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(edit) @8789   12 years bobkare Applying patch from nomis, fixes #604
(edit) @8702   12 years schuetzm Ignore all ways except those tagged as highway=* for gates and stiles.
(edit) @8648   12 years frederik fixed typo (trunk_link vs trunk-link)
(edit) @8609   12 years giggls * Add waterway=river patch from Bernd Wurst This is not a solution …
(edit) @8530   12 years giggls add rendering of farmland and farmyard landuses in addition to the …
(edit) @8485   12 years giggls level-crossings between railways and footways or cycleways do exist
(edit) @8482   12 years bobkare Seems the showRelationRoute setting isn't working so commenting out …
(edit) @8434   12 years giggls Adjust color of sport=tennis to be less obtrusive
(edit) @8413   12 years bobkare Fixed a stupid syntax error I introduced in r8404
(edit) @8404   12 years bobkare Big cleanup of highway areas. Closes #700
(edit) @8361   12 years giggls * Adjust color of sport=tennis to be less obtrusive * Add rendering of …
(edit) @8360   12 years bobkare Whitespace cleanup, as well as a couple of minor things
(edit) @8309   12 years bobkare Applied patch from Jiri Klemet to consistently test for no and false.
(edit) @8281   12 years giggls render landuse=military in the same way as military="*" for now
(edit) @8264   12 years studerap some cleanup on the piste map
(edit) @8261   12 years studerap added bank icon and text
(edit) @8256   12 years andrew Typo fixes within comments only.
(edit) @8250   12 years andrew Typo fix for constuction -> construction.
(edit) @8243   12 years giggls also render military areas in zoom-level 12
(edit) @8234   12 years matt_gnu osmarender: fix duplicate rendering of names in some cases …
(edit) @8221   12 years studerap adding highway=track track=racetrack round dashed linecaps are …
(edit) @8220   12 years studerap undoing change r8219 changed wrong way.
(edit) @8219   12 years studerap change highway=raceway on levels 15-17 fixed some line alignments
(edit) @8218   12 years matt_gnu osmarender: change rendering of sport-areas; according to wiki they …
(edit) @8217   12 years giggls Add rendering of military areas
(edit) @8144   12 years giggls add landuse=quarry
(edit) @8071   12 years studerap fixed typo
(edit) @8069   12 years studerap fixed problem with aerialway struts and bezier curves
(edit) @8058   12 years studerap Disable bezier curves for buildings, powerlines and aerialways on …
(edit) @8052   12 years studerap no bezier hinting tag enabled. see change in
(edit) @8048   12 years spaetz revert last change, make z6 captions show city name again
(edit) @8046   12 years spaetz lowzoom at z=6 should render country names, not cities.
(edit) @8021   12 years giggls Remove inconsistency of not rendering railway=incline in Zoom levels …
(edit) @8000   12 years mungewell Clean up of the RelarionRoute? stuff
(edit) @7995   12 years deelkar patch by mungewell, fixes error about not defined
(edit) @7985   12 years mungewell Added the ability to render RelationRoutes?, disabled by default set …
(edit) @7977   12 years giggls render names of restaurants like pubnames
(edit) @7967   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix for batik applied for the XSLT version.
(edit) @7963   12 years deelkar apply patch by bobkare for showing access restrictions
(edit) @7890   12 years giggls give amenity=shelter a more appropriate size
(edit) @7889   12 years giggls revert inadvertently change to amenity=parking
(edit) @7888   12 years giggls add rendering for amenity=shelter with and without fireplace=yes
(edit) @7860   12 years giggls Allow a little bit of "overlap" between forest tiles to prevent …
(edit) @7852   12 years giggls * Add rendering support for different types of forest/wood: …
(edit) @7851   12 years studerap changed university icon into one path
(edit) @7848   12 years stevehill Rendering rules for highway=road
(edit) @7847   12 years giggls Render green tourism areas zoo,picnic_site,caravan_site,camp_site in …
(edit) @7844   12 years jonas Added missing /
(edit) @7843   12 years jonas Added missing /
(edit) @7842   12 years studerap changed color for natural=heath from green to yellow
(edit) @7748   12 years giggls Fix the brown-tracks bug in Zoom-Levels 12-15
(edit) @7692   12 years deelkar change linejoin from butt to miter, as butt is not a valid linejoin
(edit) @7562   12 years jochen Fix to render house numbers on buildings properly (svg namespace was …
(edit) @7540   12 years frederik fixed house numbers
(edit) @7532   12 years frederik added rendering of amenity=drinking_water on osmarender z17 by request …
(edit) @7494   12 years jochen Moved house number interpolation lines below other line features
(edit) @7445   12 years jochen support for house numbers on areas
(edit) @7428   12 years jochen Experimental rendering of house numbers
(edit) @7282   12 years studerap fix layer 16 problem
(edit) @7281   12 years studerap adding styles for pistes and aerialways. my first osm commit :-)
(edit) @7205   12 years jochen fixed wrong SVG CSS: "text-anchor: start" instead of "left"
(edit) @7183   12 years frederik - made tracks a bit narrower to match service ways, on z17 as well
(edit) @7165   12 years frederik * removed all references to segments from rules files * added support …
(edit) @7112   12 years frederik - made tracks a bit narrower to match service ways.
(edit) @7062   12 years frederik bugfix for vineyard pattern in Osmarender
(edit) @7061   12 years frederik added rendering of landuse=vineyard to z13-z17
(edit) @7044   12 years frederik revert accidental modification
(edit) @7043   12 years frederik NEW: Osmarender Re-Implementation in Perl.
(edit) @6939   12 years bobkare Added icons for parking areas
(edit) @6937   12 years bobkare There were some cases where smart linecaps were disabled for road …
(edit) @6935   12 years bobkare Smart linecaps were drawing the end path the wrong way, causing tunnel …
(edit) @6917   12 years rcr Add Khanda symbol for Sikh place_of_worship to Osmarender. Closes: #682
(edit) @6878   12 years rcr Add rendering for amenity=toilets and tourism=information to z17
(edit) @6842   12 years bobkare Fix motorway junctions at z16 and z17. Closes #664
(edit) @6841   12 years bobkare Inhibit oneway markers on highway areas. Closes #650
(edit) @6840   12 years bobkare Fix bus icon displacement for z16 as well. Closes #640
(edit) @6839   12 years bobkare Draw subway tunnels on z17 too. Closes #583
(edit) @6838   12 years bobkare Make service roads narrower, for most zoom levels they are now as thin …
(edit) @6837   12 years bobkare Commited patch from schuetzm@…. Closes #645
(edit) @6813   12 years bobkare Improvements to areaCenter, now handles rectangles better. Still needs …
(edit) @6704   12 years etienne Rules files for caption and captionless layers for the new lowzoom …
(edit) @6687   12 years bobkare Fix the size of bus icons which broke in r6516
(edit) @6573   12 years christofd added tram-stops
(edit) @6533   12 years bobkare Commit patch from #645: render tracks differently depending on …
(edit) @6517   12 years bobkare Forgot final adjustment of viewBox in last commit
(edit) @6516   12 years bobkare Fixed version of bus icon, the old wasn't centered.
(edit) @6515   12 years bobkare Render shop=supermarket as well as amenity=supermarket. Closes ticket #643
(edit) @6455   12 years bobkare One more change to multipolygon handling to handle multipolygons …
(edit) @6428   12 years bobkare Updated wayMarker which seems to have disappeared between osmarender5 and 6
(edit) @6402   12 years bobkare Bugfix: When making sure multipolygons are only drawn once, draw when …
(edit) @6400   12 years bobkare Implemented support for multipolygons (area with hole) in areacenter …
(edit) @6390   12 years bobkare Implemented a fancy algorithm for finding the center of polygons. See …
(edit) @6380   12 years etienne Improvements to proximity algorithm.
(edit) @6377   12 years etienne Implements collision detection algorithm for nodes. <rule e="node" …
(edit) @6275   12 years jochen made rule files from osmarender4 available in osmarender6
(edit) @6261   12 years bobkare Removed typo in border rules
(edit) @6126   12 years brent Render place=locality
(edit) @6117   12 years jochen Scripts to call osmarender more easily
(edit) @6087   12 years bobkare Added rendering of place=island and place=islet. Rendered like city …
(edit) @6084   12 years bobkare Symbols for sport="soccer|tennis|swimming" on both nodes and areas. …
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