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(edit) @21750   9 years ldp Remove type/width/height from symbolizers. No longer required in …
(edit) @21746   10 years ldp Updated to reflect minimum version 0.7.1
(edit) @21684   10 years ldp Fix up r21681 to use the right table name syntax.
(edit) @21681   10 years ldp Render matching turning circles for …
(edit) @21680   10 years ldp Added new setting required for an upcoming patch. Incorporate in your …
(edit) @21677   10 years ldp Patch by springmeyere to cope with duplicate variable occurences in …
(edit) @21665   10 years ldp Add historic=memorial. Fixes #2627
(edit) @21662   10 years ldp Add natural=cave_entrance
(edit) @21658   10 years ldp Nudge peak name/ele closer to the symbol. Also account for ele without …
(edit) @21649   10 years ldp Do not render building=no as building. Fixes #2643.
(edit) @21638   10 years ldp Reworked highway=motorway_junction. Also see #2840.
(edit) @21637   10 years ldp Reverting supermarket text offset to a sane value
(edit) @21600   10 years ldp Declare mapnik 0.7.1 as the minimum_version. In reality, it's also the …
(edit) @21599   10 years ldp Add department_store to text-poly as well.
(edit) @21597   10 years stevechilton add theme_park boundary and name #2371
(edit) @21595   10 years ldp Add department_store to text layer
(edit) @21594   10 years stevechilton lift_gate added
(edit) @21593   10 years stevechilton emergency_phone added
(edit) @21592   10 years stevechilton piers and breakwaters differentiated
(edit) @21591   10 years stevechilton forests brought in 1 zoom earlier
(edit) @21590   10 years stevechilton icons: sosphone liftgate department_store
(edit) @21442   10 years stevechilton reduce text gap: bar hotel museum hospital embassy bank fire_station
(edit) @21439   10 years stevechilton remove dy for lock name
(edit) @21428   10 years ldp Add symbol for jewish cemeteries. Fixes #2949.
(edit) @21427   10 years ldp Add round line joins to city walls. Fixes #2978.
(edit) @21415   10 years ldp Move non-tunneled tracks to be drawn above buildings, like other roads.
(edit) @21387   10 years rodo Fix a little typo
(edit) @21386   10 years rodo New file to download all files in one shot
(edit) @21133   10 years gramzon Making shop=fashion render the same as shop=clothes.
(edit) @21117   10 years jonb add back icon width/height to restore compatability with older mapnik …
(edit) @21092   10 years stevechilton reduce some of dy settings for icons (0.7.1 change)
(edit) @21091   10 years stevechilton minor changes to parking and stations
(edit) @21090   10 years stevechilton icon for private parking
(edit) @20937   10 years jonb osm.xml: Add path into highway-area-casing/fill
(edit) @20928   10 years stevechilton add render for path as area (same as pedestrian)
(edit) @20927   10 years stevechilton add ditch rendering back in
(edit) @20572   10 years ldp Bugfix for last bugfix
(edit) @20571   10 years ldp Bugfix for highway=road at z15 (fill was overpainting the casing)
(edit) @20570   10 years stevechilton Thinner living_street #2788, add landuse=orchard (new symbol) #2682, …
(edit) @20569   10 years stevechilton Use line symbolisation for leisure=marina #1681
(edit) @20568   10 years stevechilton symbol for orchards
(edit) @20441   10 years jochen preliminary support for 900913 proj
(edit) @20440   10 years jochen improved mapnik postgis log analyze script
(edit) @20439   10 years frederik change regex
(edit) @20411   10 years ldp Add ford symbol
(edit) @20261   10 years jonb Update mapnik style to ensure all columns referenced in the style are …
(edit) @20253   10 years ldp Add bridges to railway=rail + service=spur/siding/yard. Fixes #2763, #2767
(edit) @20227   10 years stevechilton remove halo on node address numbers
(edit) @20219   10 years stevechilton bring in riverbank and reservoir earlier and add breakwaters
(edit) @20177   10 years stevechilton include another lock variation
(edit) @20176   10 years stevechilton include another lock variation
(edit) @20110   10 years ldp Reinstating rendering of railway=siding/spur/yard at z13. Fixes #2733.
(edit) @20104   10 years stevechilton adding lock_gate and lock names for standard 2-gate +lock=yes instance
(edit) @20101   10 years stevechilton icon for lock_gate
(edit) @19925   10 years stevechilton Add tertiary_link rendering across board - used in USA
(edit) @19924   10 years stevechilton Correct/add waterway=drain and =ditch
(edit) @19871   10 years ldp Hopefully fixed it right this time.
(edit) @19869   10 years ldp Fix last commit. Mapnik trunk is currently 800.
(edit) @19853   10 years ldp Make scripts work with current mapnik trunk too.
(edit) @19832   10 years ldp Followup to r19410 and really change shop=diy to shop=doityourself …
(edit) @19709   10 years ldp Fix previous commit
(edit) @19708   10 years ldp Apply patch from Dane Springmeyer
(edit) @19584   10 years jochen Add check for trailing / in tile dir and add if missing
(edit) @19506   10 years ldp Add minimum_version to <Map>. Recent mapnik builds will throw an error …
(edit) @19410   10 years ldp shop=diy -> shop=doityourself to reflect prevailing tagging
(edit) @19389   10 years stevechilton Shields in earlier for prim, sec, tert and min distance adjusted for …
(edit) @19273   10 years gramzon Making colour for playground slightly more green.
(edit) @19260   10 years stevechilton Replace prison and drinking_water (erased in error)
(edit) @19259   10 years stevechilton Text added for some shop types
(edit) @19258   10 years stevechilton add 6 shop types
(edit) @19257   10 years stevechilton 6 shop icons
(edit) @19196   10 years stevechilton z15 unclass/resid thiner, white casing for living_streets, add …
(edit) @19180   10 years stevechilton Add car park names, change colour for blue icons to be nearer icon colour
(edit) @19122   10 years ldp Fixed bug: highway=unclassified was rendered twice in z15
(edit) @19118   10 years ldp Add amenity=prison. Fixes #2512.
(edit) @19117   10 years ldp Add amenity=drinking_water. Fixes #2523.
(edit) @19116   10 years ldp Render service=spur/siding/yard with railway=rail
(edit) @18932   10 years ldp Move a bunch of old and/or obsoleted items to an archive dir
(edit) @18879   10 years ldp New script, donated by springmeyer, to set up mapnik with your local …
(edit) @18771   10 years frederik move stylecheck to utils subdir; new analyze_postgis_log script to …
(edit) @18580   10 years frederik amend to use zoom levels, not scale denomintators
(edit) @18578   10 years frederik utility to analyse style files for sql query efficiency
(edit) @18533   10 years ldp Do not show oneway arrows on anything except highway/railway/waterway.
(edit) @18477   10 years jonb Add waterway=drain into select line
(edit) @18476   10 years jonb Make guideway colour consistent #6666ff
(edit) @18475   10 years stevechilton Activate highway=bus_guideway
(edit) @18277   10 years ldp Do not show default barrier line over barrier=hedge
(edit) @18276   10 years stevechilton change building fill, rivers re-scaled, larger tree, hedge added
(edit) @18275   10 years stevechilton 3 amended layer files
(edit) @18274   10 years stevechilton larger tree symbol
(edit) @18187   10 years ldp Put dam together with piers into water_features. Move glacier and …
(edit) @18146   10 years ldp Split amenity layer into symbols/stations/points for reasons of overhead
(edit) @18140   10 years ldp Split placenames layer into high/medium/low zoom layers
(edit) @18137   10 years ldp Split admin layer into low and high zoom versions.
(edit) @18133   10 years ldp Make area piers render on top of water. Fixes #2343
(edit) @18132   10 years ldp Split off some of the easier layers into separate includes.
(edit) @18131   10 years frederik map projection has to always be 900913 independent of osm2pgsql settings
(edit) @18038   10 years frederik change osm.xml to use not verbatim &srs900913; but instead …
(edit) @18025   10 years ldp Label man_made=windmill
(edit) @18021   10 years ldp Reinstating railway=disused/abandoned/construction rendering. Reported …
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