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(edit) @25368   9 years richard move "show lat/long" from a keypress to an option. Slightly keen that …
(edit) @25363   9 years gravitystorm Make the undo/redo buttons in the main application file translateable
(edit) @25361   9 years gravitystorm Add BabelFx? translation library, with two example translations
(edit) @25226   9 years stevage ADD reporting of lat/long of mouse cursor when you press L. This is in …
(edit) @25165   10 years richard move stylesheets into dedicated directory
(edit) @25084   10 years richard we don't actually need a mask any more now that we have a ScrollRect?
(edit) @25065   10 years richard floating alerts
(edit) @25050   10 years gravitystorm Custom preloader based on idea and code from Pathfinder Development
(edit) @24968   10 years richard show what's being undone as a tooltip
(edit) @24725   10 years richard error/conflict-handling work-in-progress
(edit) @24663   10 years gravitystorm Change the upload icon colours, and use them instead of the floppy disk
(edit) @24608   10 years richard make it look purty
(edit) @24590   10 years richard pass the URL of a GPX in the gpx_url parameter, as requested by Nop. …
(edit) @24527   10 years gravitystorm Have a disabled icon for when the save button is disabled
(edit) @24483   10 years richard Remember dimming/sharpening preferences
(edit) @24479   10 years gravitystorm move vector background handling to collection, and use singleton …
(edit) @24476   10 years richard read default from imagery.xml rather than using yahoodefault
(edit) @24470   10 years richard support Potlatch legacy tile scheme; don't support Google
(edit) @24467   10 years tomhughes Allow a GPX trace specified by the "gpx" parameter to be loaded at startup.
(edit) @24463   10 years richard move attribution to bottom right, and support a 'Terms of use' URL …
(edit) @24461   10 years richard add support for provider attribution and logo, as required by Bing. …
(edit) @24449   10 years richard move imagery and stylesheet collection-handling code out of the Application
(edit) @24443   10 years richard user-definable function keys for background imagery and stylesheets
(edit) @24433   10 years richard fix problem if user preference was set to Yahoo (I'm so much looking …
(edit) @24418   10 years gravitystorm Add BikeShopLoader? to the autovectorbackground. Also remove the bugs …
(edit) @24412   10 years gravitystorm AutoVectorBackground? - load VectorBackground? layers from a config file
(edit) @24409   10 years richard make imagery menu adapt to where you are. I guess it might need to be …
(edit) @24353   10 years richard don't barf on old saved data
(edit) @24350   10 years richard Bing support. Add a <scheme>microsoft</scheme> parameter to …
(edit) @24327   10 years gravitystorm The BikeShopLoader? developed during WhereCampUK, but with the button …
(edit) @24267   10 years gravitystorm Make bugs button conditional on having appropriate loader parameters
(edit) @24257   10 years gravitystorm First stab at displaying bugs
(edit) @24224   10 years richard dial B for source tag
(edit) @24219   10 years tomhughes Removed executable flag from files which don't need it.
(edit) @24218   10 years richard standardise on 'name' and 'url' elements for stylesheet and imagery objects
(edit) @24048   10 years gravitystorm Add ant-based build system
(edit) @23992   10 years richard +/- tooltips with current zoom level
(edit) @23990   10 years richard now with 11% fewer buttons!
(edit) @23898   10 years gravitystorm Provide an option for showing yahoo by default - great for US, less so …
(edit) @23897   10 years gravitystorm Fix bug where null/none/yahoo imagery was appended to list if stored …
(edit) @23873   10 years gravitystorm Save status of tiger toggle and use it when launching
(edit) @23700   10 years gravitystorm Create option to force up-front authentication
(edit) @23696   10 years gravitystorm helps if you use the right parameters
(edit) @23695   10 years gravitystorm Move the one-off setting of the access token to p2 startup
(edit) @23547   10 years gravitystorm First stub dialog for showing your own GPX traces
(edit) @23175   10 years gravitystorm Allow deployment control over showing the help dialog on startup. …
(edit) @22980   10 years gravitystorm Impliment ExternalInterface? calls for preventing windowunload when …
(edit) @22918   10 years gravitystorm Fix small flaw in the stylesheet choosing logic
(edit) @22917   10 years richard remove mx.controls.Alert dependency from halcyon_viewer - Flex should …
(edit) @22911   10 years gravitystorm Default to the first style in the stylesheet list unless another one …
(edit) @22910   10 years richard Fixed Stuff
(edit) @22908   10 years richard disable caching when using Flash Debug Player
(edit) @22603   10 years richard load GPS tracks from server, needs a bit of refinement still but the …
(edit) @22156   10 years richard kill some scrollbars
(edit) @22143   10 years richard categories for drag and drop. And rationalise the TODO a bit
(edit) @21773   10 years richard refactor EntityUI, better stylesheet selection, etc.
(edit) @21749   10 years richard nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh
(edit) @21728   10 years richard remember background imagery; infinite sublayers; bugfixes
(edit) @21709   10 years richard better Save button detection
(edit) @21705   10 years richard suggestion from RafalR on #osm - "nothing to undo, nothing to save"
(edit) @21697   10 years richard fix save dialogue
(edit) @21690   10 years richard custom imagery dialogue
(edit) @21655   10 years richard we have an option!
(edit) @21654   10 years richard remove the options button until we actually have some options :)
(edit) @21651   10 years richard fun with tooltips
(edit) @21650   10 years richard load imagery from XML file
(edit) @21646   10 years richard float toolbox on top
(edit) @21598   10 years richard update toolbox icons depending on what's selected (and add the useful …
(edit) @21550   10 years richard replace old Yahoo cruft with shinier code
(edit) @21335   10 years richard parallelise
(edit) @21042   10 years randomjunk add undo for creating stuff
(edit) @21041   10 years richard add 'split' to toolbox
(edit) @20974   10 years gravitystorm Reverse Way direction
(edit) @20948   10 years randomjunk first stage of undo/redo functionality -- there are still a number of …
(edit) @20688   10 years richard circularise
(edit) @20685   10 years richard straighten ways
(edit) @20680   10 years richard start of floating geometry palette
(edit) @20644   10 years tomhughes Select new POIs when they are dropped on the map.
(edit) @20220   10 years gravitystorm Drag Drop icons loaded from map_features
(edit) @20213   10 years gravitystorm drag and drop from sidebar panel, show dnd panel when nothing selected
(edit) @20023   10 years richard display icons on drag-and-drop
(edit) @20006   10 years gravitystorm Drag and Drop POIs. TODO: make a panel, load from mapfeatures. Bug: …
(edit) @19209   11 years randomjunk move bg and style selection to top bar, and give a choice of styles
(edit) @19123   11 years richard start of vector import support
(edit) @18965   11 years richard add dimming control
(edit) @18963   11 years richard add UI for selecting a background layer
(edit) @18913   11 years gravitystorm rudimentary help and options dialog boxes
(edit) @18891   11 years gravitystorm add a background color so that the message is visible over aerial imagery
(edit) @18685   11 years richard continuing to expand and rework selection stuff. Not finished yet but …
(edit) @18086   11 years richard Yahoo! background support for Potlatch 2
(copy) @17577   11 years randomjunk build configs and use libraries rather than include source trees for …
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(edit) @17444   11 years richard MapCSS in progress. Vast amounts still to do, but the meat of it is …
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