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(edit) @8228   12 years stevechilton Revised quarry.png and new zoo.png
(edit) @8133   12 years stevechilton 2 PNGs for landuse=quarry
(edit) @8007   12 years tomhughes Support shields up to 6 characters for motorways and 8 characters for …
(edit) @7926   12 years stevechilton Change to peak, cliff symbols, added cliff2
(edit) @7855   12 years stevechilton PNG symbols for cliff and atm
(edit) @7489   12 years stevechilton aerodrome symbol
(edit) @7486   12 years stevechilton New symbol for airport
(edit) @7417   12 years stevechilton Transparent versions of airport and windmill PNGs
(edit) @7284   12 years stevechilton Modified airport, new halt, windmill, power_wind
(edit) @7211   12 years cmarqu Make bus_stop icon have transparent parts. Fix by Ben Robbins, steve8 …
(edit) @7103   12 years stevechilton 2 new PNGs for level_crossings
(edit) @7065   12 years stevechilton 2 size of PNGs for nature_reserve
(edit) @7009   12 years stevechilton added overprinted forest symbol
(edit) @6940   12 years tomhughes Rework railways using LineSymbolizer? with an appropriate dash pattern …
(edit) @6821   12 years stevechilton add power_tower.png
(edit) @6215   12 years stevechilton rail_bridge symbol added
(edit) @5910   12 years andystreet Change beach rendering to a more natural colour
(edit) @5871   12 years tomhughes Update tertiary shields to match latest change to font colour.
(edit) @5826   12 years tomhughes Update shield creation script and rebuild tertiary road shields based …
(edit) @5823   12 years stevechilton changed farm to light brown, lightened allotments, darkened tertiary …
(edit) @5249   12 years tomhughes Add shields for tertiary roads. Closes #577.
(edit) @5220   12 years stevechilton Lightened landuse=residential so that grey unclassified lines show up, …
(edit) @5102   12 years stevechilton add beach, lakes +2, new peak PNG, add beach PNG, change light_rail
(edit) @5098   12 years stevechilton Added admin=boundary, mini-round, below ground subway/rail, byway +2 pngs
(edit) @4889   13 years tomhughes Add support for single character road numbers.
(edit) @4827   13 years tomhughes Add shields to trunk, primary and secondary roads. Shields for trunk …
(edit) @4601   13 years jonb peak.png: Convert to non-interlaced. Interlacing seemed to break …
(edit) @4600   13 years stevechilton change peak symbol to brown
(edit) @4000   13 years stevechilton revised versions of rail.png and rail_preserved.png
(edit) @3864   13 years stevechilton new symbol rail_preserved.png
(edit) @3008   13 years artem added rendering direction arrows for oneway={yes,true,-1}
(edit) @2964   13 years jonb Add symbol for motorways with 3 digit numbers
(edit) @2699   13 years artem added hospital symbol
(edit) @2681   13 years artem applied changes as per Steve8 email added station_small symbol
(copy) @2511   13 years jochen Move mapnik stuff to applications/rendering
copied from utils/mapnik/symbols:
(edit) @2259   13 years artem removed unused images
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