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(edit) @8388   11 years ojw keep map centred on current position
(edit) @8387   11 years ojw limit bearings to range 0..360
(edit) @8386   11 years ojw calculate bearing
(edit) @8385   11 years ojw geographic calculations
(edit) @8384   11 years ojw add speed and bearing information
(edit) @8383   11 years ojw basic module for calculating speed
(edit) @8380   11 years ojw Allow replaying a GPX file as position info
(edit) @8373   11 years ojw fix usage instructions - this version doesn't support any of the stuff …
(edit) @8372   11 years ojw remove some debugging output
(edit) @8371   11 years ojw outline of how to draw map image tiles
(edit) @8370   11 years ojw request and display information about the road we're on
(edit) @8369   11 years ojw module to find which road you're on
(edit) @8368   11 years ojw update date in file header
(edit) @8367   11 years ojw add a date/time display
(edit) @8366   11 years ojw allow proper selecting of overlay modes, allowing different bits of …
(edit) @8365   11 years ojw allow toggling of which field is displayed when overlay clicked on
(edit) @8364   11 years ojw registering areas as sending a message on click
(edit) @8363   11 years ojw message-routing interfaces
(edit) @8362   11 years ojw message-handling module
(edit) @8359   11 years ojw Add click handler
(edit) @8358   11 years ojw display position as overlay
(edit) @8356   11 years ojw drawing functions
(edit) @8355   11 years ojw outline of a module which can display text on screen
(edit) @8354   11 years ojw remove debug text
(edit) @8353   11 years ojw more overridable functions
(edit) @8350   11 years ojw make it easier to use module status messages
(edit) @8349   11 years ojw module for connecting to GPSD. untested
(edit) @8348   11 years ojw just a module to get position from textfile instead of a real GPS
(edit) @8347   11 years ojw check everything shares the new name ;)
(edit) @8346   11 years ojw take the outline of the pyroute windowing code, but make the modules …
(edit) @8340   11 years ojw new location for pyroute GUI
(edit) @8325   11 years nick Started set of classes for menu system
(edit) @8216   11 years nick improvements to tile caching system
(edit) @8205   11 years nick number of glitches hopefully ironed out but not tested on mobile device yet
(edit) @8204   11 years nick number of glitches hopefully ironed out but not tested on mobile device yet
(edit) @8138   11 years nick initial commit of FreemapMobile?
(add) @8137   11 years nick initial commit of FreemapMobile?
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