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(edit) @5265   12 years deelkar Move map features to osmarender6 as osmarender5 is not OSM v0.5 compliant
(edit) @5263   12 years brent
(edit) @5144   12 years brent Fix viewbox of Petrol Station Icon
(edit) @4826   12 years spaetz fix stroke-linejoin: butt -> miter
(edit) @4825   12 years spaetz use opacity=0.5 rather than 50%
(edit) @4654   12 years martinvoosterhout Add missing node tests
(edit) @4638   12 years frederik small modification to be used in conjunction with new attribution …
(edit) @4627   12 years spaetz actual usable POI layer
(edit) @4621   12 years spaetz first cut at a POI layer stylesheet
(edit) @4618   12 years spaetz render restaurant symbols. Long-term this should move in a seperate layer
(edit) @4614   12 years martinvoosterhout Remove motorway junctions from higher zoom levels, per discussion on IRC.
(edit) @4609   12 years spaetz reapply changeset 3719 from christofd to get motorway_junction into osma5
(edit) @4558   12 years spaetz Improve sanitycheck. Patch slightly adapted from cmarqu. thanks
(edit) @4542   12 years spaetz add a style sheet sanity checker
(edit) @4472   12 years spaetz add landuse=recreation_ground to osma5
(edit) @4411   12 years spaetz render leisure=playground areas in osma
(edit) @4406   12 years spaetz render beaches in osma5. ported from osma4
(edit) @4402   12 years spaetz render landuse=farm in osmarender
(edit) @4399   12 years spaetz render landuse=allotments just like fields in osmarender
(edit) @4398   12 years spaetz render landuse=brownfield just like landuse=industrial to make chrisF …
(edit) @4397   12 years spaetz tiny indention fixes
(edit) @4396   12 years spaetz make landuse=foreset render again
(add) @4380   12 years etienne Osmarender 5 Extensive changes to rendering engine. Lots of new and …
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