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(edit) @18584   10 years avantman42 Fixed bug: Edit pages are broken if display name has apostrophes Fixed …
(edit) @18115   10 years avantman42 Added note about running importer.php via cron to README Displays …
(edit) @18040   10 years avantman42
(edit) @18022   10 years avantman42 Fixes to importer.php
(edit) @18006   10 years avantman42 Minor fixes
(edit) @18005   10 years avantman42
(edit) @17997   10 years avantman42 Removed Ernest Marples lookup - site has been taken down
(edit) @17796   10 years avantman42 Fixed bug with lat/lon search
(edit) @17795   10 years avantman42 Fixed bug with lat/lon search
(edit) @17571   10 years avantman42 Results are cached in SQLite database for 1 hour
(edit) @17563   10 years avantman42 Added hospitals, renamed to "Healthwhere"
(edit) @17562   10 years avantman42
(edit) @17558   10 years avantman42 Added applications/rendering/osm-atlas & applications/mobile/healthwhere
(edit) @15137   10 years guardian
(edit) @15029   10 years guardian
(edit) @14952   10 years guardian
(edit) @14883   10 years guardian
(edit) @14869   10 years guardian
(edit) @14859   10 years guardian
(edit) @14855   10 years guardian
(edit) @14854   10 years guardian
(edit) @14853   10 years guardian Created directory applications/mobile/OSMRaider/trunk
(edit) @14822   10 years guardian Created directory applications/mobile/OSMRaider
(edit) @13132   11 years ojw mark the example code as not being rana code
(edit) @13131   11 years ojw add modules
(edit) @13130   11 years ojw try using GTK for menus instead of doing it all in caro + display …
(edit) @13129   11 years ojw new proj
(edit) @10273   11 years ojw Allow control of where in a GPX we start the replay from (set this …
(edit) @10272   11 years ojw Make standard roads brighter so they show-up + remove debug info
(edit) @10271   11 years ojw Add explicit background colour
(edit) @10270   11 years ojw Fix bedford
(edit) @10161   11 years ojw packaging (for running on windows)
(edit) @10146   11 years ojw city icon (seattle skyline)
(edit) @10145   11 years ojw use new city icon for places menu
(edit) @10144   11 years ojw try using the same style of menu as the options page, where there are …
(edit) @10143   11 years ojw menu functionality now provided by base_poi so this module can become …
(edit) @10142   11 years ojw fix old comment
(edit) @10141   11 years ojw rearrange front-page menu to add waypoints link, remove some …
(edit) @10137   11 years ojw Searching - actually if you're nearer a town than a village, then pick …
(edit) @10132   11 years ojw send menu name to menu-drawing functions + try using cairo clipping + …
(edit) @10131   11 years ojw move screen overlay from mod_buttons to here + set no menu on startup
(edit) @10130   11 years ojw remove debug text
(edit) @10128   11 years ojw reduce the number of cairo operations: not drawing ways that are not …
(edit) @10127   11 years ojw option to calculate bounding-boxes of each way
(edit) @10123   11 years ojw move the "open menu" buttons to the menu module
(edit) @10110   11 years ojw Allow save/restore of options when rana is shutdown. currently using …
(edit) @10109   11 years ojw set default values on startup
(edit) @10108   11 years ojw list map image layers in options, from the actual definition within …
(edit) @10107   11 years ojw go back to the first option in a list when a new option page is selected
(edit) @10106   11 years ojw formatting for option lines
(edit) @10102   11 years ojw Get some options that can be adjusted
(edit) @10089   11 years ojw icon mods
(edit) @10087   11 years ojw more icons
(edit) @10086   11 years ojw more icons for the search menus
(edit) @10085   11 years ojw main screen buttons - make them bolder, and make the zoom ones …
(edit) @10084   11 years ojw interface change to menus, and extra layer of overlays
(edit) @10083   11 years ojw start of option menus
(edit) @10082   11 years ojw more icons
(edit) @10079   11 years ojw add bridlway
(edit) @10078   11 years ojw move some definitions in here
(edit) @10077   11 years ojw Road searching now works with binary data files
(edit) @10076   11 years ojw move some of the vector map options (e.g. where the files are stored) …
(edit) @10057   11 years ojw zoom feature on lines
(edit) @10056   11 years ojw Wait until mod_config has a chance to define the data directory before …
(edit) @9958   11 years ojw mods for new file format
(edit) @9925   11 years ojw new file format
(edit) @9747   11 years ojw copy search categories (nonfunctional) from pyroute
(edit) @9691   11 years ojw very experimental layer support (performance-killer?)
(edit) @9690   11 years ojw experimental highway casings
(edit) @9689   11 years ojw Display satellite status as one of the infobar screens
(edit) @9688   11 years ojw get GPSd actually working more reliably, and store the satellite info …
(edit) @9687   11 years ojw Option to prevent lookup of roads (temporary fix for phones without a …
(edit) @9683   11 years ojw allow zooming-in
(edit) @9682   11 years ojw protect against invalid lat/long when zoom is changed + request screen …
(edit) @9681   11 years ojw temporary: hardcoded to infor mod_projection about changes in zoom level
(edit) @9620   11 years ojw new packed format, gives Way IDs (and file header) use way IDs as …
(edit) @9617   11 years ojw vector data
(edit) @9473   11 years ojw module for sketching on screen
(edit) @9472   11 years ojw fix label for gpsd position source
(edit) @9464   11 years ojw consecutive numbered waypoints across sessions
(edit) @9462   11 years ojw some more waypoints stuff
(edit) @9458   11 years ojw [nonfunctional] GUI idea for creating waypoints with a simple screen-press
(edit) @9440   11 years ojw Store one tracklog per session, with a timestamp
(edit) @9438   11 years ojw add scalebar
(edit) @9437   11 years ojw draw dots for tracklog
(edit) @9436   11 years ojw utility for converting a minimal lat/long format to GPX files (with …
(edit) @9435   11 years ojw outline of tracklogs module
(edit) @9434   11 years ojw Outline of a module which will display lat/long grids on map …
(edit) @9221   11 years tomhughes Set MIME type of all SVG files.
(edit) @9183   11 years ojw note about renaming
(edit) @9182   11 years ojw better example config
(edit) @9181   11 years ojw Set the click distance to bobkare's value for the neo freerunner …
(edit) @8876   11 years ojw start looking at draggable lists
(edit) @8860   11 years nick improvements to annotation display
(edit) @8849   11 years ojw some more test outputs
(edit) @8843   11 years ojw no need to store two copies of data being watched, just pass it when …
(edit) @8842   11 years ojw move "watching for variable changes" to module
(edit) @8841   11 years ojw update to position first-time even if not centred
(edit) @8840   11 years ojw download some map tiles
(edit) @8831   11 years ojw placeholder for download function
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