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(edit) @9238   12 years tabacha BUGFIX: if you have ways with two same nodes
(edit) @9221   12 years tomhughes Set MIME type of all SVG files.
(edit) @8750   12 years ojw probably should stop using lat/long as names for these variables, it …
(edit) @8749   12 years ojw test scripts didn't include the layer parameter, so that wasn't …
(edit) @8517   12 years spaetz oops, one more zero-index glitch. off by one.
(edit) @8514   12 years spaetz fixup to last commit. python index are 0-based, of course.
(edit) @8513   12 years spaetz don't throw away first x,y of a way path
(edit) @8508   12 years spaetz fix testing for tag with building=*
(edit) @8503   12 years spaetz turn off bezier curving for buildings
(edit) @8501   12 years spaetz this implements dumb beziercurving for all ways on z>=16. We'll need …
(edit) @8499   12 years spaetz refactor draw_ways out into a separate function. make zoom level …
(edit) @8493   12 years ojw example placename rendering
(edit) @8492   12 years ojw example datafile for place names
(edit) @8447   12 years spaetz add basic usage instruction to the server
(edit) @8338   12 years ojw only return ways with names
(edit) @8337   12 years ojw locate road that you're standing on
(edit) @8336   12 years ojw utility for telling you the name of the road you're standing on
(edit) @8335   12 years ojw remove min zoom level from pyrender layers
(edit) @8329   12 years ojw When merging tiles together, remove nodes which aren't a junction, or …
(edit) @8324   12 years ojw start calculating distances
(edit) @8318   12 years ojw remove debugging
(edit) @8317   12 years ojw remove backgrounds from here (handed in the server) how well do …
(edit) @8316   12 years ojw The problem was swapping x and y when saving the merged file :(
(edit) @8315   12 years ojw blank backgrounds to use /blank/colour/
(edit) @8314   12 years ojw remove some debug text
(edit) @8313   12 years ojw Send blank backgrounds directly, rather than getting the renderer to …
(edit) @8312   12 years ojw store blank backgrounds
(edit) @8305   12 years ojw updated with new module names
(edit) @8300   12 years studerap added a few more way types (track, footway)
(edit) @8297   12 years ojw tiledata module may have been missed from upload?
(edit) @8295   12 years ojw test some merge fixes (not rendering yet)
(edit) @8293   12 years ojw debug layers
(edit) @8290   12 years ojw more layers
(edit) @8284   12 years ojw fix problem with undefined layers
(edit) @8283   12 years ojw use arrays instead of copy/paste to create loads of layers
(edit) @8282   12 years ojw add a couple of new layers
(edit) @8280   12 years ojw per-layer background colours + make all the base maps plain-colour …
(edit) @8279   12 years ojw allow a blank map as the base, and make everything else overlays
(edit) @8278   12 years ojw Add support for multiple layers
(edit) @8275   12 years ojw try rendering the london underground (don't use this version if you …
(edit) @8232   12 years ojw Add layer support + layers for casing/core
(edit) @8231   12 years ojw Use the tile data server, instead of OSM API
(edit) @8209   12 years spaetz enable simplistic POI rendering for now.
(edit) @8207   12 years spaetz ability to use multiple styles for a way. This actually looks rather nice.
(edit) @8193   12 years spaetz bomb out of downloading for all exceptions rather than only IOError
(edit) @8192   12 years spaetz don't save HTTP error 500 messages as .osm file
(edit) @8191   12 years spaetz use quoteattr rather than escape from saxutils which also escapes …
(edit) @8190   12 years spaetz fix typo
(edit) @8189   12 years spaetz 1)encode the xml values properlyin OsmMerge? (quotation marks in values …
(edit) @8185   12 years spaetz use cache structure of 'cache/z/x/y.osm' rather than …
(edit) @8184   12 years spaetz use zoom level 15 by default, no fun for the first time user otherwise.
(edit) @8183   12 years spaetz reworked URL param handling for permalinks. final version.
(edit) @8182   12 years spaetz implement area filling in pyrender
(edit) @8181   12 years spaetz fix URL var parsing, so that permalinks really work now. tested.
(edit) @8180   12 years spaetz split of query string in URL parsing, so permalinks actually work now.
(edit) @8179   12 years spaetz Cairo only takes color values between 0 and 1, converting values
(edit) @8178   12 years spaetz Actually make use off the imageBackgroundColour of tiles
(edit) @8177   12 years spaetz actually write out xml file in UTF-8 encoding
(edit) @8166   12 years spaetz remove README file. OJW has provided a readme.svg already. :-)
(edit) @8165   12 years spaetz add a README file to pyrender, to make it clear what this thing is.
(edit) @8164   12 years spaetz overly pyrender layer transparently over osmarender layer
(edit) @7836   12 years ojw better slippy map (although the server still doesn't let permalinks …
(edit) @7803   12 years ojw fix missing newlines
(edit) @7802   12 years ojw fix newlines
(edit) @7801   12 years ojw fix missed newlines
(edit) @7800   12 years ojw outline of how to use OSMXAPI for downloads (was very very slow when …
(edit) @7798   12 years ojw cairo renderer, using OSM tags for colours/widths
(edit) @7797   12 years ojw merge the cairo changes in
(edit) @7796   12 years ojw Merge the cairo changes in
(edit) @7795   12 years ojw rename the PIL renderer
(edit) @7794   12 years ojw Start using OSM tags to get hardcoded style information
(edit) @7788   12 years ojw rename the sample rendering engine
(edit) @7787   12 years ojw Add some tutorial text as comments in the example renderer
(edit) @7786   12 years ojw Separate rendering functionality from base class, and make it easy for …
(edit) @7785   12 years ojw base renderer and one instance of it
(edit) @7784   12 years ojw rearrange
(edit) @7783   12 years ojw Start to generalise rendering engine
(edit) @7757   12 years ojw Allow zooming in more
(edit) @7755   12 years ojw Serve the slippy-map through the same server, so you can browse the …
(edit) @7744   12 years ojw desription of the system, as image
(edit) @7742   12 years ojw program to download and cache OSM data in tile-sized chunks, and run a …
(copy) @7741   12 years ojw rename
copied from applications/rendering/pyserver:
(add) @7740   12 years ojw create directory to store something
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