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(edit) @21065   10 years richard slight refactoring of controller states
(edit) @21064   10 years richard grr
(edit) @21061   10 years richard drag ways (still needs undo though)
(edit) @21058   10 years richard Import GPX files (though we really need to simplify them too)
(edit) @21057   10 years jennyh Added police to map_fetures
(edit) @21056   10 years gravitystorm press R to reverse a way
(edit) @21055   10 years jennyh Added icons and POIs to map features
(edit) @21053   10 years richard alt-click (for now) to bring ways in from vector background layers
(edit) @21050   10 years gravitystorm Display the name of the POI when mouse-overing on the drag and drop panel
(edit) @21048   10 years Shaun McDonald Add note to readme about flex version needed as RichardF says that …
(edit) @21047   10 years richard remove objects from memory when changeset upload returns 'deleted'
(edit) @21046   10 years richard real delete support
(edit) @21045   10 years randomjunk fix bug undoing create
(edit) @21044   10 years richard remove debug
(edit) @21043   10 years richard fix junction nodes when deleting ways
(edit) @21042   10 years randomjunk add undo for creating stuff
(edit) @21041   10 years richard add 'split' to toolbox
(edit) @20984   10 years Shaun McDonald Pinching a bollard icon from JOSM. Made cattle gride icon as variant …
(edit) @20975   10 years gravitystorm Bugfix - entity is being set to newFeature not feature. Threw …
(edit) @20974   10 years gravitystorm Reverse Way direction
(edit) @20951   10 years randomjunk fix circularise undo action (still doesn't undo adding the nodes)
(edit) @20948   10 years randomjunk first stage of undo/redo functionality -- there are still a number of …
(edit) @20754   10 years richard fix halcyon_viewer redraw post-refactoring
(edit) @20753   10 years richard add lib/ to halcyon path
(edit) @20733   10 years richard add missing file. Fixes #2842
(edit) @20727   10 years richard one-way arrows
(edit) @20723   10 years richard really need not to forget this
(edit) @20722   10 years richard fix way splitting and node/UI renumbering
(edit) @20709   10 years Shaun McDonald First shot at rendering bridges and tunnels in a generic form that …
(edit) @20695   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding a bunch of barriers. Spotted bug when POIs lack icons. All the …
(edit) @20694   10 years Shaun McDonald Add the generated directory to the svn ignore.
(edit) @20693   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding steps feature icon. Playing with steps rendering.
(edit) @20691   10 years jonobennett Adding items to TODO list at Andy's request
(edit) @20689   10 years richard need to do arrows
(edit) @20688   10 years richard circularise
(edit) @20687   10 years richard remove redundant todraw
(edit) @20686   10 years richard might as well remove the debug lines too
(edit) @20685   10 years richard straighten ways
(edit) @20681   10 years richard update todo
(edit) @20680   10 years richard start of floating geometry palette
(edit) @20644   10 years tomhughes Select new POIs when they are dropped on the map.
(edit) @20638   10 years tomhughes Add a few more map features.
(edit) @20637   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding school feature. Adding building adressing to banks.
(edit) @20636   10 years Shaun McDonald addr:house was missing for the building name. Car Park as areas, and …
(edit) @20635   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding/sorting bank/atm
(edit) @20616   10 years Shaun McDonald Various features including, wifi for pubs, car parking, recycling, …
(edit) @20600   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding convenience shop and supermarket. Just copied convenience icon …
(edit) @20599   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding Fast Food Feature, some more cuisine options, and text/name for …
(edit) @20597   10 years Shaun McDonald Cafe feature+add name for rendering. Cuisine set.
(edit) @20596   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding cycle parking. I'll let someone improve on the car parking logo.
(edit) @20594   10 years Shaun McDonald Fix the offset of the pub name text in the rendering. Add item to TODO …
(edit) @20593   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding the operator tag to bus routes for the GUI.
(edit) @20580   10 years randomjunk add 'not found' cached image on failure
(edit) @20553   10 years richard beginning of vector background layers. And a whole load of other stuff too
(edit) @20459   10 years edgemaster Rather than leaving the Submit button disabled, and a cancel button …
(edit) @20454   10 years gravitystorm Common getting started notes
(edit) @20453   10 years tomhughes Allow pubs to be given names.
(edit) @20452   10 years tomhughes Make primary and troads wider so they aren't narrower than secondary roads.
(edit) @20451   10 years tomhughes Add names to tertiary and residential roads.
(edit) @20450   10 years gravitystorm Add pub to map_features
(edit) @20397   10 years richard fix horrid merge bug (yay!). Implement suspend/resume events for …
(edit) @20395   10 years richard delete ways, too
(edit) @20394   10 years richard delete points from ways
(edit) @20223   10 years gravitystorm remove trace and get drag images working again
(edit) @20221   10 years randomjunk Load map features images into cache rather than have Image components …
(edit) @20220   10 years gravitystorm Drag Drop icons loaded from map_features
(edit) @20216   10 years randomjunk relations now fire events on member addition/removal, and both WayUI …
(edit) @20213   10 years gravitystorm drag and drop from sidebar panel, show dnd panel when nothing selected
(edit) @20023   10 years richard display icons on drag-and-drop
(edit) @20006   10 years gravitystorm Drag and Drop POIs. TODO: make a panel, load from mapfeatures. Bug: …
(edit) @20002   10 years gravitystorm New Relation button
(edit) @19982   10 years gravitystorm Update TODO
(edit) @19528   11 years richard missing file
(edit) @19399   11 years richard show junction nodes in a Potlatch 1 style. Ridiculously easy :)
(edit) @19380   11 years gravitystorm minor additions to map features
(edit) @19379   11 years richard update todo
(edit) @19375   11 years richard width can be defined based on maximum width so far
(edit) @19374   11 years zere Fail. Should have access-qualified class constants.
(edit) @19373   11 years zere First version of quadrilateralise function for PL2. Needs better error …
(edit) @19369   11 years randomjunk forward & backward in route roles
(edit) @19368   11 years gravitystorm Drag and drop reordering of relation members
(edit) @19360   11 years gravitystorm Add and populate a relations member panel
(edit) @19358   11 years richard more delete
(edit) @19357   11 years randomjunk speed up selection by making editors added lazily with tabs
(edit) @19355   11 years gravitystorm Show relation index in advanced properties
(edit) @19350   11 years gravitystorm Show+remove (but not add) entity at specific relation indexes
(edit) @19349   11 years richard delete objects (possibly not complete)
(edit) @19344   11 years gravitystorm Relation selection dialog
(edit) @19343   11 years randomjunk add browser help links for map features
(edit) @19341   11 years randomjunk filter category selector by element type
(edit) @19337   11 years richard split ways by pressing X (needs a shiny button!)
(edit) @19330   11 years gravitystorm Add full selection from P1, and minor layout changes
(edit) @19320   11 years randomjunk fix small relation issues
(edit) @19236   11 years randomjunk initial relation editing
(edit) @19209   11 years randomjunk move bg and style selection to top bar, and give a choice of styles
(edit) @19123   11 years richard start of vector import support
(edit) @18973   11 years gravitystorm Add subway rendering and bus stops to map_features
(edit) @18965   11 years richard add dimming control
(edit) @18963   11 years richard add UI for selecting a background layer
(edit) @18915   11 years gravitystorm Add rendering for addressing, and fix regexps
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