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(edit) @7998   11 years nic Working A* routing If no route exist, a promising route will be …
(edit) @7923   11 years nic Windows (MinGW) port complete and remarkebly responsive ! WinCE progress
(edit) @7901   11 years nic No longer links with gpsd, but will instead get the location using …
(edit) @7896   11 years nic Changes : Support for OSM API 0.5 Rebuild larger planets with less …
(edit) @7895   11 years nic
(edit) @4390   12 years pere Correct string length calculations in GetDirections?(), to avoid …
(edit) @3959   12 years pere Undo unwanted checkin.
(edit) @3958   12 years pere Mention memory requirements.
(edit) @3957   12 years pere Use +40% instead of %20, as the latter was not enough.
(edit) @3956   12 years pere Typo.
(edit) @3955   12 years pere Increase the limits with 20%.
(edit) @3937   12 years pere Use 'date' to generate the version number.
(edit) @3936   12 years pere Make sure to read long value using %ld.
(edit) @3931   12 years pere Include usage information.
(edit) @3910   12 years pere Add 'dist' target to make tarball.
(edit) @3600   12 years pere New clean target. Improve install target. Document the ROUTE_TEST …
(edit) @3599   12 years pere Extend the README.
(edit) @3598   12 years pere Typo.
(edit) @3597   12 years pere Add install target.
(edit) @3596   12 years pere Add simple README with the URL to the home page.
(edit) @3595   12 years pere Fix endian issue when print time_t values.
(edit) @3594   12 years pere Build with more warnings enabled.
(edit) @3317   12 years rjmunro New features: * speak directions using flite TTS engine if installed. …
(edit) @3316   12 years rjmunro gosmoreNSW version of gosmore.
(edit) @3315   12 years rjmunro gosmoreNameslessRoute version of gosmore.
(edit) @3314   12 years rjmunro "" version of gosmore.
(edit) @3313   12 years rjmunro Second version of Gosmore, labelled gosmoreQ. Added Makefile.
(edit) @3312   12 years rjmunro Initial version of gosmore cc code.
(add) @3311   12 years rjmunro Directory for Nic Roets "gosmore" mapping application.
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