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(edit) @10976   11 years jttt Revert previous change. Stable still use that
(edit) @10974   11 years jttt Remove bounds_mkr[12] which is not used anymore
(edit) @10913   11 years jttt Clean indentation
(edit) @10912   11 years jttt Add layer attribute to instructions which should be rendered on …
(edit) @10786   11 years jttt Share markers
(edit) @10562   11 years jttt Use symbolScale, do not include size of every symbol in stylesheets, …
(edit) @10193   11 years jttt Use position='center' instead of translate(-w/2, -h/2)
(edit) @9667   11 years jttt Share symbols for zooms 12 and 17
(edit) @9626   11 years frederik comment out "minsize" features
(edit) @9576   11 years bobkare Add rendering of highway=turning_circle on …
(edit) @8404   11 years bobkare Big cleanup of highway areas. Closes #700
(edit) @8360   11 years bobkare Whitespace cleanup, as well as a couple of minor things
(edit) @8309   11 years bobkare Applied patch from Jiri Klemet to consistently test for no and false.
(edit) @8281   11 years giggls render landuse=military in the same way as military="*" for now
(edit) @8256   11 years andrew Typo fixes within comments only.
(edit) @8243   11 years giggls also render military areas in zoom-level 12
(edit) @8144   11 years giggls add landuse=quarry
(edit) @8069   11 years studerap fixed problem with aerialway struts and bezier curves
(edit) @8058   11 years studerap Disable bezier curves for buildings, powerlines and aerialways on …
(edit) @7848   11 years stevehill Rendering rules for highway=road
(edit) @7847   11 years giggls Render green tourism areas zoo,picnic_site,caravan_site,camp_site in …
(edit) @7843   11 years jonas Added missing /
(edit) @7842   11 years studerap changed color for natural=heath from green to yellow
(edit) @7748   11 years giggls Fix the brown-tracks bug in Zoom-Levels 12-15
(edit) @7281   11 years studerap adding styles for pistes and aerialways. my first osm commit :-)
(edit) @7165   12 years frederik * removed all references to segments from rules files * added support …
(edit) @7112   12 years frederik - made tracks a bit narrower to match service ways.
(edit) @6937   12 years bobkare There were some cases where smart linecaps were disabled for road …
(edit) @6838   12 years bobkare Make service roads narrower, for most zoom levels they are now as thin …
(edit) @6837   12 years bobkare Commited patch from schuetzm@…. Closes #645
(edit) @6533   12 years bobkare Commit patch from #645: render tracks differently depending on …
(edit) @6087   12 years bobkare Added rendering of place=island and place=islet. Rendered like city …
(edit) @5849   12 years morwen render highway=pedestrian; area=yes as a filled-in area, for town …
(edit) @5802   12 years morwen take into account admin_level deciding which border style to use. …
(copy) @5265   12 years deelkar Move map features to osmarender6 as osmarender5 is not OSM v0.5 compliant
copied from applications/rendering/osmarender5/osm-map-features-z12.xml:
(edit) @4826   12 years spaetz fix stroke-linejoin: butt -> miter
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