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(edit) @17268   11 years bobkare Bugfix for NumWithUnits? that looked for it's argument by the wrong …
(edit) @14949   11 years nienhueser API version is now 0.6
(edit) @14922   11 years bobkare Only recognizeas table row separator when it's at the beginning of …
(edit) @14921   11 years bobkare Commit fix to have the module realize 24/7 is meant to be one thing, …
(edit) @14542   11 years bobkare Release version 0.02
(edit) @14541   11 years bobkare Don't clean elementtypes, somebody has apparently decided to change …
(edit) @14486   11 years frederik fix "make clean", add -fPIC
(edit) @14485   11 years frederik fix "make clean", add -fPIC
(edit) @12369   12 years nienhueser Build a shared library as well
(edit) @12367   12 years nienhueser element name of nodes inside ways is nd, not node
(edit) @12366   12 years nienhueser Non-const access to tags, fix rulestest (id encapsulation)
(edit) @12365   12 years nienhueser Also build a shared lib, rename test.cpp test1.cpp for consistency, …
(edit) @12364   12 years nienhueser delete empty file
(edit) @11856   12 years bobkare Add dependencies to Makefile.PM. Won't bother to release another …
(edit) @11750   12 years nienhueser Less accessors alter instance state, add const to reflect this.
(edit) @11745   12 years nienhueser Encapsulate Object::tags and add more documentation
(edit) @11744   12 years nienhueser Segments are removed in API v.0.5
(edit) @11743   12 years nienhueser Remove cleanWays(), doesn't seem to be useful anymore
(edit) @11736   12 years bobkare Initial release of Geo::OSM::MapFeatures?, which parses and represents …
(edit) @11734   12 years bobkare Create directory for Geo::OSM::MapFeatures?
(edit) @11688   12 years nienhueser compile.
(edit) @11684   12 years nienhueser Less inline definitions. Start to document things (doxygen style)
(edit) @11683   12 years nienhueser Start making accessors const Encapsulate the previously public id …
(edit) @11682   12 years nienhueser No 'using xy' declarations in headers Reorder includes with local …
(edit) @11681   12 years nienhueser Have curl follow redirects, needed for the informationhighway server …
(edit) @11680   12 years nienhueser Update from API version 0.3 to 0.5. This replaces Segments with Nodes …
(edit) @11679   12 years nienhueser Have g++ print warnings and fix the existing ones.
(edit) @11677   12 years nienhueser Include cstring for GCC 4.3 Change include paths to fit with debian's …
(edit) @5479   13 years joerg lib/libimg:add clean target
(edit) @4242   13 years jonb remove redundant test code from test3.cpp
(copy) @2913   13 years joerg move lib to applications directory
copied from lib:
(copy) @2485   13 years steve cleanups
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