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(edit) @19967   10 years avar Don't begin/end messages with whitespace, Translatewiki can't grok it.
(edit) @19965   10 years richard bunch of join/unjoin fixes
(edit) @19962   10 years richard ah yes, the nodes are renumbered
(edit) @19957   10 years richard duplicate nodes stuff
(edit) @18647   10 years richard show how many times a node is in a given way
(edit) @18174   10 years avar #2351: Make inspector and (and Yahoo) strings in Potlatch translatable.
(edit) @18173   10 years avar use iText('action_deletepoint') instead of "deleting a point"
(edit) @17776   11 years avar [2304]: Split the default English i18n parameter in Potlatch out to a …
(edit) @17662   11 years richard Potlatch 1.2b
(edit) @16888   11 years richard node and POI inspectors
(edit) @16882   11 years richard bunch of small tweaks
(edit) @16869   11 years richard improve speed by not redrawing arrows on dragging node
(edit) @16525   11 years richard Potlatch 1.1a
(edit) @15810   11 years richard yay, I found the "negative ID in putway" bug
(edit) @14904   11 years richard Potlatch 0.11b
(edit) @14830   11 years richard Potlatch 0.11a
(edit) @14765   11 years richard move relations mapping out of way/node objects, so we don't need …
(edit) @14727   11 years richard lots of relations changes for speed and version management
(edit) @14710   11 years richard fix nodes bug
(edit) @12402   11 years richard Potlatch for API 0.6 now saving ways happily with node versioning... I …
(edit) @12387   11 years richard d'oh
(edit) @12386   11 years richard some more putway fixes - this actually creates new ways with 0.6 …
(edit) @12006   11 years crschmidt whitespace: spaces -> tabs.
(edit) @12005   11 years crschmidt Add 'attribution' to list of ignored tags-on-nodes.
(edit) @11151   11 years richard Potlatch 0.10e
(edit) @10776   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10c
(add) @8894   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10
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