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(edit) @6108   12 years jochen Added explicit srs for places shapefile, because it didn't work without it
(edit) @6093   12 years stevechilton highway=mway - tunnel variant fill added, landuse=brownfield added
(edit) @6055   12 years stevechilton highway=motorway re-jigged, tunnel variant added
(edit) @5870   12 years stevechilton highway=tert smaller at z13/14, highway=tert text grey, tunnel for …
(edit) @5823   12 years stevechilton changed farm to light brown, lightened allotments, darkened tertiary …
(edit) @5348   13 years martinvoosterhout Add landuse=farm, as suggested by Karl Eichwalder on talk.
(edit) @5249   13 years tomhughes Add shields for tertiary roads. Closes #577.
(edit) @5221   13 years stevechilton Tram [tunnel] version added
(edit) @5220   13 years stevechilton Lightened landuse=residential so that grey unclassified lines show up, …
(edit) @5150   13 years tomhughes Correct spelling of "forest". Close #568.
(edit) @5143   13 years jonb osm.xml: Remove [boundary] = 'administrative' with …
(edit) @5102   13 years stevechilton add beach, lakes +2, new peak PNG, add beach PNG, change light_rail
(edit) @5098   13 years stevechilton Added admin=boundary, mini-round, below ground subway/rail, byway +2 pngs
(edit) @5096   13 years tomhughes Move the area names into a separate layer to try and stop them …
(edit) @4946   13 years tomhughes Render names on areas like parks, schools etc.
(edit) @4942   13 years jonb osm.xml: Match width of arrow.png to the real image width, otherwise …
(edit) @4938   13 years tomhughes Render colleges as well as schools and universities.
(edit) @4889   13 years tomhughes Add support for single character road numbers.
(edit) @4831   13 years tomhughes Fix text colour on shields to match the base colour of the road type.
(edit) @4827   13 years tomhughes Add shields to trunk, primary and secondary roads. Shields for trunk …
(edit) @4777   13 years jmckerrell Making sure docks are filled in blue instead of just outlined.
(edit) @4776   13 years jonb osm.xml: add oneway=1
(edit) @4726   13 years stevechilton cycleway=blue, track=brown, unsurfaced=grey pecked casement
(edit) @4586   13 years jonb osm.xml: Add # in CSS colour
(edit) @4585   13 years stevechilton rail=narrow-gauge added, peak symbol moved up 2 zooms
(edit) @4490   13 years jonb osm.xml: Add MaxScale? for generic buildings
(edit) @4286   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: polygon area now used to determine the rendering order
(edit) @4139   13 years jonb osm.xml: Move aeroway=terminal to render from the polygon table
(edit) @4104   13 years jonb osm.xml: make building a little lighter to prevent confusion with …
(edit) @4103   13 years jonb osm.xml: Render building=* in brown, highway=bus_stop, fix # in css.
(edit) @4101   13 years stevechilton aeroway=terminal added (as area fill)
(edit) @4091   13 years jonb osm.xml: Correct rail_preserved.png
(edit) @4083   13 years jonb osm.xml: Use min_distance on motorway shields to reduce map clutter
(edit) @4082   13 years stevechilton peaks named and +1, canal names -1, tweaks of water detail, lake names …
(edit) @3984   13 years stevechilton water text in blue, subway thicker, changes to "natural", aeroway …
(edit) @3886   13 years stevechilton bridle/cycle/foot/track style change, runway/taxiway seperated, church …
(edit) @3863   13 years stevechilton school/uni/hosp names added, hosp/subway moved up 1, streams sorted, …
(edit) @3827   13 years jonb osm.xml: set eol-style native
(edit) @3825   13 years jonb osm.xml: run dos2unix, no other changes
(edit) @3730   13 years stevechilton preserved railway added, and bridle/cycle/foot/unsurfaced/track moved …
(edit) @3720   13 years artem applied show_islands patch from Cameron Patrick
(edit) @3048   13 years jonb osm.xml: fix peak rendering
(edit) @3047   13 years jonb osm.xml: Add oneway into select statement
(edit) @3008   13 years artem added rendering direction arrows for oneway={yes,true,-1}
(edit) @2966   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add fix for motorway shields. Move landuse to -1. Make …
(edit) @2904   13 years jonb mapnik layer= implementation for areas/polygons
(edit) @2901   13 years spaetz 1)Kill that invalidly commented out rule. 2) add landuse=commercial
(edit) @2882   13 years spaetz split track and cycleway rules, make cycleways green. fixes bug 398
(edit) @2836   13 years artem subways are back but in a very pale grey.
(edit) @2813   13 years jonb osm2pgsql/mapnik database changed to store data in mercator. Saving …
(edit) @2702   13 years artem don't draw 'subway' as it clutters overall map lighter stroke for rail …
(edit) @2701   13 years artem draw outline around school/university polygons from 250000
(edit) @2699   13 years artem added hospital symbol
(edit) @2698   13 years artem fixed layering problem with parking symbols NOTE: requires running new …
(edit) @2694   13 years artem added [aeroway] = 'taxiway' improved scales/styles for aeroways
(edit) @2681   13 years artem applied changes as per Steve8 email added station_small symbol
(copy) @2511   13 years jochen Move mapnik stuff to applications/rendering
copied from utils/mapnik/osm.xml:
(edit) @2261   13 years artem added parking symbols to parking polygons
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