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(edit) @25342   9 years gravitystorm Use the new place icons from sjjb set
(edit) @25332   9 years gravitystorm Shinier oneway arrows
(edit) @25325   9 years gravitystorm Improve the mini roundabout icon, based on german road sign arrows
(edit) @25323   9 years gravitystorm Recolour some amenity icons
(edit) @25322   9 years gravitystorm Reworked traffic calming icon
(edit) @25320   9 years richard new dam icon
(edit) @25315   9 years gravitystorm Recolour slipway icon (created from new svg) and recombine separate …
(edit) @25311   9 years gravitystorm Add dnd overrides for remaining unsuitable icons
(edit) @25309   9 years gravitystorm Add an (optional) dnd property to icon elements to override the …
(edit) @25308   9 years gravitystorm Recolour the pharmacy icon to match the rest of the category
(edit) @25307   9 years gravitystorm Create and use icons for toy shop and town hall
(edit) @25305   9 years gravitystorm Invent a sport_shooting icon, and use it for hunting stand
(edit) @25304   9 years gravitystorm Use full-resolution version of place_of_worship_unknown
(edit) @25302   9 years gravitystorm Remove flowers icon (licensing and consistency) and update flowers and …
(edit) @25292   10 years richard more icons. This should complete the way icon set for roads, paths, …
(edit) @25289   10 years richard tidy route icons a little (very sorry to see the epic bus icon go, …
(edit) @25287   10 years richard sort out a whole bunch of the horrible mess that is our icon set, …
(edit) @25285   10 years stevage ADD power station icon TWEAK vending machine icon
(edit) @25272   10 years stevage ADD icons for vending machine and mini roundabout.
(edit) @25271   10 years stevage ADD three new multi-type man_made features: navigation mark, tower, …
(edit) @25015   10 years stevage map_features.xml: ADD several common shop=*: car, kiosk, florist …
(edit) @24895   10 years stevage Add lots of icons. All from SJJB except two from
(edit) @24554   10 years richard a few waterway icons
(edit) @24549   10 years richard path icons
(edit) @24511   10 years richard new highway icons
(edit) @24327   10 years gravitystorm The BikeShopLoader? developed during WhereCampUK, but with the button …
(edit) @24257   10 years gravitystorm First stab at displaying bugs
(edit) @23844   10 years gravitystorm Add new icons for most missing pois. Thanks to twain47 for the icons …
(edit) @23054   10 years gravitystorm Final batch of icons for areas. All map_features now have an icons, …
(edit) @23052   10 years gravitystorm Add icon for agriculture areas, and remove redundant farm from landuse
(edit) @23049   10 years gravitystorm Add icons for all building areas
(edit) @23046   10 years gravitystorm Add bike and pedestrian icons.
(edit) @23043   10 years gravitystorm Add railway platform icon
(edit) @23042   10 years gravitystorm Add icons for disused and abandoned railways
(edit) @23036   10 years richard Big Concrete Blocks and friends
(edit) @23035   10 years richard add kissing gate
(edit) @23033   10 years richard lift gate
(edit) @23032   10 years richard a few more icons
(edit) @23030   10 years gravitystorm generic barrier icons for lines
(edit) @23029   10 years gravitystorm Add icons for power lines
(edit) @23026   10 years gravitystorm Add generic barrier icons and place icon to dnd panel
(edit) @23024   10 years gravitystorm Add generic water icon for all water features
(edit) @22257   10 years richard one or two icons
(edit) @22215   10 years richard more restriction icons
(edit) @22214   10 years richard move files to proper location
(edit) @20693   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding steps feature icon. Playing with steps rendering.
(edit) @20216   10 years randomjunk relations now fire events on member addition/removal, and both WayUI …
(edit) @19320   11 years randomjunk fix small relation issues
(edit) @19236   11 years randomjunk initial relation editing
(edit) @18763   11 years zere Adding some transport icons.
(edit) @18760   11 years gravitystorm waterway icons
(edit) @18693   11 years gravitystorm tweaked footway icon
(edit) @18692   11 years gravitystorm I've made zere cry with my l33t icons skillz
(edit) @17507   11 years randomjunk first go at specialised tag editors
(copy) @16541   11 years richard Separate Halcyon (rendering) into standalone target without Flex …
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(add) @15892   11 years randomjunk initial work on tag editor
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