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(edit) @10798   12 years frederik fix or/p to use proper projection
(edit) @10787   12 years jttt Do not generate unnecessary <use> tags for areas
(edit) @10785   12 years jttt Fix reading of uninitialized value warning
(edit) @10766   12 years jttt Support label relation for areaText
(edit) @10764   12 years jttt Share methods for text rendering
(edit) @10753   12 years jttt Do not generate <text> for empty captions
(edit) @10750   12 years jttt Support custom text (..<tag k=../>..) for all types of text, not just …
(edit) @10734   12 years jttt Support label relation
(edit) @10631   12 years jttt Make position='center' work correctly when <symbol> has transform attribute
(edit) @10565   12 years jttt Copy namespace prefixes from included symbol. It allows to include …
(edit) @10561   12 years jttt Make position='center' work correctly when symbols are scaled
(edit) @10501   12 years jttt Use precalculated area center location if available
(edit) @10459   12 years jttt Add bbox command line argument
(edit) @10307   12 years jttt Make including external symbols and styles work even when files …
(edit) @10304   12 years jttt New instruction - include. Includes contents of referenced svg file …
(edit) @10264   12 years jttt Bug - don't create invalid svg when osm contains way with only one node
(edit) @10170   12 years spaetz 1) have or/p search it's modules in the same dir as 2) …
(edit) @10163   12 years jttt Add position='center' attribute allowing to automatically center symbols
(edit) @10158   12 years jttt Make draw_symbols and draw_area_symbols share code
(edit) @10157   12 years jttt Include symbol with more than one reference only once. Allow symbol to …
(edit) @9932   12 years frederik bugfix to suppress rendering for action=delete in, submitted by …
(edit) @9707   12 years frederik implemented minSize filter for orp
(edit) @9666   12 years jttt Include areaSymbol as well when searching for external symbols references
(edit) @9610   12 years jttt Finish support for symbolsDir
(edit) @9515   12 years jttt Fix bug slowing down orp
(edit) @9507   12 years deelkar HOTFIX: comment out very annoying debug message for collision
(edit) @9506   12 years deelkar HOTFIX: comment out very annoying debug message for proximity filter
(edit) @9492   12 years schuetzm disabled annoying debug message "object added in class ..."
(edit) @9488   12 years jttt Fix SplitImageX:BlackTile encountered error for batik in agent mode
(edit) @9481   12 years frederik added proximity filter support
(edit) @9221   12 years tomhughes Set MIME type of all SVG files.
(edit) @8970   12 years giggls Honor a width tag for ways in Osmarender if activated in the rules …
(edit) @8845   12 years frederik primitive support for addclass in, should fix the "black roads" …
(edit) @8703   12 years schuetzm Updating function comment.
(edit) @8701   12 years schuetzm Add two optional attributes k= and v= to the wayMarker instruction to …
(edit) @7966   12 years deelkar fix for Batik by Kleptog
(edit) @7932   12 years frederik or/p fix for windows pathnames
(edit) @7891   12 years frederik fix grid
(edit) @7206   12 years jochen Fixed SVG CSS
(edit) @7201   12 years frederik added helper function to compute great circle distance between 2 points
(edit) @7197   12 years frederik fixed some warnings in or/p
(edit) @7164   12 years frederik bugfix for way markers
(edit) @7154   12 years frederik remove runtime warning
(edit) @7153   12 years frederik fix polygons with holes in or/p... this time for real!
(edit) @7150   12 years frederik fix tunnels
(edit) @7146   12 years frederik fix area with hole drawing
(edit) @7137   12 years frederik added support for complex text instructions in or/p
(edit) @7135   12 years frederik fixed text length logic for or/p, now uses 100% osmarender/xslt …
(edit) @7114   12 years frederik little code redesign and area-with-hole support for or/p
(edit) @7074   12 years frederik handle syntax errors in rule file more gracefully
(edit) @7060   12 years frederik - fixed namespace issues - added gridSpacing variable that controls …
(edit) @7059   12 years frederik bugfix symbols etc
(edit) @7047   12 years frederik patch for <layer> instruction by dodi
(edit) @7045   12 years frederik dont die on mention of "segment" in "e" attribute; use rule path for …
(add) @7043   12 years frederik NEW: Osmarender Re-Implementation in Perl.
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