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(edit) @10979   11 years stevechilton Separate layers water_areas and water_lines. Needs waterway changed to …
(edit) @10854   11 years tobwen added checks for "1" in [bridge] and [tunnel]
(edit) @10826   11 years jonb Sync to osm.xml r10824
(edit) @10824   11 years stevechilton Add waterway=riverbank and mill_pond, move gate up a zoom
(edit) @10742   11 years twain script to generate a osm-template.xml from osm.xml
(edit) @10592   11 years jonb Update mapnik style to move boundaries with admin_level 2 or 3 to max …
(edit) @10589   11 years jonb Sync styles with osm.xml @ r10547. Add script to generate …
(edit) @10547   11 years stevechilton add landuse=vineyard, move top 3 road refs up a zoom, min dist to …
(edit) @10546   11 years stevechilton landuse=vineyard area symbol
(edit) @10432   11 years jonb Sync osm templates with osm.xml @ r10429
(edit) @10430   11 years jonb update template with current rules for converting the stock osm.xml to …
(edit) @10351   12 years stevechilton Add derelict_canal, basin, power=generator + power_source=wind. Move …
(edit) @10196   12 years jonb Sync osm styles to osm.xml@r10195
(edit) @10195   12 years jonb osm.xml: Move military=danger_area to appear at z9 with similar landuse
(edit) @10191   12 years stevechilton Add military=danger_area, highway=residential as area, change text …
(edit) @10190   12 years stevechilton symbol for military=danger_area
(edit) @9754   12 years jonb Sync osm-template & fontset with osm.xml r9753
(edit) @9753   12 years jonb osm.xml: move place_of_worship text downwards and restore size (allows …
(edit) @9748   12 years jonb update osm.xml to drop duplicate in 'or or'. Remove filter condition …
(edit) @9670   12 years stevechilton add mosque, synagogue and temple, change dy on p_o_w, make hamlet …
(edit) @9669   12 years stevechilton add symbols for mosque, synagogue and temple
(edit) @9448   12 years jonb Move text for amenity=place_of_worship to dy=10 to make it render
(edit) @9446   12 years jonb sync osm-template.xml with osm.xml r9443
(edit) @9445   12 years jonb Set mime-type to image/png on all Mapnik PNG symbols
(edit) @9443   12 years stevechilton Change place_of_worship to rectangle (new PNG). Specific types will follow
(edit) @9442   12 years stevechilton New place_of_worship PNG
(edit) @9373   12 years jonb osm-template: Update shields to use fontset (needs latest Mapnik SVN)
(edit) @9352   12 years jonb osm-template-fontset.xml: sync with current osm-template.xml
(edit) @9351   12 years jonb mapnik: add a template with unicode fontset as fallback. Not …
(edit) @9317   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: syn to osm.xml r9314
(edit) @9314   12 years stevechilton Add tunnel for narrow-gauge, add cable_car and chair_lift
(edit) @9313   12 years stevechilton png symbols for cable_car and chair_lift
(edit) @9228   12 years jonb osm.xml: Add some missing spaces
(edit) @9227   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: sync with osm.xml
(edit) @9192   12 years stevechilton Add access=private/no, highway=gate and mwaybridge layer=5
(edit) @9191   12 years stevechilton Highway=gate symbol
(edit) @8429   12 years jonb oms-template.xml: Sync to osm.xml
(edit) @8403   12 years stevechilton Tracktypes rendered for normal, bridges and tunnels
(edit) @8286   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync to osm.xml
(edit) @8251   12 years stevehill Added rendering styles for highway=road
(edit) @8230   12 years stevechilton Add tracktypes
(edit) @8229   12 years stevechilton Add landfill, zoo. Change qaurry. Move tram above all roads. …
(edit) @8228   12 years stevechilton Revised quarry.png and new zoo.png
(edit) @8147   12 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @8134   12 years stevechilton Add landuse=quarry, man_made=pier, and bring in highway=pedestrian at z13
(edit) @8133   12 years stevechilton 2 PNGs for landuse=quarry
(edit) @8086   12 years jonb Drop area= filter since it is redundant. The fact that these highways …
(edit) @8085   12 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @8084   12 years stevechilton Added highway=pedestrian, area=yes [for squares], and admin_level=3 at …
(edit) @8008   12 years tomhughes Sync with template.
(edit) @8007   12 years tomhughes Support shields up to 6 characters for motorways and 8 characters for …
(edit) @7946   12 years jonb Optimise some SQL queries to minimise data from DB. Remove some …
(edit) @7945   12 years jonb sync osm.xml to osm-template.xml
(edit) @7927   12 years stevechilton Match widths of mway, trunk and primary across zooms, bring in …
(edit) @7926   12 years stevechilton Change to peak, cliff symbols, added cliff2
(edit) @7871   12 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7856   12 years stevechilton Natural=cliff, amenity=atm, and tram_stop added, and hospital as area
(edit) @7855   12 years stevechilton PNG symbols for cliff and atm
(edit) @7750   12 years joerg openstreetmap-mapnik-world-boundaries/debian/update_world_boundaries_di …
(edit) @7749   12 years joerg openstreetmap-mapnik-world-boundaries/debian: update package from …
(edit) @7489   12 years stevechilton aerodrome symbol
(edit) @7488   12 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7487   12 years stevechilton Seperate style for airport and aerodrome (load pngs), correct error on …
(edit) @7486   12 years stevechilton New symbol for airport
(edit) @7472   12 years jonb sync to osm.xml
(edit) @7471   12 years jonb Mapnik style: Change rendering of one way arrows to a shape built …
(edit) @7470   12 years stevechilton Add casing to highway=construction, move stations earlier, power=tower …
(edit) @7417   12 years stevechilton Transparent versions of airport and windmill PNGs
(edit) @7355   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: sync to osm.xml
(edit) @7354   12 years stevechilton add bridge for light_rail, change colour of aerodrome text
(edit) @7286   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7285   12 years stevechilton Add airport, halt, windmill, power-wind, bridge for canal,tweak to …
(edit) @7284   12 years stevechilton Modified airport, new halt, windmill, power_wind
(edit) @7232   12 years jonb osm.xml: Move to using coastline shapefiles directly instead of …
(edit) @7231   12 years jonb convert-template: Update to add %PREFIX%
(edit) @7230   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync to latest osm.xml
(edit) @7229   12 years stevechilton change zoom for highway=construction, add text (name=) for 2 higher zooms
(edit) @7222   12 years stevechilton Tweak to motorway_junction, tweak to bring in area-text bit sooner, …
(edit) @7211   12 years cmarqu Make bus_stop icon have transparent parts. Fix by Ben Robbins, steve8 …
(edit) @7207   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for alternate table prefixes. This is parallel to the -p …
(edit) @7196   12 years jonb osm.xml: Fix min/max typo
(edit) @7195   12 years jonb Sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7181   12 years stevechilton Added monorail, move bridges to own layer, trams to above roads
(edit) @7163   12 years stevechilton Add mway junction names, playgrounds, and darken P_of_worship fill
(edit) @7105   12 years jonb Sync to osm.xml
(edit) @7104   12 years stevechilton Add living_street, level_crossing, place=island, move power layer …
(edit) @7103   12 years stevechilton 2 new PNGs for level_crossings
(edit) @7077   12 years jonb Update some mapnik python scripts to work with the 0.5 release
(edit) @7070   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Resync with current osm.xml
(edit) @7069   12 years jonb osm.xml: fix typo
(edit) @7066   12 years stevechilton Add power=sub_station/station, leisure=nature_reserve, tweak …
(edit) @7065   12 years stevechilton 2 size of PNGs for nature_reserve
(edit) @7010   12 years jonb mapnik: sync osm-template.xml with osm.xml
(edit) @7009   12 years stevechilton added overprinted forest symbol
(edit) @7008   12 years stevechilton Change to forest, golf, meadow, layered mway bridges, widen …
(edit) @6944   12 years tomhughes Templateise the new tunnels layer correctly.
(edit) @6943   12 years tomhughes Sync template with latest edits.
(edit) @6942   12 years stevechilton Thinner bridge casings, thinner motorways, main tunnels moved to own …
(edit) @6941   12 years tomhughes Resync with template.
(edit) @6940   12 years tomhughes Rework railways using LineSymbolizer? with an appropriate dash pattern …
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