) @31409   4 years nokutu Fixed several concurrency bugs and improved Mapillary data download …
(edit) @31408   4 years floscher Publish plugin via GitHub? releases when a tag is pushed
(edit) @31407   4 years floscher Let Travis publish FindBugs? report and cache Gradle dependencies
(edit) @31406   4 years floscher Automatically deploy build results of master-branch to GitHub? pages
(edit) @31405   4 years nokutu Undo build.gradle edit.
(edit) @31404   4 years nokutu Fixed #11716. Concurrency bug related with semiautomatic mode when …
(edit) @31402   4 years nkaragiannakis bugFix for files extraction
(edit) @31401   4 years nokutu Formatted code and extracted a few methods from MapillaryLayer? to …
(edit) @31400   4 years nokutu Fixed bug when downloading multiple times, several instances of the …
(edit) @31399   4 years nokutu Creted semiautomatic download mode. The plugins behaves like …
(edit) @31398   4 years nokutu Added buttons when in walk mode, so it can be paused, resumed and …
(edit) @31397   4 years nokutu Improved filters, you can set since when images are valid.
(edit) @31396   4 years nokutu Walk mode created. Set an interval and it will automatically switch to …
(edit) @31395   4 years floscher [mapillary] Bump Gradle to latest version 2.5
(edit) @31394   4 years floscher [mapillary] Add documentation on the contribution workflow and on how …
(edit) @31393   4 years floscher [mapillary] Added Gradle as an alternative build-system
(edit) @31392   4 years floscher [mapillary] Remove Eclipse specific files from VCS
(edit) @31391   4 years nokutu Rebased master
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