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(edit) @25312   9 years beata.jancso plugin version nb added to HelpPanel?, and nickname is getting from …
(edit) @25311   9 years gravitystorm Add dnd overrides for remaining unsuitable icons
(edit) @25310   9 years gravitystorm remove the dnd attribute from tower - oops, I didn't spot that - and …
(edit) @25309   9 years gravitystorm Add an (optional) dnd property to icon elements to override the …
(edit) @25308   9 years gravitystorm Recolour the pharmacy icon to match the rest of the category
(edit) @25307   9 years gravitystorm Create and use icons for toy shop and town hall
(edit) @25305   9 years gravitystorm Invent a sport_shooting icon, and use it for hunting stand
(edit) @25304   9 years gravitystorm Use full-resolution version of place_of_worship_unknown
(edit) @25303   9 years gravitystorm consistency with food and drink
(edit) @25302   9 years gravitystorm Remove flowers icon (licensing and consistency) and update flowers and …
(edit) @25301   9 years gravitystorm Remove some sports areas from landuse category, and move marketplace …
(edit) @25300   9 years stevage FIX bug with LWN/RWN/NWN paths: route=hiking was not being set. CHANGE …
(edit) @25299   9 years stevage ADD keyboard shortcuts , and . (< and >) to step node by node along a …
(edit) @25297   9 years richard set explicit width in CategorySelector? so the scrollbar doesn't screw …
(edit) @25295   9 years richard remove errors that seem to have been introduced in recent days
(edit) @25294   9 years richard missing route=bicycle lines from NCN/RCN/LCN relations
(edit) @25293   9 years richard update .ai file
(edit) @25292   9 years richard more icons. This should complete the way icon set for roads, paths, …
(edit) @25291   9 years guardian minor bugfixes: lyerchange, deployment
(edit) @25290   9 years richard remove "racing track" from roads. svn appears to think the whole file …
(edit) @25289   9 years richard tidy route icons a little (very sorry to see the epic bus icon go, …
(edit) @25288   9 years richard add some icon guidelines
(edit) @25287   9 years richard sort out a whole bunch of the horrible mess that is our icon set, …
(edit) @25286   9 years stevage TWEAK highway=unclassified to distinguish it from highway=tertiary, as …
(edit) @25285   9 years stevage ADD power station icon TWEAK vending machine icon
(edit) @25284   9 years stevage (SelectedMultiple?.as should have been part of the last commit)
(edit) @25283   9 years stevage ADD ability to merge one node with another (including POI nodes) ADD …
(edit) @25277   9 years stevage CLEANUP leftover Trace statements.
(edit) @25276   9 years stevage FIX Circularise bug. There was an odd bug that caused the centroid to …
(edit) @25275   9 years upliner update ext_tools.jar
(edit) @25274   9 years upliner ext_tools: add {TZoom} token for TMS zoom
(edit) @25273   9 years bastik i18n update
(edit) @25272   9 years stevage ADD icons for vending machine and mini roundabout.
(edit) @25271   9 years stevage ADD three new multi-type man_made features: navigation mark, tower, …
(edit) @25270   9 years stevage ADD support for non-drag-and-droppable point features. These are …
(edit) @25269   9 years retsam trustosm plugin better usability
(edit) @25268   9 years stevage IMPROVE help icon functionality - if no help URL is defined, take user …
(edit) @25263   9 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @25262   9 years Dirk Stoecker update to josm 3872
(edit) @25260   9 years Dirk Stoecker adapt to josm 3872
(edit) @25255   9 years stevage ADD @vmatch attribute to <tag> element of feature in map_features.xml. …
(edit) @25253   9 years stevage ADD map feature: ToyShop? IMPROVE all "shopping" features work for …
(edit) @25250   9 years guardian updated to newes vlcj
(edit) @25249   9 years stevage ADD "has-tags" styles to wireframe.css in response to …
(edit) @25245   9 years stevage TWEAK combobox drop-down height, to allow up to 15 choices to be …
(edit) @25232   9 years stevage ADD 'arrows-reversed' line decoration rendering solely to cater for …
(edit) @25227   9 years richard use HTTPService for diff uploads so that we can tell Flash not to timeout
(edit) @25226   9 years stevage ADD reporting of lat/long of mouse cursor when you press L. This is in …
(edit) @25225   9 years stevage DOCUMENT and MapEvent?.as.
(edit) @25221   9 years stevage SPLIT map_features.xml into a dozen sub-files, following Richard …
(edit) @25220   9 years bastik 'applied #J5852 (patch by Petschge) - new shear option'
(edit) @25219   9 years bastik 'applied #J5852 (patch by Petschge) - new shear option'
(edit) @25213   9 years stevage ADD help text for 'follow' feature.
(edit) @25208   9 years stevage ADD denomination choice to place_of_worship, with about 25 choices.
(edit) @25207   9 years stevage ADD more religion=* types for
(edit) @25206   9 years stevage TWEAK following logic to allow you to follow a loop all the way to the end.
(edit) @25204   9 years stevage FIX way splitting: P shaped ways are now handled correctly. Had to …
(edit) @25202   9 years Dirk Stoecker update remaining files
(edit) @25201   9 years Dirk Stoecker update remaining files
(edit) @25200   9 years Dirk Stoecker add ignores
(edit) @25199   9 years Dirk Stoecker update all plugins
(edit) @25195   9 years Dirk Stoecker forgot one
(edit) @25194   9 years Dirk Stoecker updated buildings_tools.jar
(edit) @25193   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix revs
(edit) @25192   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix build due to JOSM change
(edit) @25191   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix build due to JOSM change
(edit) @25190   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix build due to JOSM change
(edit) @25188   9 years bastik i18n update
(edit) @25187   9 years richard Fix #3480
(edit) @25186   9 years richard ignore any com/ too
(edit) @25185   9 years richard More styleparser documentation.
(edit) @25183   9 years Dirk Stoecker remove old plugins
(edit) @25182   9 years richard Start work on Halcyon styleparser documentation
(edit) @25181   9 years jttt Updated to latest josm
(edit) @25180   9 years richard gah
(edit) @25179   9 years jttt Update to latest josm, eclipse project
(edit) @25178   9 years richard add 'line' and 'area' MapCSS objects
(edit) @25177   9 years richard follow stylesheet URL change if SavedObject? name found
(edit) @25176   9 years richard revert r25133 which was fouling up the tag panel
(edit) @25175   9 years richard slight code tidy, and remove event listener properly
(edit) @25171   9 years richard Add to several relations at once. Closes #3485
(edit) @25170   9 years richard ok, this should update the toolbox without incurring the tag panel …
(edit) @25169   9 years richard this was slowing DrawWay? down something chronic - though I suspect the …
(edit) @25167   9 years richard start to use @import rules for stylesheets. Add "enhanced" (access, …
(edit) @25166   9 years richard hide non-universal styles from the main stylesheet menu (still …
(edit) @25165   9 years richard move stylesheets into dedicated directory
(edit) @25164   9 years richard regularise indentation
(edit) @25163   9 years richard remove "follow way" warnings, and fix elastic behaviour
(edit) @25160   9 years gravitystorm Triangle line decoration. Patch by Rafal Rudzik
(edit) @25159   9 years gravitystorm This is not the bodge you are looking for
(edit) @25158   9 years gravitystorm update toolbox when reversing a way, or when adding nodes during drawway
(edit) @25157   9 years stevage ADD getNextNode(), getPrevNode() to …
(edit) @25155   9 years Dirk Stoecker update translation issues
(edit) @25154   9 years gravitystorm Add a wrapper hbox around the rotating one, to stop glitches in the …
(edit) @25153   9 years gravitystorm Add a direction-sensing reverse arrow, with one or two caveats
(edit) @25152   9 years gravitystorm Add an angle calculation for ways
(edit) @25150   9 years malcolmh rename back to smed
(edit) @25149   9 years malcolmh 'Bug fix release'
(edit) @25148   9 years malcolmh 'Bug fix release'
(edit) @25147   9 years malcolmh 'Bug fix release'
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