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(edit) @5013   12 years deelkar move projection subs to
(edit) @4922   12 years frederik - fixed remaining island bug
(edit) @4918   12 years frederik - removed 0.4 support - fixed 0.5 for islands
(edit) @4580   12 years martinvoosterhout Stop close-areas producing an empty way if there's no leftover …
(edit) @4579   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix output in case where previous stage output empty osm tag
(edit) @4494   12 years frederik update to support 0.4 and 0.5; should not disturb 0.4 …
(edit) @4194   12 years spaetz hit me with a stick. Easy refactoring gone wrong.
(edit) @4116   12 years spaetz make lookup land/sea information for zooms<12. This …
(edit) @4113   12 years spaetz simply command line handling in
(edit) @4108   12 years frederik allow other-than-level-12 tile coordinates on cmdline
(edit) @3811   12 years deelkar try to fix 2145,1306 and 2146,1306
(edit) @3040   13 years frederik fixed bug for <osm /> type files introduced by myself thanks hakan
(edit) @3029   13 years frederik simply pass-through <osm> tag in full, this should work with and …
(edit) @3023   13 years hakan Keep the namespace definition of Frollo
(edit) @3012   13 years damians sea rendered as sea now
(edit) @2989   13 years damians Coastlines are rendered again, fixed bug
(edit) @2981   13 years damians blue sea tiles are rendered as blue sea tiles now. removed the frollo …
(edit) @2710   13 years frederik bugfix to properly parse co-ordinates written in scientific form (0.5E-7)
(edit) @2696   13 years jeroen Sort multiple results of compute_bbox_intersections() …
(edit) @2680   13 years jeroen Make a better guess whether a tile has an island or not (patch from …
(edit) @2668   13 years frederik bugfix for un-closed areas containing the 3 o'clock point
(edit) @2667   13 years frederik modified to be able to parse frollo output, and to be …
(edit) @2665   13 years deelkar better handle "little lake" condition.
(edit) @2656   13 years frederik removed debug output, added comments
(add) @2645   13 years frederik new utility for closing coastlines to form fillable ocean polygons
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