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(edit) @19399   10 years richard show junction nodes in a Potlatch 1 style. Ridiculously easy :)
(edit) @19375   10 years richard width can be defined based on maximum width so far
(edit) @19374   10 years zere Fail. Should have access-qualified class constants.
(edit) @19373   10 years zere First version of quadrilateralise function for PL2. Needs better error …
(edit) @19369   10 years randomjunk forward & backward in route roles
(edit) @19368   10 years gravitystorm Drag and drop reordering of relation members
(edit) @19360   10 years gravitystorm Add and populate a relations member panel
(edit) @19358   10 years richard more delete
(edit) @19357   10 years randomjunk speed up selection by making editors added lazily with tabs
(edit) @19355   10 years gravitystorm Show relation index in advanced properties
(edit) @19350   10 years gravitystorm Show+remove (but not add) entity at specific relation indexes
(edit) @19349   10 years richard delete objects (possibly not complete)
(edit) @19344   10 years gravitystorm Relation selection dialog
(edit) @19343   10 years randomjunk add browser help links for map features
(edit) @19341   10 years randomjunk filter category selector by element type
(edit) @19337   10 years richard split ways by pressing X (needs a shiny button!)
(edit) @19330   10 years gravitystorm Add full selection from P1, and minor layout changes
(edit) @19320   10 years randomjunk fix small relation issues
(edit) @19236   10 years randomjunk initial relation editing
(edit) @19209   10 years randomjunk move bg and style selection to top bar, and give a choice of styles
(edit) @19123   10 years richard start of vector import support
(edit) @18965   10 years richard add dimming control
(edit) @18963   10 years richard add UI for selecting a background layer
(edit) @18915   10 years gravitystorm Add rendering for addressing, and fix regexps
(edit) @18913   10 years gravitystorm rudimentary help and options dialog boxes
(edit) @18872   10 years richard double-click to create new POIs
(edit) @18871   10 years richard fix text offset for POIs, and casing for node shapes
(edit) @18870   10 years richard remove redundant code
(edit) @18869   10 years richard drag POIs
(edit) @18867   10 years richard select and move POI nodes, and a handful of smaller fixes too
(edit) @18862   10 years randomjunk Add way extending by clicking on first/last node
(edit) @18857   10 years richard highlight nodes in mouseover
(edit) @18856   10 years randomjunk fix creating ways duplicate node bug, and connecting to existing …
(edit) @18852   10 years richard more selection fixes
(edit) @18850   10 years richard more selection fixes
(edit) @18835   10 years richard oops
(edit) @18834   10 years richard fix problem with nodes not being deselected
(edit) @18831   10 years richard fix :drawn
(edit) @18765   10 years gravitystorm Avoid flashplayer caching, for now
(edit) @18685   10 years richard continuing to expand and rework selection stuff. Not finished yet but …
(edit) @18665   10 years richard various click-handling improvements/fixes
(edit) @18634   10 years richard Potlatch 2 in progress. Haven't figured out the mouse events still…
(edit) @18190   10 years richard add rotation support and special _heading CSS variable
(edit) @18110   10 years richard bugfixes
(edit) @18086   10 years richard Yahoo! background support for Potlatch 2
(edit) @18056   10 years randomjunk fix coord transport for the bitmap sprites
(edit) @18047   10 years richard add more ways to control the viewer from JavaScript?
(edit) @18044   10 years richard 900913 zoom support. Just needs some UI now to select a tileset!
(edit) @18037   10 years richard some more footling around with POI nodes in ways
(edit) @18035   10 years richard Various rendering/CSS parsing improvements. Tagged-nodes-in-ways still …
(edit) @17701   11 years richard working (though incomplete) 900913; do the RIGHT SCALE dammit (I hate …
(edit) @17604   11 years richard 900913 tile support, not complete or working yet
(edit) @17582   11 years randomjunk categories of additional tags for roads
(edit) @17576   11 years randomjunk try to fix some minor dropdown bugs
(edit) @17574   11 years randomjunk fix some random bugs + do something a bit cooler with maxspeed
(edit) @17568   11 years richard basic numeric-only eval support, so you can do declarations like { …
(edit) @17567   11 years randomjunk Richard told you to go away, now go away
(edit) @17566   11 years randomjunk fix drop down freeze bug
(edit) @17524   11 years randomjunk fix node breaking ooops
(edit) @17508   11 years richard split casing and fill onto separate levels
(edit) @17507   11 years randomjunk first go at specialised tag editors
(edit) @17487   11 years randomjunk create new ways w00t! and extend old ones
(edit) @17473   11 years randomjunk refactor EditController? to make it stateful, and add addWayNodes …
(edit) @17455   11 years richard and this might help
(edit) @17454   11 years richard fix issue with ways in relations not displaying if you panned about; …
(edit) @17451   11 years richard bitmap fills FTW
(edit) @17448   11 years richard comment out Inspector as it won't compile out the box otherwise
(edit) @17447   11 years richard POIs, and relations, and stuff :)
(edit) @17444   11 years richard MapCSS in progress. Vast amounts still to do, but the meat of it is …
(edit) @17427   11 years richard generic parent object handling
(edit) @17411   11 years randomjunk add node drawing + dragging & highlight selected way using stylesheet
(edit) @17093   11 years randomjunk use X_HTTP... header to simulate PUT
(edit) @17083   11 years randomjunk download a crossdomain policy for oauth
(edit) @17080   11 years randomjunk OAuth support and the basics of diff uploading. Issues: * doesn't …
(edit) @17032   11 years randomjunk nice zoom buttons and a loading message
(edit) @17029   11 years randomjunk split potlatch2 into entirely different namespace
(edit) @17028   11 years randomjunk fix some bugs in feature selector, and awesome stuff
(edit) @16815   11 years richard oops, missing this for a while
(edit) @16697   11 years randomjunk add a feature selector to the simple view
(edit) @16544   11 years richard Reinstate embedded fonts (we need them for the rotated text, d'oh) but …
(edit) @16541   11 years richard Separate Halcyon (rendering) into standalone target without Flex …
(edit) @15932   11 years richard add experimental bitmap export
(edit) @15930   11 years randomjunk can now change tags in the 'Advanced' mode
(edit) @15892   11 years randomjunk initial work on tag editor
(edit) @15783   11 years richard Very basic map event support, plus calculate area centroids correctly.
(edit) @15779   11 years richard Draw multiple strokes, label POIs, and much much more fun.
(edit) @15484   11 years richard Add sublayers (stacking order) for stroke drawing
(edit) @15455   11 years richard POI stuff
(edit) @15427   11 years randomjunk refactor the potlatch 2 code to look more MVC wrt the API parts
(edit) @15363   11 years richard basic POI rendering support
(edit) @15345   11 years richard remove last remnants of old-style Potlatch dynamic rescaling
(add) @15320   11 years richard it's the end of the world as we know it
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