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(edit) @24218   10 years richard standardise on 'name' and 'url' elements for stylesheet and imagery objects
(edit) @24173   10 years Shaun McDonald Add a couple of bugs I spotted to the todo.
(edit) @24127   10 years richard registerPOI for vector background layers
(edit) @24059   10 years gravitystorm update todo (build numbers)
(edit) @23998   10 years gravitystorm Add mousewheel scrolling, but I'll bet this doesn't work on OSX
(edit) @23996   10 years richard this'll keep the Germans happy
(edit) @23990   10 years richard now with 11% fewer buttons!
(edit) @23989   10 years richard parallelise fixes
(edit) @23873   10 years gravitystorm Save status of tiger toggle and use it when launching
(edit) @23733   10 years gravitystorm Ensure that all POIs have an icon, and that there's no opportunity to …
(edit) @23706   10 years gravitystorm Sort out junction highlighting when deleting a way, and leave POIs in situ
(edit) @23704   10 years gravitystorm Update todo - remove items
(edit) @23689   10 years gravitystorm MyGPX doesn't refetch any more, and loading text has fewer exclamation …
(edit) @23676   10 years gravitystorm Remove commentary on binding problems. You can't bind to events on …
(edit) @23629   10 years gravitystorm Remove unnecessary public call, and add notes about future plans
(edit) @23621   10 years gravitystorm Remove created_by tags when serialising for saving
(edit) @23570   10 years gravitystorm Only sign the URLs if they match the apiBase. This still needs more …
(edit) @23569   10 years gravitystorm Refactor OAuth URL signing into a common utility method
(edit) @23567   10 years gravitystorm It's 140% less painful now, which is close enough
(edit) @23566   10 years gravitystorm Use tags and descriptions
(edit) @23558   10 years gravitystorm Write down all the fixes needed, before I forget them
(edit) @23557   10 years richard add nice 0.2 test case link
(edit) @23546   10 years gravitystorm Add two deleteWayAction bugs to the todo
(edit) @23483   10 years gravitystorm Add Steve Bennetts lingering WayUI bug
(edit) @23482   10 years gravitystorm Fixed by recent layering work
(edit) @23386   10 years gravitystorm Add a GPX todo of my own
(edit) @23385   10 years gravitystorm Add some gpx-related TODOs based on feedback
(edit) @23142   10 years gravitystorm Can't move a selectedWayNode if it's under a POI text label
(edit) @23056   10 years gravitystorm Update todo with various bits and bobs discovered while working on the …
(edit) @22974   10 years gravitystorm Adjust behaviour of numberEditor - add clear button, and explanitory …
(edit) @22971   10 years gravitystorm Fix backspaceNode leaving junctions highlighted
(edit) @22955   10 years richard Yahoo fixes
(edit) @22951   10 years gravitystorm Modify the add junction code to run all the necessary changes into one …
(edit) @22949   10 years gravitystorm Update TODO with a few yahoo-related bugs
(edit) @22908   10 years richard disable caching when using Flash Debug Player
(edit) @22903   10 years richard Don't let editor panels fuck up _factory.relationTags
(edit) @22838   10 years randomjunk stop scroll bars on tag choice boxes
(edit) @22793   10 years gravitystorm Listen for changes to the way nodes, and update the elastic. Fixes …
(edit) @22791   10 years gravitystorm Protect setHightlightOnNodes against hover/click on POI (i.e. focus = …
(edit) @22790   10 years gravitystorm Updates to todo, and remove spurious comment about backspacenode (!= undo)
(edit) @22783   10 years richard few more TODOs
(edit) @22711   10 years gravitystorm Fix two infinite loops in the one line: decrement counter towards …
(edit) @22709   10 years gravitystorm Turn the undo/save issue from a bug to a feature
(edit) @22708   10 years gravitystorm Update todo: splitway+undo now works fine
(edit) @22705   10 years gravitystorm More bugs found while investigating the undo work
(edit) @22695   10 years gravitystorm updates to TODO
(edit) @22673   10 years gravitystorm Prevent changes to created_by and version tags on changesets
(edit) @22672   10 years gravitystorm A few more drawWay-related TODOs
(edit) @22671   10 years gravitystorm Add things to todo before I forget
(edit) @22670   10 years gravitystorm Remove quadralat from todo
(edit) @22265   10 years richard squish a couple of redraw bugs
(edit) @22264   10 years richard slash and burn trace statements, and fix areas on vector background layers
(edit) @22254   10 years richard friendlier name
(edit) @22253   10 years richard add OSM import for vector background layers
(edit) @22252   10 years richard move up a level
(edit) @22248   10 years richard cool vector background layer stuff!
(edit) @22227   10 years gravitystorm Hmm. Remove blocker. Can't reproduce it now
(edit) @22226   10 years gravitystorm Added blocker
(edit) @22225   10 years richard how do I hate thee, Flex? let me count the ways
(edit) @22224   10 years richard fix node-drawing bug and add little restriction POI icon
(edit) @22143   10 years richard categories for drag and drop. And rationalise the TODO a bit
(edit) @22141   10 years richard add 'interactive:no' property, improve clicking behaviour
(edit) @22131   10 years richard multipolygon fix
(edit) @22118   10 years richard complete arbitrary sublayer support; fix roundabout tagging issue; …
(edit) @21775   10 years richard Flex fail
(edit) @21773   10 years richard refactor EntityUI, better stylesheet selection, etc.
(edit) @21748   10 years richard couple of todos, and fix the toolbox
(edit) @21743   10 years richard one's a worksforme and the other isn't really a blocker at all. So: woohoo!
(edit) @21738   10 years richard I _think_ this fixes the slow deselect bug. I think.
(edit) @21728   10 years richard remember background imagery; infinite sublayers; bugfixes
(edit) @21722   10 years richard fix tab selection issue, and remove annoying flash of drag-and-drop …
(edit) @21718   10 years richard position POI labels properly
(edit) @21712   10 years richard update route editors when entity joins a relation
(edit) @21705   10 years richard suggestion from RafalR on #osm - "nothing to undo, nothing to save"
(edit) @21698   10 years richard ids are Numbers. Not ints, and certainly not uints. Numbers.
(edit) @21697   10 years richard fix save dialogue
(edit) @21694   10 years richard centre labels, and keep them centred
(edit) @21690   10 years richard custom imagery dialogue
(edit) @21676   10 years richard hell's teeth that was painful. Make relation roles editable within …
(edit) @21671   10 years richard oops, where did the comment go? basic multipolygon support
(edit) @21670   10 years richard basic multipolygon rendering
(edit) @21655   10 years richard we have an option!
(edit) @21652   10 years richard this seems to be fixed…
(edit) @21650   10 years richard load imagery from XML file
(edit) @21646   10 years richard float toolbox on top
(edit) @21643   10 years richard do the 'Add to route' button in the route editor
(edit) @21641   10 years richard make parallelise even moar awesome
(edit) @21636   10 years richard custom mouse pointers when drawing way
(edit) @21601   10 years richard give Halcyon the ability to load .osm files
(edit) @21598   10 years richard update toolbox icons depending on what's selected (and add the useful …
(edit) @21579   10 years gravitystorm More todos found through testing
(edit) @21578   10 years richard fix POI-adding boog
(edit) @21558   10 years gravitystorm updatee TODO: Bug in redoing straighten way
(edit) @21549   10 years richard make Yahoo code less horrid, and fix the overzooming bug
(edit) @21536   10 years richard don't bother redrawing EntityUIs that are offscreen
(edit) @21507   10 years gravitystorm todo - split way undo leaves way dirty. Probably similar things in …
(edit) @21506   10 years gravitystorm Update todo with stuff about saving
(edit) @21503   10 years gravitystorm Make an AddMemberToRelationAction?, which allows splitway to be …
(edit) @21399   10 years richard boog fixed
(edit) @21341   10 years Shaun McDonald Bunch of stuff including railway platforms, bridge and tunnel input …
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