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(edit) @14206   11 years bobkare Fix synopsis error, there never was and will never be any error accessor
(edit) @14202   11 years bobkare Replace the CoordinateBox? mess with something a lot simpler, which …
(edit) @14183   11 years bobkare Revert r14182, which was clearly made by somebody that couldn't figure …
(edit) @14182   11 years kaymen Reintroducing "BatikPath?" and "InkscapePath?". If it is set, the …
(edit) @14108   11 years deelkar since functionally the same change to Ulm
(edit) @14102   11 years pa94 fixed bug (copy typo) introduced with rev 14058
(edit) @14100   11 years deelkar add bugfix to current client
(edit) @14099   11 years deelkar make changes to to compile for cw case. untested. …
(edit) @14058   11 years pa94 Fixed a bug which makes e.g. tile 399 1181 render. The problem was …
(edit) @14056   11 years pa94 fix tilesAtHome point-in-polygon check (same as for rev …
(edit) @13955   11 years deelkar add "tile" mode to so you can get from any lat/lon pair …
(edit) @13892   11 years deelkar set version to "Ulm"
(edit) @13891   11 years deelkar create tags/Ulm from current dev trunk
(edit) @13844   11 years matthiasj Added missing ';'s :-(
(edit) @13843   11 years bobkare Add POD for Batik::version(). Ref #1286
(edit) @13842   11 years bobkare Add environment variables for program files to windows search path, …
(edit) @13841   11 years matthiasj Set binmode for all files opened. Thanks to Alfons for pointing this out.
(edit) @13838   11 years stephankn let handle SVN the correct EOL style
(edit) @13837   11 years stephankn path is searched from left to right. so JAVA_HOME has to be in front …
(edit) @13826   11 years bobkare Add version() to, extend the checking of invalid versions to …
(edit) @13825   11 years stephankn set eol-style to let svn take care of correct line endings
(edit) @13819   11 years bobkare Better version of JAVA_HOME patch from stephankn
(edit) @13818   11 years bobkare Reverting changes by stephankn, as he changed all the line endings, …
(edit) @13817   11 years stephankn print version info of Batik
(edit) @13816   11 years stephankn include tah directory in searchpath for batik on win32
(edit) @13815   11 years stephankn use JAVA_HOME environment when looking for java executable
(edit) @13755   11 years deelkar don't render 0-complexity tiles if running a "weak" client
(edit) @13644   11 years deelkar add whitespace for job dir string
(edit) @13550   11 years deelkar copyedit and whitespace
(edit) @13547   11 years medi merge -r 13024:13534 $trunk
(edit) @13534   11 years deelkar commit correct version of
(edit) @13533   11 years deelkar set Osmosis Java Heap Size default to 512M move hard-coded default …
(edit) @13528   11 years stephankn add option to specify java heap size. currently only used for Osmosis
(edit) @13254   11 years deelkar use correct concatenation
(edit) @13195   11 years medi fix: add missing , in ClientModified?()
(edit) @13188   11 years deelkar check externals for local changes also
(edit) @13108   11 years medi merge 12222:13024 "utf8check and timestamp"
(edit) @13024   11 years deelkar add code for timestamps in statusMessage
(edit) @12296   11 years medi * add to the threaded download a status strukture to minimize …
(edit) @12273   11 years deelkar move usage of "Encode" to the correct scope
(edit) @12271   11 years deelkar move fileUTF8ErrCheck to tahlib, and enforce possibly stricter check
(edit) @12262   11 years medi * add a workaround (the memory hole problem to minimize "gdlib?") …
(edit) @12261   11 years medi * unblock thraded file download in lowzoom modus * code cleanup
(edit) @12250   11 years medi fix missing caption .zip generating in lowzoom modus
(edit) @12249   11 years medi * moved threaded/forked downloading up * fix timing problems * many …
(edit) @12229   11 years medi use Time::HiRes? now for a faster response from the childs
(edit) @12228   11 years medi add threading support for lowzoom file download
(edit) @12227   11 years medi * merge 12222 "some more lowzoom fixes" * make the lowzoom modus able …
(edit) @12226   11 years medi * merge missing #12062 "new roma proxy" (thanks Kai Krueger)
(edit) @12222   11 years Dirk Stoecker some more lowzoom fixes
(edit) @12214   11 years medi * optimize workflow "render now all layer paralele" lower the …
(edit) @12212   11 years medi rebase from trunk / svn merge -r 12062:12207 $TRUNK
(edit) @12210   11 years medi fix a bug on a fork setup (thanks sur5r)
(edit) @12207   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo in lowzoom
(edit) @12177   11 years medi fix a timing/lock problem in optimizePngTasks
(edit) @12172   11 years medi fix a timing/lock problem in threadedrenderer
(edit) @12133   11 years medi Fix double my
(edit) @12132   11 years medi fix a bug in ThreadedRenderer?->setMaxRenderer() fix warning in …
(edit) @12129   11 years medi let GenerateSVG only run if no new rendererjob is available or the …
(edit) @12127   11 years bobkare Added some paths to batik searchpath
(edit) @12126   11 years bobkare Remove apparently unused jars fop-transcoder, avalon-framework, …
(edit) @12125   11 years medi * start Workflow optimization * add GenerateSVG childs to the …
(edit) @12124   11 years medi add new function ThreadedRenderer?->setMaxRenderer($maxRuningChilds)
(edit) @12122   11 years medi * fix Render failure: Can't use an undefined value as a symbol …
(edit) @12113   11 years deelkar merge several changes from unstable and stable versions
(edit) @12094   11 years Dirk Stoecker moved lowzoom logic into config, fixed uninitialized variable warning …
(edit) @12087   11 years medi fix crash in upload_loop modus (500 read timeout error after a disconnect)
(edit) @12070   11 years medi fix a small logik bug (never stop all renderchilds;)
(edit) @12068   11 years petschge move autotuning magic numbers from general.conf to config.default, so …
(edit) @12066   11 years Dirk Stoecker make client a bit more informative about what it does. Updated lowzoom …
(edit) @12062   11 years petschge set the default ROMA url to the haproxy load balancer
(edit) @12056   11 years medi add a better error handling on a Render failure and lets the …
(edit) @12054   11 years medi cleanup
(edit) @12053   11 years medi * readd DESTROY cleanup
(edit) @12024   11 years matthiasj added 0001_addThreads_17.11.08.patch by Rene Wunderlich
(edit) @12023   11 years matthiasj create branch for threading development (trunk r12022)
(edit) @12021   11 years matthiasj create tilesAtHome-dev/branches
(edit) @12020   11 years matthiasj create tilesAtHome-dev/tags
(edit) @12019   11 years matthiasj move tilesAtHome_unstable to tilesAtHome-dev/trunk
(add) @12018   11 years matthiasj create development area for tilesAtHome
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