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(edit) @20876   9 years petschge Commit patch by Benjamin John to fix baseball.svg and …
(edit) @20781   9 years petschge Render highway=crossing in z17
(edit) @20712   9 years petschge Move benches and picnic_sites up by several layers to render above …
(edit) @20670   9 years petschge Add support for stream=intermittent and stream=ephemeral which have …
(edit) @20669   9 years petschge Render natural=tree nodes in z16 and z17. There are 36000 uses of this …
(edit) @20646   9 years petschge Render man_made=survey_point at z17. It has more then 100000 uses and …
(edit) @20643   9 years petschge Add rendering for amenity=bench and tourism=picnic_site to z17.
(edit) @20642   9 years petschge Add icons and rendering rules for: archery athletics baseball …
(edit) @20641   9 years tspeight Use projection specified in rules file.
(edit) @20639   9 years petschge Fix missing or wrong id attributes. Strip out inkscape extensions.
(edit) @20620   9 years tspeight Add (but don't use) initial projection code
(edit) @20609   10 years petschge Make waterway=weir and waterway=dam render in z14 to z17. Also add …
(edit) @20608   10 years petschge Make power=station render like sub_stations (wasn't rendered before). …
(edit) @20607   10 years petschge Tweak size of building=* nodes in z13 and z14. Fixes #2367
(edit) @20605   10 years petschge Make closed piste:type=downhill ways render correctly and fix the name …
(edit) @20603   10 years petschge Add peak symbol in red and render vulcans with it. Fixes #2688 Also …
(edit) @20602   10 years petschge Add rendering for power=minor_line and power=pole in z16 and z17. …
(edit) @20582   10 years petschge Adjust rendering of place=islet. Fixes #2795
(edit) @19536   10 years petschge Remove center icon for leisure=dog_park.
(edit) @19535   10 years petschge Add a pattern for the areas with leisure=dog_park. Patch by Fabri.
(edit) @19527   10 years petschge Make refugee camps render at z16-z14 too.
(edit) @19525   10 years petschge Make earthquake:damage=spontaneous_camp and tourism=camp_site + …
(edit) @19143   10 years petschge Differentiate the rending of landuse=reservoir on basis of …
(edit) @19142   10 years petschge Remove two nested rules with contradictory effects from caption-z7.xml
(edit) @18995   10 years petschge Fix #2535
(edit) @18948   10 years petschge Include rendering for leisure=dog_park. Icon based on a design by …
(edit) @18947   10 years petschge render landuse=garages in z15-z17. Fixes #2447
(edit) @18733   10 years petschge Make natural=wetland render like natural=marsh. Fixes #2462.
(edit) @18433   10 years michi Rendering of sub stations
(edit) @18423   10 years petschge Add name and elevation rendering on mountain_pass=yes
(edit) @18422   10 years petschge Make moutain_pass = yes render. Use mountain_pass.svg on single nodes …
(edit) @18329   10 years giggls Some stupid german people use a comma as decimal separator in width …
(edit) @18216   10 years merio Osmarender Frontend: load panel widget integrated
(edit) @18200   10 years petschge Handle waterway=lock as well as lock=true just like lock=yes
(edit) @18199   10 years petschge Add rendering for nodes in waterways with lock=yes and ways with …
(edit) @18108   10 years petschge Argh. Forgot to add building.svg. Fixed now.
(edit) @18107   10 years petschge replace all ID with the negative value to make JOSM happy…
(edit) @18106   10 years petschge Render the name for natural=cave_entrance too. Fixes #2325.
(edit) @18104   10 years petschge Make a node with building=yes render. Zoomlevel z17 shows name as …
(edit) @17992   10 years petschge Better rendering of power generators.
(edit) @17991   10 years petschge Add a bit more power infrastructure to the test data. Will be used to …
(edit) @17821   10 years rodo Big bug correction :-(
(edit) @17820   10 years rodo Reduce too big captions
(edit) @17819   10 years rodo Reduce too big label
(edit) @17804   10 years rodo Still too big, reduce one more time
(edit) @17803   10 years rodo Try with opacity
(edit) @17802   10 years rodo Still too big, reduce one more time
(edit) @17770   10 years rodo Font is too big for small island
(edit) @17769   10 years rodo Really too big font for small island
(edit) @17760   10 years petschge rename windpower.svg to power_wind.svg in z14 too. Fixes breakage as …
(edit) @17751   10 years vsandre Photovoltaic area drawing
(edit) @17749   10 years vsandre Photovoltaic Symbol@osmarender
(edit) @17748   10 years petschge Treat access=public like access=permissive for parking spots. Fixes #2171.
(edit) @17747   10 years petschge Add cave_entrance.svg and add rules to render natural=cave_entrance in …
(edit) @17205   10 years merio Osmarender Frontend: externalized CSS in load widget and introduced …
(edit) @17204   10 years merio Osmarender Frontend: first skeleton for new GUI
(edit) @17024   10 years petschge Add bakery.svg and use it to render shop=bakery in z17. Fixes #2167
(edit) @16977   10 years petschge Create fountain.svg and ad rules to z16 and z17 to render …
(edit) @16760   10 years vsandre parking permissive, information office, religion none
(edit) @16719   10 years vsandre Add rendering rule for information=guidepost in osmarender rules z17
(edit) @16702   10 years petschge Add missing but used styles for trunk, primary, secondary and tertiary …
(edit) @16701   10 years petschge Change lowzoom railway style to match z12-z17. Fixes #2060
(edit) @16691   10 years petschge Add bureau_de_change.svg and add necessary rules to …
(edit) @16689   10 years petschge Honor area=yes on leisure=track. Fixes #1900. Add leisure=track with …
(edit) @16091   10 years mueck dyke color
(edit) @16084   10 years mueck small change embankment/dyke
(edit) @16081   10 years mueck cutting/embankment/dyke
(edit) @15903   10 years mueck forgotten false…
(edit) @15902   10 years mueck noexit=no and fixme=continue|continuation
(edit) @15885   10 years petschge Displace ref string on ski piste if name is also present. Rule now …
(edit) @15884   10 years petschge Disable area fill for sport area from nonclosed ways
(edit) @15851   10 years petschge Add rules for aeroway=aerodrome areas to all zoom level. Fixes #1645
(edit) @15849   10 years petschge Add wastewater.svg
(edit) @15848   10 years petschge Add rules for man_made=wastewater_plant. Fixes #1831
(edit) @15845   10 years petschge Remove area fill from leisure=track. Fixes #1900 Also fix some whitespace
(edit) @15768   10 years mueck small error in my railway CSS, sorry
(edit) @15627   10 years rodo Add removed rule
(edit) @15570   10 years mueck railway tunnel markers again: width
(edit) @15544   10 years mueck small changes
(edit) @15543   10 years mueck fine tuning tunnels z4-z17, crossings at z16, z17
(edit) @15535   10 years rodo Change icon to a more comprehensive one, blue for service notion
(edit) @15525   10 years rodo Clean with
(edit) @15522   10 years rodo Add rule for bicycle_rental
(edit) @15459   10 years rodo Source:
(edit) @15457   10 years rodo Remove testfile
(edit) @15456   10 years rodo Commit test
(edit) @15447   10 years mueck some fine tuning for railways at z13, new style now for z12, too
(edit) @15333   10 years mueck color fine tuning railways z14, colors now between z13 and z15
(edit) @15330   10 years mueck error in new railway style for tunnel ends. Always color a line if you …
(edit) @15328   10 years mueck testdata
(edit) @15327   10 years mueck tools
(edit) @15326   10 years mueck fine tuning widhts and colors new railways at z13
(edit) @15313   10 years mueck new railway style also testing at z13
(edit) @15310   10 years mueck new railway style for z14, too
(edit) @15308   10 years mueck railway bridges a little bit smaller default level_crossings smaller
(edit) @15292   10 years mueck new railways a little bit smaller
(edit) @15288   10 years mueck platforms
(edit) @15285   10 years mueck not necessary anymore
(edit) @15284   10 years mueck new railway style now for z15, too
(edit) @15278   10 years mueck errors in rendering bicycle=no at sharp edges Ticket #1875
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