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(edit) @20362   10 years richard couple of little fixes
(edit) @19922   10 years richard Potlatch 1.3e with experimental tagfinder
(edit) @19555   10 years richard bad Ming
(edit) @18895   10 years avar Potlatch 1.3b: It's like Potlatch 1.3a without all the bugs * Don't …
(edit) @18823   10 years richard Potlatch 1.3a
(edit) @18704   10 years avar Show error messages when something goes wrong with twitter / display a …
(edit) @18699   10 years avar Change the potlatchtweet script to use Net::Twitter and add …
(edit) @18697   10 years avar Store version as "1.2f" not "Potlatch 1.2f" so I can send it to twitter
(edit) @18526   10 years richard Potlatch 1.2e
(edit) @18431   10 years richard Potlatch 1.2d
(edit) @18105   10 years avar Add the language the user is using to Potlatch's created_by string. …
(edit) @17889   10 years richard Potlatch 1.2c. Not checking in SWF until I've spoken to avar and am …
(edit) @17776   10 years avar [2304]: Split the default English i18n parameter in Potlatch out to a …
(edit) @17393   10 years richard Potlatch 1.2a (source)
(edit) @16882   10 years richard bunch of small tweaks
(edit) @16865   10 years richard Potlatch 1.2
(edit) @16539   11 years richard fix bizarre triple-encoded characters and a couple of other things
(edit) @16525   11 years richard Potlatch 1.1a
(edit) @16388   11 years richard Potlatch 1.1 (source)
(edit) @15136   11 years richard Potlatch 1.0
(edit) @14706   11 years richard fix word-wrap in "close changeset" dialogue
(edit) @11943   11 years richard changeset comments and a couple of other small fixes
(add) @11859   11 years richard 0.6-friendly Potlatch (work in progress). DO NOT SET …
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