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(edit) @22263   10 years jonb update mapnik style to move purple admin boundaries to z4+, the lower …
(edit) @21817   10 years stevechilton 2 revised inc files as part of low zoom tweak
(edit) @21762   10 years ldp Redo/restore ordering: sports_grounds/stadium -> track -> pitch
(edit) @21750   10 years ldp Remove type/width/height from symbolizers. No longer required in …
(edit) @21680   10 years ldp Added new setting required for an upcoming patch. Incorporate in your …
(edit) @21665   10 years ldp Add historic=memorial. Fixes #2627
(edit) @21662   10 years ldp Add natural=cave_entrance
(edit) @21649   10 years ldp Do not render building=no as building. Fixes #2643.
(edit) @21594   10 years stevechilton lift_gate added
(edit) @21593   10 years stevechilton emergency_phone added
(edit) @21592   10 years stevechilton piers and breakwaters differentiated
(edit) @21439   10 years stevechilton remove dy for lock name
(edit) @21427   10 years ldp Add round line joins to city walls. Fixes #2978.
(edit) @21133   10 years gramzon Making shop=fashion render the same as shop=clothes.
(edit) @21117   10 years jonb add back icon width/height to restore compatability with older mapnik …
(edit) @21091   10 years stevechilton minor changes to parking and stations
(edit) @20927   10 years stevechilton add ditch rendering back in
(edit) @20569   10 years stevechilton Use line symbolisation for leisure=marina #1681
(edit) @20411   10 years ldp Add ford symbol
(edit) @20261   10 years jonb Update mapnik style to ensure all columns referenced in the style are …
(edit) @20227   10 years stevechilton remove halo on node address numbers
(edit) @20219   10 years stevechilton bring in riverbank and reservoir earlier and add breakwaters
(edit) @20176   10 years stevechilton include another lock variation
(edit) @20104   10 years stevechilton adding lock_gate and lock names for standard 2-gate +lock=yes instance
(edit) @19924   10 years stevechilton Correct/add waterway=drain and =ditch
(edit) @19410   10 years ldp shop=diy -> shop=doityourself to reflect prevailing tagging
(edit) @19260   10 years stevechilton Replace prison and drinking_water (erased in error)
(edit) @19258   10 years stevechilton add 6 shop types
(edit) @19118   10 years ldp Add amenity=prison. Fixes #2512.
(edit) @19117   10 years ldp Add amenity=drinking_water. Fixes #2523.
(edit) @18879   10 years ldp New script, donated by springmeyer, to set up mapnik with your local …
(edit) @18477   10 years jonb Add waterway=drain into select line
(edit) @18275   10 years stevechilton 3 amended layer files
(edit) @18187   10 years ldp Put dam together with piers into water_features. Move glacier and …
(edit) @18146   10 years ldp Split amenity layer into symbols/stations/points for reasons of overhead
(edit) @18140   10 years ldp Split placenames layer into high/medium/low zoom layers
(edit) @18137   10 years ldp Split admin layer into low and high zoom versions.
(edit) @18133   10 years ldp Make area piers render on top of water. Fixes #2343
(edit) @18132   10 years ldp Split off some of the easier layers into separate includes.
(edit) @18038   11 years frederik change osm.xml to use not verbatim &srs900913; but instead …
(add) @17957   11 years ldp First leverage of entities in the mapnik stylesheet. Create copies of …
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