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(edit) @17024   9 years petschge Add bakery.svg and use it to render shop=bakery in z17. Fixes #2167
(edit) @16977   9 years petschge Create fountain.svg and ad rules to z16 and z17 to render amenity=fountain …
(edit) @16760   9 years vsandre parking permissive, information office, religion none
(edit) @16719   9 years vsandre Add rendering rule for information=guidepost in osmarender rules z17
(edit) @16691   9 years petschge Add bureau_de_change.svg and add necessary rules to …
(edit) @16689   9 years petschge Honor area=yes on leisure=track. Fixes #1900. Add leisure=track with and …
(edit) @16091   9 years mueck dyke color
(edit) @16084   9 years mueck small change embankment/dyke
(edit) @16081   9 years mueck cutting/embankment/dyke
(edit) @15903   9 years mueck forgotten false…
(edit) @15902   9 years mueck noexit=no and fixme=continue|continuation
(edit) @15885   9 years petschge Displace ref string on ski piste if name is also present. Rule now matches …
(edit) @15884   9 years petschge Disable area fill for sport area from nonclosed ways
(edit) @15851   9 years petschge Add rules for aeroway=aerodrome areas to all zoom level. Fixes #1645
(edit) @15848   9 years petschge Add rules for man_made=wastewater_plant. Fixes #1831
(edit) @15845   9 years petschge Remove area fill from leisure=track. Fixes #1900 Also fix some whitespace
(edit) @15768   9 years mueck small error in my railway CSS, sorry
(edit) @15627   9 years rodo Add removed rule
(edit) @15570   9 years mueck railway tunnel markers again: width
(edit) @15543   9 years mueck fine tuning tunnels z4-z17, crossings at z16, z17
(edit) @15522   9 years rodo Add rule for bicycle_rental
(edit) @15330   9 years mueck error in new railway style for tunnel ends. Always color a line if you …
(edit) @15308   9 years mueck railway bridges a little bit smaller default level_crossings smaller
(edit) @15292   9 years mueck new railways a little bit smaller
(edit) @15288   9 years mueck platforms
(edit) @15278   9 years mueck errors in rendering bicycle=no at sharp edges Ticket #1875
(edit) @15249   9 years mueck new railway rendering: fine tuning in z17 and expand to z16
(edit) @15248   9 years mueck small error in new railway tunnels z17
(edit) @15244   9 years mueck testing new railway rendering in z17 (planned for z15-z16, too)
(edit) @15240   9 years mueck noexit, weitere tagging-Variante
(edit) @15234   9 years mueck correcting error: z17 had rules of z16, it was my fault…
(edit) @15228   9 years mueck noexit=yes/vehicle/motor_vehicle
(edit) @15225   9 years mueck fine tuning for smaller highways z12-z17
(edit) @15214   9 years mueck fine tuning tracks at z15-z17
(edit) @15213   9 years mueck fine tuning tracks at z15-z17
(edit) @15117   9 years mueck new highway=track at z12-z14, some fine tuning at z12-z17
(edit) @15111   9 years mueck some fine tuning for widths
(edit) @15107   9 years mueck small error
(edit) @15103   9 years mueck two errors…
(edit) @15102   9 years mueck some fine tuning for highway widths and cutting/emb. colors at z15-z17
(edit) @15098   9 years mueck change color for cutting/embankment
(edit) @15097   9 years mueck remove surface+smoothness from z17, too much... adding new …
(edit) @15090   9 years bobkare Add rules for amenity=grave_yard, just a copy of rules for …
(edit) @15089   9 years mueck ... same for ~
(edit) @15087   9 years mueck highway=construction construction=yes added similar to road
(edit) @15074   9 years mueck surface and smoothness for z17
(edit) @15036   9 years mueck some fine tuning …
(edit) @15032   9 years mueck cutting + embankment z17
(edit) @15024   9 years mueck motorroad + cycleway new in z15 + some changes in z16/z17 for it
(edit) @15021   9 years mueck cycleway+motorroad 16/17
(edit) @14978   9 years mueck motorroads z16, z17
(edit) @14811   9 years petschge Increase highway=unclassified core to match residential version and scaled …
(edit) @14788   9 years petschge Render man_made=pier as area if the way is closed. Should fix #1574.
(edit) @14787   9 years petschge Render man_made=breakwater as a thin gray line without casing in zoom …
(edit) @14488   9 years schuetzm Fixed typo.
(edit) @14355   9 years edloach barrier=stile
(edit) @14070   9 years schuetzm I misinterpreted traffic_calming=chicane, it seems to be a real chicane …
(edit) @14043   9 years edloach windpower rendering
(edit) @13974   9 years herm Fixed rendering for amenity=fuel+building=yes and …
(edit) @13753   9 years giggls Render leisure=pitch + sport=tennis like plain sport=tennis
(edit) @13699   9 years edloach commit change curling-borderless
(edit) @13685   9 years petschge Add icon to k=sport, v=curling
(edit) @13676   9 years herm Don't render two captions for buildings with historic=*
(edit) @13651   9 years petschge Make platforms use the new closed=yes/no feature
(edit) @13640   9 years bobkare Line ending fix
(edit) @13638   9 years petschge Render highway=platform and railway=platform for ways and nodes. Also …
(edit) @13631   9 years petschge Add viewpoint.svg (slight modification of ViewpointSmall?.svg by Ed Loach) …
(edit) @13624   9 years herm Only render attaction caption when the way is not a highway.
(edit) @13608   9 years giggls Render lift_gate like gate (for now). Most of the old highway=gate tagged …
(edit) @13590   9 years bobkare Don't use transparency on caption casings, make it thinner instead
(edit) @13589   9 years bobkare Change text-anchor: left to start. Thanks to Stephan for fix.
(edit) @13571   9 years petschge Add test data for barrier rendering Add linear barriers tpo z16 and z17 …
(edit) @13568   9 years petschge Change bridleway core from blue to brown to make them look less like …
(edit) @13567   9 years petschge Render landuse=railway the same as landuse=industrial. Fixes trac tiket …
(edit) @13448   9 years bobkare Applied patch by R2D2_C3PO from #1545 (housenumbers and parking). (Fixes …
(edit) @13443   9 years mueck some further casing adjustment for other highways following different …
(edit) @13441   9 years mueck parking_aisle in z17
(edit) @13440   9 years mueck house number for restaurants
(edit) @13437   9 years edloach man_made=lighthouse
(edit) @13432   9 years mueck different casings for unclassified and residential
(edit) @13424   9 years giggls revert minimum-width/maximum-width of rivers to the original …
(edit) @13423   9 years bobkare Split leisure=playground|playing_fields|pitch into it's own rule so it …
(edit) @13413   9 years mdeen Added icons and stylesheet for fast_food and telephone rendering
(edit) @13405   9 years mueck house_numbers
(edit) @13401   9 years giggls Use Sport symbols with borders only on nodes, as they are ugly on areas
(edit) @13399   9 years mueck house numbering and small dirty hack against double names for historic=* & …
(edit) @13389   9 years mueck testing opacity for text background
(edit) @13381   9 years mueck housenumbers
(edit) @13362   9 years petschge Further cleanup of z17 and some fixes
(edit) @13357   9 years mueck add disused symbol experimentally
(edit) @13355   9 years mueck some more ...=yes added
(edit) @13353   9 years mueck house numbers, some changes in rendering
(edit) @13352   9 years mueck house numbers, some changes in rendering
(edit) @13351   9 years mueck power lines & pipelines a little bit changed
(edit) @13344   9 years petschge Some more cleanup at z17
(edit) @13343   9 years mueck corr.div
(edit) @13342   9 years mueck corr.div
(edit) @13341   9 years petschge Cleanup stylesheet for z17. This includes the simplifications following …
(edit) @13326   9 years mueck +cyclewway=yes
(edit) @13324   9 years petschge Make landuse=residential slightly darker from #f0f0f0 to #e4e4e4. Also …
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