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(edit) @3967   13 years joerg remove old debian package
(edit) @3949   13 years joerg rename package to reflect full openstreetmap name
(edit) @3948   13 years joerg rename files to simpler names, because we only have one package in here
(edit) @3900   13 years joerg build the debian package as all not as i386
(edit) @3890   13 years joerg install the database after asking remove old stuff which was a result …
(edit) @3886   13 years stevechilton bridle/cycle/foot/track style change, runway/taxiway seperated, church …
(edit) @3864   13 years stevechilton new symbol rail_preserved.png
(edit) @3863   13 years stevechilton school/uni/hosp names added, hosp/subway moved up 1, streams sorted, …
(edit) @3827   13 years jonb osm.xml: set eol-style native
(edit) @3825   13 years jonb osm.xml: run dos2unix, no other changes
(edit) @3735   13 years joerg update date for package, correct mail addresses and a little bit of …
(edit) @3730   13 years stevechilton preserved railway added, and bridle/cycle/foot/unsurfaced/track moved …
(edit) @3720   13 years artem applied show_islands patch from Cameron Patrick
(edit) @3712   13 years joerg initial version osf osm-mapnik-data package for debian
(edit) @3546   13 years joerg add dependency libgeos-dev for compilation
(edit) @3448   13 years joerg shortcut for installing database
(edit) @3250   13 years joerg more substitutions which are consistent with install.txt
(edit) @3247   13 years joerg some wrong quotings type /usr/share
(edit) @3244   13 years jonb Script for generating a large mapnik image
(edit) @3209   13 years joerg start with rendering an overvirew
(edit) @3202   13 years joerg add svn co again
(edit) @3201   13 years joerg add worldboundary stuff to readme
(edit) @3187   13 years joerg adapt path to new svn dir structure
(edit) @3186   13 years joerg small fixes in mapnik-osm install.txt
(edit) @3179   13 years artem Removed dependency on PIL.
(edit) @3128   13 years spaetz fix simple syntax errors (line breaks). Patch courtesy to Darryl (Dshpak)
(edit) @3105   13 years joerg remove propset external to
(edit) @3104   13 years joerg Update install.txt to reflect cuttent state a little bit more remove …
(edit) @3048   13 years jonb osm.xml: fix peak rendering
(edit) @3047   13 years jonb osm.xml: Add oneway into select statement
(edit) @3008   13 years artem added rendering direction arrows for oneway={yes,true,-1}
(edit) @2966   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add fix for motorway shields. Move landuse to -1. Make …
(edit) @2964   13 years jonb Add symbol for motorways with 3 digit numbers
(edit) @2904   13 years jonb mapnik layer= implementation for areas/polygons
(edit) @2901   13 years spaetz 1)Kill that invalidly commented out rule. 2) add landuse=commercial
(edit) @2896   13 years jonb A small script to help localise the osm.xml file for your own setup
(edit) @2882   13 years spaetz split track and cycleway rules, make cycleways green. fixes bug 398
(edit) @2836   13 years artem subways are back but in a very pale grey.
(edit) @2813   13 years jonb osm2pgsql/mapnik database changed to store data in mercator. Saving …
(edit) @2702   13 years artem don't draw 'subway' as it clutters overall map lighter stroke for rail …
(edit) @2701   13 years artem draw outline around school/university polygons from 250000
(edit) @2699   13 years artem added hospital symbol
(edit) @2698   13 years artem fixed layering problem with parking symbols NOTE: requires running new …
(edit) @2694   13 years artem added [aeroway] = 'taxiway' improved scales/styles for aeroways
(edit) @2681   13 years artem applied changes as per Steve8 email added station_small symbol
(edit) @2552   13 years frederik fix mapnik move
(copy) @2511   13 years jochen Move mapnik stuff to applications/rendering
copied from utils/mapnik:
(edit) @2364   13 years joerg add more dependencies
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