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(edit) @21768   10 years deelkar make client autoupdate optional, but make client exit on disallowed update
(edit) @21766   10 years deelkar another test with tileset files
(edit) @21757   10 years deelkar revert to ZIP file mode for the moment
(edit) @21751   10 years deelkar use tileset file instead of ZIP by default
(edit) @21436   10 years deelkar remove API from default list of APIs, because we're no longer allowed
(edit) @20021   10 years deelkar fix extraneous missing inkscapepath error message
(edit) @17869   11 years deelkar remove XAPI from default API request list
(edit) @15997   11 years apmon [tilesAtHome] Added the trapi loadbalancer as possible source of API …
(edit) @13825   11 years stephankn set eol-style to let svn take care of correct line endings
(edit) @13755   11 years deelkar don't render 0-complexity tiles if running a "weak" client
(edit) @13550   12 years deelkar copyedit and whitespace
(edit) @13533   12 years deelkar set Osmosis Java Heap Size default to 512M move hard-coded default …
(edit) @13024   12 years deelkar add code for timestamps in statusMessage
(edit) @12113   12 years deelkar merge several changes from unstable and stable versions
(edit) @12094   12 years Dirk Stoecker moved lowzoom logic into config, fixed uninitialized variable warning …
(edit) @12068   12 years petschge move autotuning magic numbers from general.conf to config.default, so …
(copy) @12019   12 years matthiasj move tilesAtHome_unstable to tilesAtHome-dev/trunk
copied from applications/rendering/tilesAtHome_unstable/config.defaults:
(edit) @11773   12 years deelkar re-enable XAPI
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