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(edit) @10740   12 years nic Improved cycle routing : When part of a cycle relation, trigger …
(edit) @10694   12 years nic WinCE : Italian and Romenian translations
(edit) @10637   12 years daviddean WinCE: Will now attempt to reconnect if connection dies (this …
(edit) @10572   12 years nic Fix access=no ...=yes (requires rebuild). Improve highway=primary. …
(edit) @10507   12 years nic Smaller .pak files. Render map with less clutter. Less gcc warings.
(edit) @10495   12 years nic Ignore tags set during mass import of Japanese data.
(edit) @10465   12 years nic Update Mingw / msys port. Add -DLAMBERTUS to avoid rebuild seg fault.
(edit) @10318   12 years nic Fix seg fault during rebuild. Fix 'O' menu under GTK. Improve Pango layout.
(edit) @10309   12 years daviddean Added validation mode that highlights unnamed roads. Further …
(edit) @10292   12 years daviddean WinCE: Improved handling of resuming gosmore instance (hide wince …
(edit) @10291   12 years daviddean Moved Pango stuff into the non-WinCE area to fix cegcc compiling
(edit) @10290   12 years daviddean Added only-one-instance and non-fullscreen option to WinCE
(edit) @10288   12 years nic GTK: Switch form cairo to pango in order to support Right-To-Left text.
(edit) @10286   12 years nic Fix trunk and trunk_link. Not oneways.
(edit) @10254   12 years nic WinCE: Apply patches from David Dean for non-fullscreen mode, …
(edit) @10253   12 years nic Rules (styles) for elevation contours. Less clutter. Better translations.
(edit) @10088   12 years nic Added osmunda. Checking OSM data for routing problem by reading GPX files.
(edit) @10074   12 years nic WinCE: Spanish & Slovenian translations Improve gentoo compatibility.
(edit) @10073   12 years nic Updated icons and styles to josm-latest. Added Karlsruhe house number …
(edit) @10060   12 years nic Move data access routines to new module.
(edit) @10043   12 years nic Fix broken roundabout support WinCE: Fix subsequent searching queries.
(edit) @9995   12 years nic Add man_made to enum for WinCE editing WinCE: Fix busy looping under WM5
(edit) @9982   12 years nic Better rebuild with less open files
(edit) @9974   12 years nic Add WHOLE_PLANET compiler switch Make HalfSegCmp? stable. WinCE : …
(edit) @9836   12 years nic Better 32 bit rebuild support.
(edit) @9829   12 years nic Free more memory during rebuild
(edit) @9795   12 years nic Fix broken HEADLESS support.
(edit) @9781   12 years nic Bug fixes.
(edit) @9774   12 years nic Implement simple turn_restrictions.
(edit) @9734   12 years nic WinCE: Translations now comes from wiki, like RichardF did with …
(edit) @9694   12 years nic Fix floating point exception for some routes.
(edit) @9678   12 years nic Allow k=oneway, v=true
(edit) @9677   12 years nic WinCE bug fixes.
(edit) @9625   12 years nic WinCE: Edits are now rendered just like .pak data WinCE: Support for …
(edit) @9605   12 years nic Reduce icon clutter. Newer icon set.
(edit) @9579   12 years nic cgi-bin : Output way type traveled.
(edit) @9578   12 years nic cgi-bin now classifies a node according to number of segments and …
(edit) @9560   12 years nic Output street names in CGI mode. Rebuild : Place 'ref' just after name.
(edit) @9558   12 years nic Remove some compiler warnings. Support NMEA sentences with lon > 180 …
(edit) @9419   12 years nic Workaround for bug
(edit) @9282   12 years nic Roundabouts should now be verbalized correctly.
(edit) @9280   12 years nic WinCE: Utter commands "turnleft/right", "keepleft/right", "stop" and …
(edit) @9264   12 years nic WinCE : Better fullscreen Experimental verbal commands
(edit) @9247   12 years nic Sync elemstyles.xml with JOSM StartRoute? now clears previous route.
(edit) @9229   12 years nic WinCE support of large (1GB ?) maps.
(edit) @9226   12 years nic WinCE version can now be compiled with cegcc.
(edit) @9177   12 years nic WinCE : Convert between UTF8 and UTF16 using builtin functions. WinCE …
(edit) @9170   12 years nic WinCE: Add ShowTrace? option.
(edit) @9037   12 years nic WinCE : Rotate the map WinCE : Easier AddWayOrNode? WinCE : …
(edit) @8832   12 years nic WinCE : Fix 'Cancel' after 'AddWayOrNode?'. Better management of …
(edit) @8810   12 years nic Fix infinite loop in IncrementalSearch? More names on ways for highzoom …
(edit) @8791   12 years nic WinCE : Fix memory leak. WinCE : Show available memory when ShowC is …
(edit) @8778   12 years nic Fix realtime routing bugs. Add small OSM editor for WinCE.
(edit) @8766   12 years nic Fix broken GPX export under WinCE Add support for fast realtime …
(edit) @8745   12 years nic Prepare for Debian packaging Abort on pak file version mismatch …
(edit) @8642   12 years nic Don't hang when routing over things like highway=foot motorcar=yes
(edit) @8628   12 years nic Fix bug with duplicates in search results.
(edit) @8619   12 years nic Fix xpm problem introduced earlier today
(edit) @8618   12 years nic Fix Windows (MinGW) xpm read problem and distribute all DLLs
(edit) @8546   12 years nic Now runs on SmartPhone? 2003 emulator.
(edit) @8528   12 years gabriel gosmore: Unify line endings.
(edit) @8523   12 years nic Fix WinCE follow problem
(edit) @8516   12 years nic Better start location.
(edit) @8510   12 years nic Fix improved search function. Restored missing buttons. Try to find …
(edit) @8491   12 years nic Faster searching
(edit) @8467   12 years nic Reorder ways during bbox rebuild for less cache misses.
(edit) @8441   12 years nic Many new options for WinCE : AnsiCodePage?, ShowCoordinates? Added the …
(edit) @8352   12 years nic Make pak file path relative to gosm_arm.exe
(edit) @8344   12 years nic Added on-screen buttons for finger operation. Replaced NMEA recording …
(edit) @8034   12 years nic Fine tune scale_max
(edit) @8030   12 years nic Fix rebuild with tens of millions of nds
(edit) @8005   12 years nic Correct handling of juntion=roundabout
(edit) @8002   12 years nic Fixed routing
(edit) @7998   12 years nic Working A* routing If no route exist, a promising route will be …
(edit) @7923   12 years nic Windows (MinGW) port complete and remarkebly responsive ! WinCE progress
(edit) @7901   12 years nic No longer links with gpsd, but will instead get the location using …
(edit) @7896   12 years nic Changes : Support for OSM API 0.5 Rebuild larger planets with less …
(edit) @7895   12 years nic
(edit) @4390   13 years pere Correct string length calculations in GetDirections?(), to avoid …
(edit) @3959   13 years pere Undo unwanted checkin.
(edit) @3958   13 years pere Mention memory requirements.
(edit) @3957   13 years pere Use +40% instead of %20, as the latter was not enough.
(edit) @3956   13 years pere Typo.
(edit) @3955   13 years pere Increase the limits with 20%.
(edit) @3937   13 years pere Use 'date' to generate the version number.
(edit) @3936   13 years pere Make sure to read long value using %ld.
(edit) @3931   13 years pere Include usage information.
(edit) @3910   13 years pere Add 'dist' target to make tarball.
(edit) @3600   13 years pere New clean target. Improve install target. Document the ROUTE_TEST …
(edit) @3599   13 years pere Extend the README.
(edit) @3598   13 years pere Typo.
(edit) @3597   13 years pere Add install target.
(edit) @3596   13 years pere Add simple README with the URL to the home page.
(edit) @3595   13 years pere Fix endian issue when print time_t values.
(edit) @3594   13 years pere Build with more warnings enabled.
(edit) @3317   13 years rjmunro New features: * speak directions using flite TTS engine if installed. …
(edit) @3316   13 years rjmunro gosmoreNSW version of gosmore.
(edit) @3315   13 years rjmunro gosmoreNameslessRoute version of gosmore.
(edit) @3314   13 years rjmunro "" version of gosmore.
(edit) @3313   13 years rjmunro Second version of Gosmore, labelled gosmoreQ. Added Makefile.
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