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(edit) @25171   9 years richard Add to several relations at once. Closes #3485
(edit) @25170   9 years richard ok, this should update the toolbox without incurring the tag panel …
(edit) @25169   9 years richard this was slowing DrawWay? down something chronic - though I suspect the …
(edit) @25167   9 years richard start to use @import rules for stylesheets. Add "enhanced" (access, …
(edit) @25166   9 years richard hide non-universal styles from the main stylesheet menu (still …
(edit) @25165   9 years richard move stylesheets into dedicated directory
(edit) @25164   9 years richard regularise indentation
(edit) @25163   9 years richard remove "follow way" warnings, and fix elastic behaviour
(edit) @25160   9 years gravitystorm Triangle line decoration. Patch by Rafal Rudzik
(edit) @25159   9 years gravitystorm This is not the bodge you are looking for
(edit) @25158   9 years gravitystorm update toolbox when reversing a way, or when adding nodes during drawway
(edit) @25157   9 years stevage ADD getNextNode(), getPrevNode() to …
(edit) @25155   9 years Dirk Stoecker update translation issues
(edit) @25154   9 years gravitystorm Add a wrapper hbox around the rotating one, to stop glitches in the …
(edit) @25153   9 years gravitystorm Add a direction-sensing reverse arrow, with one or two caveats
(edit) @25152   9 years gravitystorm Add an angle calculation for ways
(edit) @25150   9 years malcolmh rename back to smed
(edit) @25149   9 years malcolmh 'Bug fix release'
(edit) @25148   9 years malcolmh 'Bug fix release'
(edit) @25147   9 years malcolmh 'Bug fix release'
(edit) @25146   9 years malcolmh SeaMapEditor? renamed from toms
(edit) @25145   9 years malcolmh rename toms
(edit) @25144   9 years malcolmh 'Bug fix release'
(edit) @25143   9 years beata.jancso help tab was modified
(edit) @25142   9 years beata.jancso help panel text modification
(edit) @25141   9 years gravitystorm Unit tests for Feature, using mockito to mock MapFeatures?
(edit) @25140   9 years gravitystorm Add mockito - flex mocking library
(edit) @25139   9 years gravitystorm Upgrade flexunit to 4.1.0 RC2
(edit) @25138   9 years upliner update measurement.jar
(edit) @25137   9 years upliner measurement plugin: use LatLon?.greatCircleDistance() instead of …
(edit) @25136   9 years pieren improve address utility to add add:street when it's missing on the …
(edit) @25133   9 years gravitystorm Add keys to Feature tags while parsing inputSets - better list of keys …
(edit) @25132   9 years gravitystorm Clean confusing indentation
(edit) @25131   9 years stevage ADD railway=disused, railway=abandoned as faded brown version of …
(edit) @25129   9 years gravitystorm Add Danish Fugro imagery to presets
(edit) @25128   9 years beata.jancso bug fixes and new features
(edit) @25127   9 years beata.jancso bug fixes and new features
(edit) @25123   9 years jttt Updated to last josm
(edit) @25122   9 years jttt Update to latest josm
(edit) @25121   9 years richard Support @import directives in MapCSS files
(edit) @25119   9 years stevage FIX error introduced in previous checkin [25117]. I will continue to …
(edit) @25117   9 years stevage ADD directional arrows to highway=*, waterway=*, railway=*, …
(edit) @25116   9 years stevage [removing some noise accidentally checked in in 25114. I will review …
(edit) @25115   9 years stevage ADD support for "sourcekey" entity in imagery.xml and …
(edit) @25114   9 years stevage Modify behaviour when removing node from way (minus key): remove, but …
(edit) @25111   9 years richard move lots of eventListeners to weak references; fix a few dodgy (or …
(edit) @25110   9 years guggis Fixed help context
(edit) @25108   9 years guggis 'Now caches compiled scripts, if possible. Fixes OutOfMemory? when …
(edit) @25107   9 years guggis 'Now caches compiled scripts, if possible. Fixes OutOfMemory? when …
(edit) @25098   9 years richard more important TODOs
(edit) @25097   9 years richard make note of critical bug
(edit) @25093   9 years upliner update reverter.jar
(edit) @25092   9 years upliner reverter: fix loading invisible objects
(edit) @25084   9 years richard we don't actually need a mask any more now that we have a ScrollRect?
(edit) @25083   9 years guggis Updated sample scripts
(edit) @25074   9 years guggis 'Added preferences editor for scripting engines'
(edit) @25073   9 years guggis 'Added preferences editor for scripting engines'
(edit) @25072   9 years guggis Sample scripts for JavaScript? and Python
(edit) @25071   9 years guggis Configure scripting engines in the JOSM preferences.
(edit) @25069   9 years richard support reverting individual entities - makes conflict resolution work
(edit) @25068   9 years richard remove no-longer needed types from MapEvent?
(edit) @25067   9 years richard SaveDialog? support for floating alerts
(edit) @25066   9 years richard add namespace for VideoPlayer?
(edit) @25065   9 years richard floating alerts
(edit) @25064   9 years richard support embedded video in help dialogue
(edit) @25063   9 years richard press J to merge ways
(edit) @25062   9 years richard don't leave name hanging around when moving nodes; ignore …
(edit) @25061   9 years richard don't throw an exception if imagery logo/attribution is unreachable
(edit) @25060   9 years hind Moar bugfixes
(edit) @25059   9 years hind Small bugfix for correct xml file opening
(edit) @25058   9 years bastik i18n update
(edit) @25053   9 years richard relation actions menu. This should make it easier to merge relations, …
(edit) @25052   9 years hind New types: 'imageryurl', 'imageryoffset' and 'username'. Initial log …
(edit) @25051   9 years gravitystorm Add fix for 0-byte-reporting browsers
(edit) @25050   9 years gravitystorm Custom preloader based on idea and code from Pathfinder Development
(edit) @25049   9 years gravitystorm Position the X button more prettily
(edit) @25048   9 years pieren update to plugin r2.1 (grab in thread)
(edit) @25047   9 years pieren update revision
(edit) @25046   9 years pieren update comments
(edit) @25045   9 years pieren Move the grabber single instance from CadastrePlugin? singleton to each …
(edit) @25044   9 years hind Icons with menu and panel support for CommandLine? plugin
(edit) @25043   9 years gravitystorm Document new Q shortcut
(edit) @25042   9 years gravitystorm Make quadralaterawhatsit work on selected waynodes, too. Add Q …
(edit) @25041   9 years gravitystorm Filter out bad_routing bugs and don't bother fetching closed bugs either
(edit) @25040   9 years gravitystorm Move the cutting/embankment highlighting to be below other things, so …
(edit) @25038   9 years hind CommandLine?.jar and some quickfixes
(edit) @25037   9 years hind Initial commit of Command Line plugin.
(edit) @25033   9 years pieren change the way we grab the small squares with a spiral algorithm to …
(edit) @25030   9 years mzdila indent with spaces
(edit) @25023   9 years richard move Scottish Popular Edition to now that Ollie's UCL …
(edit) @25022   9 years guggis Removed groovy distro from the plugin jar. Download and install from …
(edit) @25021   9 years guggis initial version
(edit) @25020   9 years guggis Adding two icons
(edit) @25019   9 years guggis
(edit) @25015   9 years stevage map_features.xml: ADD several common shop=*: car, kiosk, florist …
(edit) @25013   9 years richard allow <feature>s to be grouped
(edit) @25012   9 years richard permit XML file nesting in map_features.xml
(edit) @25007   9 years mzdila - removing the best match according to description in #5421 - merging …
(edit) @25003   9 years stevage ADD 6 types of boundaries to map_features.xml ADD several boundary …
(edit) @25000   9 years upliner update wms-turbo-challenge2.jar
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